1 Control Panel > Fire-Lite Alarms by Honeywell’s MS-9200UDLS (supporting 198 devices) and MS-9600UDLS (with a maximum of 636 devices) addressable fire alarm panels have a factory-installed digital alarm communicator with upload/download capabilities coupled with a USB port and Microsoft Windows-based programming tools. They can activate notification circuits within 10 seconds using LiteSpeed technology protocol. This polling scheme allows all system devices to be wired using standard twisted, unshielded wire over a distance of up to 10,000 feet per loop.

2 Box > Randl Industries 5 Square backbox is for flush-mounting fire alarm signals and provides up to 88 cu. in. of interior volume. It allows pass-through conductors, which may reduce conduit and saves troubleshooting time on ground faults and short circuits. The design provides an extension ring that reduces the opening to a standard 4-in. square.


3 Touchscreen > GE Security/UTC Fire & Security’s Simon XT two-way talking touchscreen includes options to remotely control and automate lighting, HVAC and security systems. It offers homeowners control over Simon XT and advanced interactive services from Alarm.com. It can also provide current weather conditions and a four-day forecast.


4 Protective Cover > STI’s STI-1210E horn/strobe damage stopper protects horn/strobe units against vandalism and damage. Slotted for horn or speaker units, it is molded of clear, thick, UV-stabilized polycarbonate material and is backed by a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use. It allows access for service and has an open backbox for flush-mounted appliances. Spacers are available for larger strobe/horn units, retrofits, surface mounts and weather-resistant applications.


5 Security System > RISCO Group USA’s ProSYS Integrated Security Systems 16, 40 and 128 has a touchscreen keypad on a 7-in. display with a cool blue backlight. The ProSys protects remote sites using dual-path IP and GSM/GPRS communication. It has remote control and diagnostics of bus detectors as well as auto-install technology for simple installation. The touchscreen keypad is available with a built-in proximity reader.


6 Valve > Fike’s clean agent fire suppression systems’ impulse valve uses an electrically actuated mechanism instead of a gas cartridge actuator to open a ruptured disc, enabling the quick discharge of agent. It is available in two sizes: a 1-in. version for container sizes up to 100 lbs. and a 3-in. version for containers larger than 100 lbs. The valve is opened using a specially designed 24V impulse valve operator (IVO), which can be activated electronically or manually. Up to six impulse valves can be connected to a single output circuit of a Fike control panel using impulse releasing modules.

7 Software > Axis Communications’ AXIS comprehensive camera station and video management software monitor, play back and manage up to 50 Axis network cameras or video encoder channels. The system has an enhanced user interface and support for the H.264 video compression technique. It has scheduled and event-driven recording, controls pan-tilt-zoom and dome cameras, and has support in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Swedish and Danish.


8 Fire Alarm System > Silent Knight’s IntelliKnight 5600 is a 25-point, single-loop addressable fire alarm control/communicator system. It combines addressable sensing technology and built-in digital communication. It has code wheel addressable detectors/modules and jump start feature, drift compensation, and maintenance alert and is IP-communicator compatible.


9 Camera > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s AutoDome Easy IP is a compact, indoor pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera designed to bridge the gap between fixed minidomes and traditional PTZ cameras. It is useful for discreet surveillance applications. It incorporates a high-performance 100x (10x optical/10x digital) zoom and is capable of real-time streaming. It is equipped with Bosch’s H.264 video compression technology and features built-in iSCSI support to allow the camera to stream video directly to a network-attached iSCSI storage array.


10 CO2 Detector > Extech Instruments’ Model CO200 desktop detector checks for carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations and is useful for monitoring the air quality. It features a maintenance-free nondispersive infrared CO2 sensor, and a visible and audible CO2 warning alarm with relay output for ventilation control. It contains an automatic baseline calibration (minimum CO2 level over 7.5 days) or a manual calibration in fresh air, and features a max./min. CO2 value recall function. It has a temperature range of –4° to 140°F, a humidity range of 0.1 to 99.9 percent RH, and a CO2 range of 0 to 9,999 ppm.


11 Lock > Kwikset’s SmartCode Signature Series electronic touchpad deadbolt fits all standard doors without requiring new screw holes. It comes in three finishes: polished brass, Venetian bronze and satin nickel. Users create two unique access codes—one for everyday access and the other code to be given out for temporary access. It has a motorized deadbolt for one-touch locking. Unlike other available deadbolts featuring an electronic keypad that makes the lock “accessible” for locking or unlocking, SmartCode users enjoy one-touch locking because the motor moves the deadbolt for user convenience. Unlocking the door is equally simple, with only input of the code required to move the lock, and no additional handle turning for one-finger door unlocking. The brightly lit keypad provides safe, convenient evening home access.


12 Motion Detector > Potter Electric Signal Co.’s Amseco PIR-TECT external motion detectors offer the ability to program a single device for short-, mid- or long-range applications. They have a flexible mounting height up to 20 feet. Adjustable pan (180°) and tilt (90°) allow the view of a security camera and the sensor to coincide, providing more accurate threat detection. A single device can be programmed for ranges of 30, 65 or 98 ft., eliminating the need for multiple devices and reducing costs and inventory. They have exceptional resistance to false alarms, which enhances detection and reduces unnecessary responses.


13 Serial Cards > Brainboxes’ PCI Express (PCIe) RS422/485 serial cards are for use in industrial automation devices, point-of-sale systems and ATMs. Each serial port has 128-byte FIFOs, 1 MegaBoard data transfers with on-board hardware and software flow control. Both are bus systems, and up to 32 standard load or 128 low load devices per port can be connected. RS-422 is supported with dedicated pairs for TxD, RxD, RTS and CTS signals. RS-485 systems are supported in both full duplex mode, using two pairs of wires and in half duplex mode, using one pair of wires.

14 Exit Device > Sargent Manufacturing Co.’s FM8700 Series exit device is a FEMA two-point surface vertical rod exit device. It is designed and constructed to not only withstand extreme wind speeds and flying debris—the two main threats to doors and hardware during a severe windstorm—but also to meet all Life Safety Code requirements for panic egress and fire resistance. It is surface- mounted with a specially machined rail and internal components.