1 Camera > Bosch Security Systems’ fixed-body Dinion and FlexiDome H.264 main profile IP cameras feature advanced H.264 main profile video compression to provide broadcast-quality video that takes up to 50 percent less storage space, depending on scene and quality settings. Built-in intelligent video analysis (IVA), available as a licensable option, processes the detailed images to provide automated assistance to security personnel. IVA alerts security staff to suspicious activity, such as loitering or perimeter breaches, for earlier threat detection.


2 Fire Suppression System > Fike’s Cheetah Xi 1016 intelligent fire suppression system is a state-of-the-art true intelligent digital peer-to-peer modular suppression control system. It has two signaling-line circuits, which are expandable to four, and it supports up to 1,016 devices and up to 31 remote annunciators. Users can network up to 128 Cheetah Xi fire suppression systems, for up to any combination of 130,048 sensors and modules. Also, it has an 80-character LCD display, optional internal point IP DACT, SLC loop with a maximum length of 12,000 ft. and a positive alarm sequence.


3 Photoelectric Detector > System Sensor’s 2251BR Remote Test Capable photoelectric detector adds simplified remote testing capability to the updated DNR and watertight NEMA DNRW InnovairFlex intelligent duct smoke detector housing. Specially designed for use in applications requiring a remote test, it enables updated DNR(W) duct smoke detectors to be tested remotely when used in conjunction with RTS151 or RTS151KEY remote test stations.


4 Power Supply > SECO-LARM’s PS-D1610-PUQ 12V DC 9-amp continuous CCTV power supply comes with PTC fuses, with each output individually fused. Output fuses are rated at 3A at 250V AC, each with a red LED to indicate the output’s status. The output voltage can be adjusted using a potentiometer to compensate for voltage drop (12.6~14V DC), and it incorporates a unique built-in battery charger to automatically switch to a backup battery in the event of a power loss. The unit is enclosed in ventilated heavy-duty steel housing with a removable steel cover.


5 Fire Alarm Communicator > Silent Knight’s IP communicator enables the transmission of fire alarm system information to a central monitoring station using any standard Internet protocol line. It is simple to install with no panel reconfiguration required; it is designed to plug right into the fire alarm panel’s existing telephone ports. The communicator sends out a supervisory signal to the central station, testing the communications line as often as every 90 seconds.


6 Camera > Infinova’s V1720N-M Series high-speed indoor IP PTZ dome camera helps in providing an easy transition from analog CCTV systems to IT-based digital video surveillance solutions. The built-in software allows users to view, control and program the IP PTZ domes from a PC connected to a work station using a standard web browser and Infinova’s onscreen simulated keyboard. Leveraging a digital video output using MPEG4/MJEG compression, users can obtain high-quality video up to 30 fps.


7 Motion Detector > Erich Industries’ E-2020 BEA Eagle motion detector has a 3-D adjustable antenna for precise positioning of the detection pattern and uses K-Band microwave technology. It exceeds ANSI standards and meets FCC requirements. The mounting height is 7–10 feet. The Eagle HM is available for higher mounting applications at 10–17 feet.


8 Wireless Monitor > Ritron’s Quick Talk wireless voice alert connects to any switch or sensor, and when a change is detected, a custom-recorded voice message is automatically transmitted to all two-way-radio-equipped personnel. It works with portable radios, base station radios, wireless PA systems and repeaters.


9 Detector > Edwards’ modular detector combines smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) sensing technology and fits Signature Series bases, so existing systems can be easily upgraded to monitor both fire and CO. For smoke detection, the unit features advanced photoelectric indirect-sensing technology. Units with heat-sensing technology include three thermistors for symmetrical thermal response. The CO sensor includes its own daughter board for code-compliant end-of-life replacement. The field-configurable device also has a self-diagnostic system, which ensures reliability.


10 Video Modem > Colby Systems’ VM1 Encoder VideoModem sends Electronic News Gathering and video surveillance from areas with limited infrastructure. The use of cellular networks for transmitting secure video streams allows for ENG and surveillance monitoring at sites without telephone lines or wired Internet access. The streaming video capability compressed and encrypts for secure video surveillance. Streaming video H.264 and jpeg images can be sent over a cellular, Wi-Fi or satellite network to the Colby Console software through standard IP networks. Multiple modems with attached cameras may be controlled and monitored simultaneously.


11 Mobile Application > Honeywell’s stand-alone Total Connect with video allows users to remotely access live video of their homes and businesses using the Apple iPhone and iPad devices as well as desktop PCs and laptops. The functionality will soon be available for RIM’s BlackBerry PDA. Honeywell IP cameras securely transmit data through Honeywell’s AlarmNet communications network over the Internet. When the cameras detect movement, the system can initiate e-mail alerts to the customers, who can then use their mobile devices to view the event. It also can alert users to nonsecurity events, including environmental events such as extreme temperature changes and flooding conditions. The technology also allows the user to arm and disarm the security system remotely, bypass zones, open a garage door or turn on a light.


12 Door Trim > Sargent Manufacturing Co. and Assa Abloy Group’s push/pull trim provides a functional ligature-resistant solution for behavioral health units; the sleek form of the push/pull trim aligns with the current evidence-based design approach to healing environments. Multiple mounting orientations translate to increased flexibility and safety, an important consideration in healthcare settings. Easy door activation and an ergonomic paddle offers a target for elbows and hips, giving healthcare staff options when their hands are full. Available in a full range of finishes including stainless steel, it also can be coated with an optional MicroShield antimicrobial finish.


13 Speaker/Siren > Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell and Acoustic Technology Inc.’s high-powered speaker and siren systems deliver continuous tone alerts and intelligible voice announcements. The compact, Class-D amplifiers save significant space and expense by producing higher sound outputs using less power. ATI’s proprietary acoustic design produces code-compliant audible sound and intelligible voice communications within all areas of a site with minimal echo and reflection. Every component is supervised, all communications are time-stamped and FSK (frequency-shift keying) modulation is applied to all transmissions to prevent unauthorized use.


14 DVR > Swann’s all-in-one DVR security system is an Internet-connected DVR housed in 19-in. LCD monitor with four cameras. It has intuitive menus and pentaplex operation for simultaneous viewing/playback/backup configuration. Web connectivity allows a user to view live or recorded video over the Internet, and the 500 GB hard drive is capable of two months of continuous recording. A USB port enables video backup using a flash drive.