1 Power Supply > Honeywell Power Products’ HPFF8 (FireForce 8) power supply can be activated by any 12- or 24-volt fire alarm control panel or it canoperate alone. The HPFF8’s EOL resistor replacement feature stands to save dealers countless hours of searching behind numerous notification devices for the preexisting EOL resistor. In retrofit applications, a single resistor matching the existing EOL can be used as a reference EOL for all outputs. This feature speeds installation and system checkout. The HPFF8 includes a trouble memory feature that displays past troubles (by NAC) for rapid installer diagnostics. This feature allows technicians to investigate the source of recurring troubles and prevent future false alarms.



2 PA System > Ritron’s LoudMouth Wireless PA System is an independent wireless receiver, wired to a companion horn speaker. Each receiver can accommodate up to two horn speakers. Multiple receiver and speaker pairs can be used to create a facilitywide PA system. Speaker volume is adjustable, and the receivers’ operating frequency can be PC programmed to work with other existing two-way radio systems. The receiver requires 110V AC and includes a wall cube power supply, rechargeable two-hour backup battery, indoor/outdoor horn speaker with 25 feet cable, flex antenna and mounting bracket. An optional outdoor weatherproof enclosure is available.



3 Camera > Canon’s VB-C500D fixed mini dome network camera has an 82° horizontal field of view and is useful for monitoring locations with variable lighting, such as ATMs, lobbies and building entrances. It has a 2.4x optical zoom lens/4x digtial zoom lens. The DIGICNET processor performs all encoding and transmission. There is simultaneous distribution of M-JPEG in three different resolutions, and image capture can be delivered in both M-JPEG and MPEG-4 video at 30 frames per second.



4 Communications Module > Fire-Lite Alarms’ IPDACT-2UD is a fire alarm Internet protocol communications module that enables complete upload/download capabilities through any IP connection. Installers can download alarm panel data and upload information such as program updates from a PC through any Internet or Intranet connection. Communicating through a modem at the panel, the IPDACT-2UD transmits all information digitally over IP using a TCP/IP protocol, secured with the industry’s highest level of encryption (AES 512 bit).



5 Software > Fike Alarm Systems’ Precise Vision and Precise Touch computer-based event management systems help control and monitor facilities during emergency situations. Precise Vision allows facility managers to respond to alarm situations using a computer to access building floor plans, emergency contacts and security plans and inform appropriate personnel through e-mail about alarm situations. Precise Touch is an intuitive computer graphics package designed for use in public locations so that responders can quickly locate an alarm situation, view floor plans, identify potential hazards and find emergency exit routes. Both systems are designed to work with Fike CyberCat fire alarm control panels.



6 Digital Video Recorder > Speco Technologies’s network-ready PC-based digital video recorders have hybrid operation supporting up to 4 Internet protocol cameras, built-in video analytics for intelligent recording, built-in DVD/RW, multiple viewing modes and search options, and PDA viewing. They are available in 8- and 16-channel versions.



7 Detector > System Sensor’s advanced multicriteria detector is designed to specifically address false alarms while using four independent sensors—one for carbon monoxide, a photoelectric smoke sensor, a temperature sensor and an infrared light sensor—to determine what type of fire is occurring.



8 Alarm > STI fire extinguisher theft stopper is a battery-operated alarm with a unique steel cable operated switch mechanism that helps stop theft and vandalism of fire extinguishers. If the extinguisher is moved from its normal position, the device emits a piercing alarm (95 or 105 dB). Completely self-contained, the device does not interfere with fire fighting in any way. This easy-to-install alarm comes complete with a 9- volt battery, anchors and screws. Also supplied is a short cable to deactivate the alarm for service of the fire extinguisher.



9 Transmitter > HAI’s vanishing door/window mini transmitter is an ultra-thin supervised wireless contact with beveled edges that vanish into any décor. It transmits to the HAI controller if a door or window is open or closed and has a bypass button that allows manual bypass of the transmitter, which automatically restores when the door or window is closed. It is 1.5 in. high by 1-in. wide by 0.375 ins. deep.



10 Mass Notification Systems > NOTIFIER’s mass notification systems—FireVoice 25/50 for smaller, stand-alone facilities; Digital Voice Command linked together through NOTI-FIRE-NET for larger buildings and campuses; and NOTIFY-IP, a voice over Internet protocol-based technology for multinational corporations and government agencies with global offices—broadcast live, up-to-the-minute emergency information to everyone in a building, campus or multiple facilities around the world, to help prevent injuries and save lives. The product portfolio includes amber strobes, programmable LED signs and speaker clusters.



11 Lighting Control > Intermatic’s heavy-duty, die-cast, stem-mounted metal photo control can be used to provide dusk-to-dawn lighting control. It can be used to operate lighting in parking lots, car lots, on billboards and in municipal and security lighting. It uses a dual-temperature compensating bimetal and a metal film resistor for reliable long-life operation over ambient temperature extremes of –40?F to 158?F. Two models are available: the K4421M for 120V loads and K4423M for 208V–277V loads.


12 Downlight Housing > Capri Lighting’s Firedome NXT fire-rated downlight housing uses a sustainable wool membrane that thermally controls the high temperatures sustained in the event of a structural fire as well as serves as a great acoustical barrier between floors. The Airseal technology minimizes air flow from floor to floor and is intended to be used between in multilevel, multifamily dwellings or facilities that must comply to fire-rated floor/ceiling assemblies. The 4-in. aperture is available in incandescent and low voltage, and the 6-in. aperture is available in incandescent and CFL.



13 Camera > Bosch Security Systems’ FlexiDome camera 9–22 mm varifocal lens that provides wide area coverage up to 31.2° horizontal and 22.8° vertical and telephoto coverage up to 12.8° horizontal and 9.6° vertical, enabling surveillance system operators to identify a person positioned up to 130 feet away from the camera. The lens is IR-corrected to keep FlexiDome day/night cameras in focus at all times and is available for both analog and FlexiDome IP cameras, which offer superior digital image quality with the protection of a vandal-resistant dome enclosure.



14 Enclosure > ICC’s 9-in. Net.Media center provides a distribution point for voice, data, audio/video and security of multiple-unit buildings. Internal modules can be mounted horizontally or vertically, and the integrated snap-in module system enables users to quickly insert or move modules. Multiple knockouts support 2-in. conduit and facilitate cable routing and entry. Other features include an AC power outlet knockout and padlock option.