1 Communicator > Honeywell Power Products’ IPGSM-COM is a UL-listed primary fire alarm communicator providing Contact ID reporting using Internet protocol or global system for mobile communications (GSM) cellular pathways. It uses the Honeywell AlarmNet network, a triple-path redundancy provides superior connectivity for life safety systems. An IP path is used for primary communications and general packet radio service GSM cellular for backup. A 256-bit advanced encryption standard is used to secure data traveling through each pathway.



2 Plate > System Sensor’s CO-PLATE carbon monoxide detector plate covers the footprint of previously installed detectors and has RealTest, the only functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 72 2009.




3 Fiber Microscope > Ideal Industries Inc.’s model 45-332 is an upgradeable fiber inspection microscope with ScopeSwitch technology that enables the user to convert the standard 100X magnification scope to an optional 200X scope for outstanding inspection of both multimode fiber and single-mode fiber. It has an optional MTRJ-style connector adapter and a 1.25 mm connector adapter, further expanding its versatility. It comes with a 2.5 mm universal adapter for FC, ST and SC style connectors. Users simply insert the fiber ferrule into the microscope, turn on the LED illuminator, and inspect the end surface for cleanliness and overall core condition. Scratches, pits, dirt and other imperfections that can result in compromised transmission are clearly seen through the high-precision glass optics. A laser barrier filter is built into the unit for safety.

4 Power Supply > Linear’ s PIP24VDCRU: Plug-in 24V DC Power Supply is an EISA-compliant, auto-resetting poly fuse with robust surge protection that prevents AC line spikes and transients from harming the power supply or the connected equipment. It acts as a transformer and power supply in one, with no cabinet to mount and plugs directly into an AC outlet. It is 2.5-in. wide by 3.5-in. high by 2.25-in. deep.




5 Video Transmitter/Receiver > ComNet’s FVT1031UTC and FVR1031UTC Series are digital fiber optic video transmitters and receivers that support up-the-coax protocols for use over multimode or single-mode optical fiber. The 10-bit, all-digital single fiber design offers outstanding video performance and provides RS-250C short-haul quality video.



6 Sensors > Cooper Wiring Devices’ Savant passive infrared (PIR) occupancy and vacancy sensors for the core lighting control line includes switches, dual switches and dimmers, in both occupancy (auto on/auto off or manual on/auto off) and vacancy (manual on/auto off only) versions. They can be wired as single-pole or three-way, and carry a 1,000W (½ hp) rating. They work with all popular load types, including incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, fluorescent, CFL and LED. They have selectable LED nightlights with a convenient dimming function for customizing each room’s specific need. The PIR lens is color-matched to the device housing and provides a 180-degree viewing angle for 1,000 sq. ft. of major motion coverage (450 sq. ft. minor motion).


7 Grommet > Specified Technologies Inc.’s SpecSeal’s Ready firestop grommets are a molded, two-piece grommet with an integral fire and smoke-sealing foam membrane for sealing small cable penetrations through framed wall assemblies. It snaps together around cable and locks tightly into the wall. It is made from tough, plenum-grade plastic for use in gypsum board wall (i.e., drywall) construction.



8 Contact Transmitter > Honeywell’s 5811 wireless thin door/window contact transmitter is 5/16-in. thick, which is useful where aesthetics and discretion are important, such as ornate doors, casements and double-hung windows. It installs easily and includes a 3V lithium battery. It is compatible with all Honeywell 5800 Series wireless receivers, and VISTA and LYNX control panels.


9 Camera > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s IP Dome 225 IR is a complete network video surveillance system in a compact, indoor dome. It is a progressive-scan camera that keeps moving objects sharply in focus and has a built-in active infrared illuminator. Plug it in and video can be recorded immediately using the included Secure Digital flash memory card. No additional equipment is required. Customers can also easily extend storage capabilities by connecting a video recorder, such as the Bosch Divar 700 Series, or an iSCSI server.


10 Access Control > Corbin Russwin’s Access 700 PIP1 series of intelligent power over Ethernet (PoE) locksets communicate using Ethernet network to provide campus housing and facilities with comprehensive access control. It provides customized access to facilities, using magstripe and PIN code technologies with standard network cabling. Monitoring capabilities are powered and connected to the system fulltime. It supports 2,400 users per lock and provides an audit trail of the last 10,000 events. It incorporates an ANSI Grade 1 quality lock or exit device, card reader, door position switch and request-to-exit sensor into one device. It is available with mortise locks, cylindrical locks and exit devices.