Products by 20 exhibiting companies were named NECA Showstoppers at the 2011 National Electrical Contractors Association annual convention and trade show held in San Diego in October.

For the second year, the Showstoppers competition was combined with the new and featured product area, creating the NECA Showstopper Showcase. To be eligible for consideration, products and services had to be introduced to the electrical market on Jan. 1, 2010, or later, and must have been available for purchase at the time of the show.

A panel of electrical industry professionals judged the entries. Blue ribbons identified winners in the Showstopper Showcase at the front of the exhibit floor, and winners displayed formal awards in their exhibits. To check out the in-booth award presentation, click here, or visit Electrical Contractor’s Facebook page at

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1 Cooper Lighting—RL7 LED retrofit modules fit 5- and 6-inch standard and shallow recessed housings to provide excellent quality LED illumination with a color rendering index (CRI) of 81 and a warm white color temperature (3,000K). The modules consume less than 15 watts (W) and deliver more than 600 lumens of light. Flexible mounting is provided with torsion springs or blades. Dimmable modules are designed to deliver greater than 70 percent of initial lumens at 50,000 hours.

2 Copper Wire Stripper—The CWS-01 wire/cable stripper is a heavy-duty industrial wire stripper with a -horsepower motor and a direct gear-driven, single-blade cutter made of 4140 steel hardened to 57 Rockwell. Its stripping capability ranges from 14 AWG to 3-inch cables. It will strip both solid-core and stranded wires, which self-feed into the machine. Average stripping speed is 120 feet per minute. Mounted on a cart, it becomes a portable stripper.


3 Cree—The Cree CR24 recessed-panel LCD troffer redefines commercial lighting with a no-compromise alternative for upgrading fluorescent lighting. It is ideal for any application where bright, beautiful, uniform light is required, including office spaces; education, government and healthcare facilities; retail stores; and hospitality environments. More affordable than comparable fluorescent options, CR24 fixtures deliver higher quality light, longer life and greater energy savings.


4 DAS Simplified—A DAS Simplified premanufactured, ready-to-install distributed antenna system can save as much as 30 to 40 percent installation time with minimal components compared to conventional distributed antenna systems. DAS provides 100 percent guaranteed coverage for paging, two-way radios and cellular services. All DAS Simplified products meet the highest test standards and are carrier-approved. Training and ongoing support is available.



5 Fluke Corp.—The new Fluke 381 True-rms is the first clamp meter with a detachable, remote display. A user can clamp the Fluke 381 around a conductor, remove the display, and walk across the room to operate the controls and view real-time readings. The meter features an iFlex flexible current probe, InRush, and VFD filtering. The meter is rated to 1,000V CAT III/600V CAT IV and measures up to 1,000 amperes (A); the iFlex attachment reads up to 2,000A.



6 Greenlee—The new Greenlee Fishfinder Plus vision system is a CAT IV-rated optical cable for troubleshooting around energized circuits. The camera is eye mounted at the end of a 6-inch cable and provides near-field imaging with a focus range of a inch to 12 inches for troubleshooting around energized circuits. The cable‘s double-layer coating has an orange outer-layer and yellow under-layer for visual indication of dielectric performance.



7 Harger Lightning & Grounding—New NUWTube packaging keeps exothermic weld metal separated from starting powder to prevent ignition failure. The easy-to-use, dual-chamber design NUWTube holds both the starting material and weld metal separately in one tube, each accessible and easily identifiable by a color-coded cap. The user simply removes the clear cap to pour the weld metal into the mold, flips the tube over, and removes the orange cap to add the starting material.


8 Honeywell Power Products—The new Honeywell IPGSM-DP dual-path, dual-primary fire alarm communicator offers a choice of either Internet protocol (IP) or global system for mobile communications (GSM) cellular as its primary communications pathway, eliminating phone lines historically employed for fire alarm reporting. Using IP and GSM technology together improves the reliability and speed of communications over single-path technology devices and solves many fire alarm reporting issues associated with challenging applications.



9 Knipex—Rugged ratcheting-action cable shears with adjustable telescoping handles cut cables in diameters up to 1 inches. Telescoping handles extend for maximum leverage or retract for working in tight areas. The replaceable cutting head is made of oil-hardened, high-quality tool steel with geometry for making easy, neat cuts. The ratcheting action eases the cutting operation. Handles are manufactured of high-strength, oval aluminum tubing.

10 Legrand/Wiremold—Evolution Series floor boxes work in any type of floor construction with the capacity to handle up to 10 gangs of power, communications and A/V cables. Whether used in wood, concrete or raised floors, the Evolution boxes are easy to install. They are fully adjustable for pre- and post-concrete pours. In addition, these boxes feature a fully finished interior, removable modules and a cover designed to open 180 degrees. There is a choice of five finishes.



11 McCormick Systems—The new McCormick WIN 1000 estimating system is designed for small to midsize contractors to provide complete estimating needs for companies that typically pursue modest electrical and automated building system projects. Three versions are available: stand-alone, LAN-networkable, and WAN-networkable. Buyers receive 100 percent trade-in credit when it is time to upgrade to a higher level system.



12 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.—Milwaukee’s new fluorescent lighting tester is the industry’s first tool that is able to test fluorescent gas, pin connections and ballasts. It enables one person to troubleshoot an entire building’s fluorescent lighting in much less time than conventional “replace and hope” procedures. A 30-inch retractable antenna easily reaches lighting fixtures. It has a removable antenna adaptor to increase “flicker” response, audible and visible reading indicators, a built-in LED work light, and a rugged overmold grip.



13 M.K. Morse—The new M. K. Morse line of Advanced Edge bimetal hole saws with proprietary PTP tooth design provide smooth cutting and chip clearing in a wide range of cutting applications. Larger tooth profile with teeth perpendicular to the work provides more teeth to share the cutting load and evenly distributes cutting forces. Advanced Edge bimetal hole saws are available in a complete range of diameters and in kits for professional users.


14 Overhead Drills—The dual overhead drill lift allows an electrician working from the floor to drill multiple holes to install anchors for racks, cable trays and runs of conduit. The lift package includes two rotary hammers, which mount on the lift bar to drill two holes simultaneously at positions between 5 and 55 inches on center at a reach height of 13.6 feet (15.6 feet with the extension kit). The lift is available with or without a factory-installed vacuum system.



15 Redwood Systems—Redwood System’s low-voltage, networked approach to lighting offers lower installation costs and easy configuration changes, which delivers energy savings and significant LEED credit contributions. A high-density network of sensors enables smooth per-fixture dimming, one-button daylight harvesting and highly accurate activity sensing for occupancy-based lighting policies. To help minimize operating costs, the sensors also provide data about how workspaces are used and heated and cooled.

16 Siemens Industry Inc.—New PL Series load centers have the patented Insta-wire neutral/ground system, convertibility, copper bussing, and mounting tabs on the trim, all specifically engineered to decrease installation time and increase flexibility. Other features include copper bus bars, factory-installed ground bars and a lifetime warranty. Load centers accommodate indoor and outdoor applications of 100 to 225A, 12 to 70 circuit, and single- and three-phase for indoor and outdoor applications.



17 Southwire—The SIMpull truck simplifies the logistics of power projects, helping eliminate excess time and labor costs and improving productivity by shipping truckloads of cable directly to the job site. A SIMpull truck can carry four payoffs with the option of pulling wire directly from the trailer or moving the entire payoff to a specified location. Four A-62 reels each weigh approximately 7,500 pounds and require no disposal fees. Just-in-time delivery is available.

18 T3 Innovation—The handheld Snap Shot fault finder and cable length measurement TDR with advanced Spread Spectrum TDR technology works on all wire environments to lengths of 3,000 feet and is immune to voltage, current, or data stream disruptions. The Snap Shot has an accuracy of 1 percent or better, auto power/off, a large backlighted LCD display, and memory storage for most cables with up to two different NVP values for multiple cable tests.



19 Thomas & Betts—The new Carlon kitchen pop-up receptacle eliminates potential safety hazards associated with power cords hanging over a counter edge to reach a wall outlet. When not in use, the receptacle is hidden beneath the countertop surface with only the 4-inch-diameter metallic cover visible. The GFCI receptacle is rated at 15A, 125V AC and 60 Hz. It is compliant with UL 943, CSA C22.2 No. 144.1, NEC Section 210.52(C)(5) and NEC Section 406.5(E). 



20 Wahoo Innovations—The patented Pole Dancer is designed to keep workers’ feet on the ground while setting or servicing light poles. This lightweight portable device can be used to install or service pedestal-mounted light poles of heights to 40 feet. It is designed to service or set poles with or without a pole base. Made from high-grade aluminum alloy, the durable Pole Dancer can be transported in the back of a truck or van or attached directly to a trailer hitch.



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