1 Camera > JVC’s IP network mini-dome camera has ¼-in. progressive scan CCD and built-in 3.8x variable-focal lens and true day/night for nighttime surveillance. It is 5¾-in. in diameter and 4¾-in. high. It features bidirectional audio support two-way audio communication through mic-in and line-out. It operates by PoE with 24V AC power supply.



2 Controller > Home Automation Inc.’s Lumina central lighting and home automation product line is integrated with Tyco’s DSC PowerSeries security panels, allowing touchscreen control and energy management. The Lumina or Lumina Pro can trigger events from the DSC security zones when they are opened or closed as well as when the security panel goes into alarm. HAI’s controller firmware has support for DSC PowerSeries security panels for the Lumina and Lumina Pro home control systems.



3 Key Card Reader > EnOcean/ILLUMRA’s wireless key card reader automates hotel room energy conservation by disabling HVAC, lighting and electrical loads in unoccupied rooms. It installs in minutes without wires or batteries, minimizing installation, cleanup and downtime costs. It generates its own power when a key card is inserted or removed, converting the motions into wireless control signals. The battery-less solution is based on the interoperable EnOcean wireless standard. It can use standard or customized key cards. The reader transmits signals to receivers attached to appliances and lights, activating them when a card is inserted and deactivating them when a card is removed. With seven code combinations available, key cards that are customized offer additional functionality.



4 Keyless Entry Deadbolt > Kwikset’s SmartCode Signature Series keyless entry deadbolt has one-touch locking with a motorized deadbolt and features two customizable access codes (one code for the family, one code for temporary access). It fits standard doors (13/8–2-in.) and has a 1-in., heavy-duty deadbolt and break-in-resistant strike plate.




5 Camera Housing > Dotworkz D2 environmental housing incorporates a heater/blower system into the D2 architecture. It is ideal in weather conditions ranging from 30°F to 95°F, where it will maintain PTZ cameras at optimal operating temperature. The unit’s heater automatically activates at 40°F and deactivates at 60°F with a thermal cutoff ensuring safe heating operation. The blower remains on at all time, keeping cameras cool and fog free.





6 Photoluminescent Lighting > Acrilex Inc.’s Acriglo photoluminescent lighting for security lighting applications is designed to provide an additional 1½ to 2 hours of illumination without a backup power source during the loss of electricity. It is useful with CCD video surveillance cameras. Charged completely by the luminosity emitted during the normal operation of a light, the glow emitted from a fixture with Acriglo lasts for several hours. Under normal conditions, Acriglo serves as a decorative lighting fixture, while during blackout conditions, it provides the illumination needed for safe passage. Acriglo sheets are available in a variety of sizes and in thicknesses, ranging from 1/8–3/8 in. All sheets can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications.


7 Intercom System > Russound’s Collage Powerline media and intercom system distributes network-accessed music and intercom communication through a home’s residential electrical system. It provides access to two-way transmission of audio, video, data and Internet media with without running new zone-to-zone wiring. The power cord provides both power to the unit and a connection to the network. The capacitive touch scroll wheel and buttons provide easy, intuitive navigation of sources and network-accessible music. An internal FM tuner is an additional source in each zone, and a built-in microphone allows for zone-to-zone intercom communication and room monitoring.


8 Control Panels > Silent Knight by Honeywell’s IntelliKnight Series addressable fire-alarm control panels support synchronization of System Sensory A/V appliances and a USB programming port. The 5700 is for smaller applications, the 5808 is for medium and the 5820XL is for larger applications. The 5820XL boasts an improved power supply capacity of 6 amps and a new deaf-front option that allows for reset, silence and acknowledge functions without requiring a user code or operator’s key.


9 Digital Video Recorder > Speco Technologies’ mobile four-channel, H.264, pentaplex DVR allows for capturing and delivering real-time video through a compact surveillance system in moving vehicles. About the size of a radar detector, it is small enough to fit on top of or under the dashboard. When used with a separately purchased Verizon USB Aircard, the DVR can be accessed remotely allowing the video and GPS information to be available to authorized viewers.


10 Smoke Detector > System Sensor’s i3Series photoelectric smoke detectors with sounders are available in two- and four-wire models. They generate an 85 dBA temporal tone and are ideal for residential applications that require synchronization of the alarm signal throughout the system. A plug-in design enables efficient wire management and prewiring capabilities that reduce installation time and costs; a visual status indication at each detector differentiates between normal and abnormal conditions to make detector status inspections intuitive.


11 Exit Sign > Martinson-Nicholls’ Eco Photo luminescent exit signs absorb and store ambient light and are viewable from up to 100 feet. In an emergency with a blackout or smoky conditions, the stored energy is immediately visible, creating a recognizable, photo luminescent egress indicator. They require no electricity, no maintenance, no battery backups and last 25 years.