1 Lockset > Corbin Russwin/Assa Abloy’s Access 800 WI1 lockset with intelligent Wi-Fi access control has HID iCLASS 13.56 MHz smart card technology. Its open-architecture design simplifies integration with any access control system, and because there are no wires to run, it reduces installation and labor costs. It uses an existing IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi network and HID 125 kHz-proximity credentials. Capabilities include real-time alarms and local decision-making to ensure operation regardless of network status.

2 Lighting management system > Thomas & Betts’ Emergi-Lite Nexus emergency lighting management system provides real-time status of an entire emergency lighting and exit sign system, runs system diagnostics, performs required monthly and annual functional tests, generates maintenance logs and runs compliance reports from a central control unit. It operates independently of the emergency lighting and exit sign, so it does not disrupt the power supply. It is available in both wired and wireless versions.

3 Camera > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s Dinion infrared imager is a rugged camera designed for perimeter surveillance and other outdoor applications. It has 2X-dynamic technology and variable field illumination, and is available in analog and IP models. It delivers up to 525 ft. of detection-level performance in low or no light and is designed to improve perimeter protection at critical sites, achieving a classification level surveillance up to 390 feet away at night, making them ideal for installation along a fence line.

4 Luminaire > Acrilex, Inc.’s Acriglo photoluminescent lighting for security lighting applications is designed to provide an additional 1½ to 2 hours of illumination without a backup power source during the loss of electricity. This is a good feature for use with CCD video surveillance cameras. It is charged completely by the luminosity emitted during the normal operation of a light, the glow lasts for several hours, providing a lighting capacity equivalent to that of moonlight. It comes in several colors and textures.

5 Inverter > UFO-LED20 battery pack inverter from Dual-Lite, a Hubbell Lighting Inc. brand, detects AC input line voltage (120/277) and automatically sets the output voltage during emergency mode. It is designed to power an LED luminaire in the event of interruptions or failures and provides full lumen output to any LED luminaire that requires 20 VA per W or less of AC power and has a true sinusoidal wave form output that enables it to be rated to work with incandescent and fluorescent luminaires. It will operate the LED luminaire at full lumen output continuously for 90 minutes during an input power interruption, and it can be used with normally-on, normally-off, or switched luminaires.

6 Lighting control > Daintree Networks Inc.’s ControlScope 2.0 wireless lighting control platform has automated demand response, seamless multifacility management, broad interoperability with third-party lighting component manufacturers and building management protocols, and improvements to the user interface software for broader and more granular control. It supports BACnet integration, has a powerful wireless area controller and manages electricity consumption in response to peak hours or market prices to lower expenditures and improve grid reliability.

7 LED > American Lighting’s neon Flexbrite Plus has a 70 percent energy savings over traditional neon in a flexible, durable and non-breakable format. It produces very little heat, making it suitable for coves and other architectural details. The LEDs are spaced every ½ in. in the plus version; 5/8 in. in the economy. The patented, oval-shaped jacket generates a bright neon-like glow. It has a 1½-in. bending radius and is available in amber, blue, green, red, warm white, white and yellow.

8 Alarm management system > Digitize Inc. and Security Information Systems Inc.’s Digitize automated alarm management and response system is a complete hardware and software solution that provides alarm reporting and dispatching with graphic displays, floor plans and report generation. It controls every step of the alarm management process with user-defined scripts, notes and timing functions. It processes and displays alarms by priority, date and time and has messaging, paging and email features.

9 Camera > Sony Electronics’ EP and ER pan, tilt and zoom and rapid dome network cameras each feature three different units—full-HD (1080 p) output, HD (720 p) output, or SD output­—integral for high-definition, wide-area video surveillance. They are useful for peripheral surveillance for large buildings and parking lots; monitoring of roads, highways and transportation hubs; at public utilities such as power and water purification plants; and in surveillance of city streets.

10 Modules > The Siemens Industry Automation Division’s 8F-DI Ex Namur, 4F-DO Ex 40 mA/17.4V and 4F-AI Ex Hart modules for the Simatic ET 200iSP distributed I/O system can be used direct without Ex barrier up to Ex Zone 1/21. The connected sensors and actuators can be run into Ex Zone 0/20 and are suitable for applications such as emergency shutdown, boiler protection or fire and gas equipment.

11 DIN rail > SolaHD STC-DRS Series is a DIN rail-mountable, single-pair surge-protection module implementing three-stage hybrid technology. It mounts onto a standard 35-mm industrial DIN rail and has three field side and three electronics side screw terminals. One is reserved for a shield. Three electrically tied ground terminals are provided for grounding the unit to building-approved ground. The shield is isolated from ground.