1 Pants > Cintas Corp’s cargo collection pants are available in light khaki and navy blue. They have sewn-in pockets with side seams and snap closures. The pants are made using a fabric with 11 percent stretch for softness and flexibility, and they have a long seat seam for comfort.

2 Boots > Timberland PRO’s Endurance work boots have anti-fatigue technology that provides a solution for those who spend prolonged periods on foot during the workday. The boots have a geometrically constructed midsole, with molded, inverted cone shapes that increase the midsole’s ability to support, collapse and return when pressure is applied. Puncture-resistant and waterproof versions also are available.

3 Harness > Capital Safety’s DBI-SALA ExoFit XP arc flash harness with Velcro is designed for use by the utility industry in high-voltage environments. The harnesses incorporate a Velcro chest strap that gives the user a vest-style harness with no metal above the waist. This design helps protect workers in arc flash environments and reduces electrical conductivity.

4 Gas Sniffer > Ridgid’s Micro CG-100 combustible gas sniffer detects gas leakage and has tri-mode detection, which alerts the operator to the presence of combustible gas with a visible signal, audible alarm or silent vibration. The Micro CG-100 detects low levels of methane (including natural gas), propane, butane and other combustible gases. The silent vibration alert vibrates more frequently as the user gets closer to gas. It can be adjusted to high- or low-level sensitivity with an overall range of 40–6,400 ppm for methane. The battery has a life of more than 20 hours of use, and an LED light at the end of the probe illuminates dark spaces.

5 Gloves > Ansell’s ProGrade series of gloves includes 10 professional-grade glove styles designed to protect construction workers in a variety of applications, such as general construction, carpentry, masonry, landscaping, HVAC work, drywall installation, plumbing and electrical work. The gloves provide dexterity, dry and/or wet grip and protection against cut, puncture and abrasion. Styles also are available that provide chemical resistance, high visibility and protection from the cold.

Eyewear > Aearo Technologies’ AOSafety Refine safety eyewear is specifically designed for the smaller face profiles of women. With lightweight frames and wraparound lenses, the Refine line fits closer and more proportionally to the eyes, cheeks and brow, eliminating dangerous coverage gaps.

Helmet > Gateway Safety‘s Serpent ventilated safety helmet has the CoolSense air-flow system, which lets heat escape, keeping workers cooler. A soft cushioned brow pad helps absorb moisture and perspiration. The Serpent has a snake-head shell design and is made of lightweight, high-density polyethylene material, weighing 13.1 ounces. Serpent is available with a pin-lock or ratchet suspension, which adjusts to fit 65/8–8¼ head sizes. A rain trough helps divert water from workers’ faces.

8 Clothing > Salisbury’s PRO-Outerwear protective clothing is designed for colder outdoor use. It has an ATPV rating of 45 cal/cm2 and is constructed of flame-resistant fabrics.