1 Microscope > Luxo’s microscope inspection digital application system (MIDAS) is a universally positionable digital inspection system that provides a versatile way of viewing, capturing and documenting images from any direction or angle. It features a polarizing lens, 1.3 mp USB camera and ¼-in. color CMOS image sensor to provide a magnification range of 10 to 200 times.


2 Putty > Nelson FSP’s firestop putty creates an instant smoke- and gas-tight fire seal to fill voids around pipes, electrical conduit, data communications cables, duct work and between walls and floors. Constructed of a blend of organic and inorganic intumescent material, it expands with extreme heat to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. In addition, it is acoustically tested to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration. Premixed and ready to use right out of the box, it does not need additional blending, adhesives or cable derating. It stays pliable at all time, and because it doesn’t set, it can be removed and reapplied numerous times.


3 Camera > Toshiba’s IK-7100A day/night color bullet camera has a weather-resistant IP66-rated metal housing and is purpose-engineered for outdoor video security. Hardened metal construction of the housing resists corrosion, bad weather and vandalism, while 16 long-range, high-intensity infrared LEDs enhance the performance of the camera in dark conditions where object detection and subject recognition is critical. The 850 nm LEDs illuminate a clear image at more than 30 feet in total darkness. The IK-7100A-3.6 has a 3.6 mm lens for a wider sight range; the IK-7100A-8 has a 8.0 mm lens for mid-range applications. Both offer high-resolution 480 TVL to maximize performance in exceptionally low light.


4 Emergency Messaging System > Cooper Notification’s roam secure alert network (RSAN) emergency text and voice messaging system, mobile high-power speaker arrays and tactical wireless audio visual emergency system (TACWAVES) portable alerting system are designed for hurricane disaster recovery. Both the mobile speaker array (MSA) and TACWAVES portable alerting systems can be rapidly deployed, allowing for the distribution of critical information before, during and after a weather disaster. Powered by battery, generator and solar power, the MSA broadcasts intelligible voice messages, tones and sirens that can be heard from great distances, while TACWAVES provides a portable central control station that distributes live and prerecorded emergency messages to the MSA or TACWAVES field stations for localized announcements.


5 Software > Dynamic Systems Inc.’s CheckMate document tracking software for Windows works by identifying a location or person by scanning a locator (or badge) bar code and a bar code on the file or document. The locator or badge can represent a person, department, work station, room—any place that might have the document or file. It makes your file room into a library. Scan a bar coded badge and the bar codes on a stack of documents, and CheckMate knows who has those documents. Data collection can take place at a PC, at many stations on a LAN or WAN, or anywhere using a battery-powered portable bar code reader.


6 Mass Notification System > Ritron’s LoudMouth wireless PA system is installed using a VHF or UHF frequency LoudMouth radio receiver connected to indoor/outdoor horn speakers. It enables personnel to use a portable two-way radio, base station or mobile radio to broadcast voice messages over PA speakers from up to two miles away. It does not require trenching or extensive cabling. It is field-programmable with frequency codes, tone codes, paging codes, volume levels and a shut-off timer.

7 Door Lock > Kwikset’s SmartCode lever with home connect technology featuring Z-Wave is a keyless, touchpad lever that homeowners can lock from virtually anywhere using a Web-enabled cell phone or the Internet. It can be installed on a single bored door to provide improved security and remote access. It offers true, one-touch locking and communicates wirelessly with other home electronics. It is available in three finishes: satin nickel, polished brass and Venetian bronze. It operates on four AA batteries and wireless communication remains secure by using 128-bit encryption.


8 Tuner Card > Crestron’s Interwave Internet radio tuner card delivers quick access to online radio stations using broadband. It occupies a single tuner slot and has both analog and digital outputs. It supports WAV, MP3, WMA, AAC and RealAudio formats, as well as metadata, graphics and transport controls. SIRIUS/XM online radio service is optional. It may also be used to play sound files stored in its internal memory or on an external Web server, including chimes and ringer sounds, prerecorded announcements and background music.


9 Fire Notification Module > Silent Knight by Honeywell’s SK-Control is an addressable notification module for use with Silent Knight IntelliKnight series fire alarm control panels. It provides supervised monitoring of wiring to load devices that require an external power supply to operate, such as bells, horns and strobes. It is capable of Class B (Style Y) and Class A (Style Z) supervision. It disconnects the supervision and connects the external power supply across the load device. The external power supply is always relay isolated from the SLC loop, so that a trouble condition on the power supply will not interfere with the rest of the system.


10 Camera > Axis Communications’ AXIS Q1921 and AXIS Q1921-E thermal network cameras have enhanced resolution, full frame rate video (30 fps) and four different lens alternatives: 10 mm, 19 mm, 35 mm and 60 mm. It has two-way audio, power over Ethernet, advanced compression and up to 32 GB of local storage, providing additional benefits to the end-user and integrator over analog camera technology. AXIS Q1921 is designed for indoor use; AXIS Q1921-E is an IP66-rated, outdoor-ready network camera. It has 384-by-288 resolution and an advanced image processor coupled with H.264 compression.


11 DVR > Panasonic’s WJ-HD716 16-channel real-time DVR has simultaneous high-quality H.264 compression and encoding and real-time field recording of 480 images per second (ips) and frame recording of 240 ips. Dual HDMI video outputs optimizes viewing on HD monitors and two HDMI interfaces support dual 1,080i (1,920 by 1,080) displays. For added viewing flexibility, screen displays can be configured in 4/7/8/9/12/16 split screen mode. It has four front-panel-accessible hard disk drive (HDD) slots, with an expansion capacity of up to 31 HDD slots.

12 Smoke Detector > Fike’s VESDA LaserPLUS smoke detector has a sensitivity range of 0.0015–6% obscuration/ft. It detects fire at the earliest possible stage and reliably measures very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke. It has four configurable alarm levels, a high-efficiency aspirator, four inlet pipes and seven programmable relays.


13 Camera > HAI’s 1.3 mega pixel mini dome IP camera serves real-time streaming video to various devices.
It can be viewed at home or over the Internet on a PC, OmniTouch 5.7e or OmniTouch 10p. It is also visible on handheld mobile devices, such as a PDA, smartphone (or other device running Windows Mobile using HAI Snap-Link Mobile or HAI WL3). It can be viewed on an iPhone. It employs an H.264 main profile codec for a high-resolution broadcast and a frame rate of 30 fps at 720p.


14 Emergency Scene Assessment Tool > Notifier’s ONYX FirstVision interactive display is an emergency scene assessment tool used by first responders to determine the origin and migration of a fire, location of emergency alerts, potential hazards or areas of refuge within the affected areas. Interactive building layouts and other site-specific details enable emergency officials to make fast, effective response plans. It is typically placed in a security office, local dispatch center or other centralized location for easy access. It can survey multiple buildings and fire alarm networks. This technology ties into Notifier fire alarm systems over new or existing TCP/IP networks to provide a campus view of all system events.


15 Fire Alarm Control Panels > Gamewell-FCI Fire Control Instruments by Honeywell’s E3 series expandable emergency evacuation system fire alarm control panel uses high-speed Velociti sensors that feature bipolar LEDs that flash green for normal polling and are illuminated red steadily to indicate an alarm. It has an 80-character LCD-E3 alphanumeric LCD display that allows 40 characters to be user-defined for customizing installations. Up to six keyboard LCD displays may also be remotely located in addition to five of the familiar LCD-7100 remote displays, allowing for instant system status information to be available in any desired area of an installation. A high-speed, 32-bit processor easily tackles a wide array of applications from small office buildings to sophisticated high-rise installations.


16 Reader Platform > HID Global’s veriCLASS payment and ticketing embedded reader platform is based on universally adaptable contactless reader technology and includes a broad range of integration tools, support and global product approvals and technology certifications. It supports popular card technologies, including MIFARE, DESFire and iCLASS, and a broad range of protocols and payment schemes, such as FeliCa, EMVCo, Calypso, MasterCard PayPass, Visa payWave and American Express expresspay. There is an associated developer tool kit, an online developer center and an embedded device manager.

17 Multicondition Receiver > Inovonics’ EN4232MR multicondition receiver with form-C relay outputs for use in the EchoStream commercial wireless network can be used to notify alarm activity in conjunction with suspicious activity, to lock doors after suspects have left the building or to activate lights on the same device as the signal for the overhead doors. It supports up to 32 transmitters and 12 outputs, has jam detection and supports normally open or normally closed configuration.


18 Ceiling Alarm > Swann Security’s wireless ceiling motion-detector alarm has 360-degree motion detection up to 9 feet with an infrared remote control for on/off and chime/alarm selection. It has a powerful 110 dB-plus siren and a delay feature that allows users to enter and leave without activating the alarm.


19 Keypad > LiteTouch’s Keypads come in a wide variety of button configurations, engraving options and various mounting options to accommodate national and international backbox needs. Face plates are metal. Seven field-selectable LED colors are easily customized and changed by the installer using an RGB color wheel in the back. The wheel adjusts LED brightness and backlighting illuminates the engraving for easier reading.


20 Wireless Transmitter/Detector > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s commercial wireless platform for G Series control panels includes wireless transmitters and detectors that are powered by Inovonics’ wireless mesh network technology. It is ideal for applications where wiring is difficult or where mobile panic transmitters are essential. It provides wireless registration and programming for transmitters to further enhance the efficiency of technicians during system setup. A portable site survey kit helps installers determine the optimum location for transmitters and repeaters. The commercial wireless platform sends redundant information on several multifrequency channels within the wireless 900 MHz band.