1 Luminaire > Holophane’s PrismGlo compact luminaire has a corrosion-resistant, die-cast aluminum housing with white polyester powder finish. It is listed for 40°C, dry locations and has an energy-efficient copper-wound ballast. It can be mounted on the ceiling or by pendant, conduit, or hooks and loops. It has a low-brightness prismatic glass refractor with wide spacing criteria and 55 or 60 percent downlight.



2 Luminaire > Besa Lighting’s Monopoint Cierro energy-efficient luminaire offers 360-degree illumination for optimal appearance and downlighting. It installs directly to a 4-in. round or octagonal ceiling box and is suitable for sloped ceilings. The cord is 10 feet long. It is available in a bronze or satin nickel metal finish with matching tinted cord.


3 Luminaire > Orbit/Evergreen’s Model B140SH cast brass 12V uplight features a slim telescoping shroud that extends from 6½ to 8 in. for precise directional lighting. Finishes include polished natural brass, antique brass, antique bronze, architectural bronze and aged green. The convex, tempered-glass lens is water-resistant. The unit is supplied with an MR16 20W lamp and includes a GS-85 PVC spike and CO-3 connector.



4 Luminaire > Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ Champ VMV LED Series industrial luminaire attaches to existing Champ mounting modules to replace existing HID luminaires and provides up to 60,000 hours of light. It is ideal for wide area illumination at mounting heights up to 20 feet.



5 Luminaire > WAC Lighting’s YU quick-connect glass pendant is crafted in handblown glass. It delivers a warm glow of white with a yellow/green tint that reveals a subtle optic twist. After minutes of charging the pendant with the light on, the glass transforms into a glowing blue green color with the light off for up to four hours. The pendant is offered with hardware in brushed nickel and chrome finishes.


6 Luminaire > Philips High-Lites’ HL-95/105 halogen emergency lighting unit is supplied with 5 watt, high-output MR16 halogen lamps for path of egress illumination. Available in standard and self-diagnostic versions, it offers 12 watts of additional capacity for operating remote lighting fixtures or for extended emergency operation time. It has a universal mounting plate with plug-in connector and can be wall or ceiling mounted. The UV stable thermoplastic housing comes in a neutral cream finish.

7 Luminaire > U.S. Architectural Lighting’s Camber is 24 in. high and 8 to 16 in. wide, depending on the model, and 10 to 13½ in. deep. Recommended mounting heights are 8 to 12 ft. above ground. It can be installed inside or outside with fixed or adjustable indirect reflectors. The lamp enclosure is one-piece molded glass. Lamp options include pulse-start metal halide (50W to 100W with 4,100 to 8,500 lumens), high-pressure sodium (50 to 100W with 4,000 to 9,500 lumens), and compact fluorescent (42W with 3,200 lumens).


8 Luminaire > Stonebridge Lighting’s globe luminaire is a traditional acrylic globe that provides old world aesthetics with uniform and controlled illumination for enhanced visibility and security. Made of vandal-resistant polycarbonate and dent-resistant acrylic, it is virtually maintenance-free. The fitter is cast aluminum.



9 Luminaire > Jesco Lighting’s Sleek Plus LED S801 is a high-efficiency LED linear lighting system designed for residential and commercial use in under-cabinet, under-shelf, under-counter and interior cove lighting applications, straight or angled. Modules are 0.875-in. high by 2 in. wide. Modules are available in 12-, 24- and 36-in. lengths, and use from 8.6 to a 24.1 watts-per-foot in energy consumption. Modules operate on 120-line voltage, require no transformers, plug in to standard wall sockets and provide uniform 3,000K color temperatures. Sleek Plus LED S801 fixtures can be switched between preset full-output lighting or dimmed-output background lighting. The beam spread is wide, evenly distributed and has no side glare.


10 Luminaire > Nora Lighting’s Saria LED glass-disk pendant luminaire has high lumen output and minimal profile. It features a 3,000K CCT downlight enhanced by a glowing edge on the glass disk. The glowing effect is created by blue, green, red and white LEDs. As with all LEDs, there is no projected forward heat and the fixture remains cool to the touch. It is available in brushed nickel or bronze finish. The canopy is 4½-in. in diameter and 2¼-in. deep. The cord is 8 ft., 6 in. long.


11 Luminaire > Dialight’s DuroSite Series LED wallpack luminaire has a low profile and compact design. It also features instant on/off operation. The powder-coated aluminum luminaire is suited for stairwells, platforms, exits, walkways, building exteriors, tunnels, subways and other confined or hard-to-access spaces. It is available in 11- and 22-watt versions, is completely free of hazardous materials, including mercury, and creates almost no light spill. It weighs 9 lbs. and is designed for ceiling or standard 30-degree wall-mounting brackets.


12 Luminaire > Qnuru’s Matrix Viga LED-based luminaires provide an LED direct replacement for T5, T8 and T12 linear fluorescent fixtures found in parking garages, warehouses and education facilities. Qnuru’s Kiva architectural accent lighting can be used in applications including gas station and convenience store sign illumination, toe-kick lighting for hospitals and hospitality facilities, and refrigeration lighting for grocery stores.


13 Luminaire > Columbia Lighting’s STSL Stratus side basket and louver recessed indirect luminaire has a high-performance louver accentuated by softly glowing perforated side baskets. The true parabolic louver directs light with pinpoint precision and reduces glare.


14 Luminaire > Delta Light’s Ultra Twin two-cylinder luminaire is available as ceiling surface-mounted or on a track with adapter. It uses Xicato LEDs, LED equivalents for halogen. It has a 360-degree rotation ability of the center tube and a 180-degree tiltable arm. The screwless design allows easy installation and quick lamp replacement.


15 Luminaire > Larson Electronics’ Magnalight BL24-LED 72-watt, waterproof, 4,320 lumen, magnetic-mount blasting light with replaceable lens covers can be used as a portable base-stand model or as a magnetically mounted backlight. It features a magnetic base and a pivoting bracket mount, so it can be positioned in nearly 360 degrees of beam angles. It is available in 120–277 volts AC (with the DCP-11-DP inline system) or 9–42 volts DC, drawing less than ¼ amp on 120V and 2 amps on 12 volts DC.


16 Luminaire > Deco Lighting’s D511ib bilevel induction parking luminaire has two induction lamps and a microwave occupancy sensor. The 20-watt lamp provides continuous low level lighting for security; the higher wattage (40-, 60- or 80-watt) main lamp switches on instantly for full illumination when the sensor detects vehicles or people. It has instant-on, no warmup or restrike, cold weather performance down to –40 degrees, electrode-less lamps for vibration resistance, superior lamp lumen depreciation and 90 CRI color.


17 Luminaire > Appleton’s Mercmaster enclosed and gasketed low-profile LED luminaire is used in low clearance areas. The NEMA 4X rated housing, guards and mounting hoods are copper-free cast aluminum protected by an epoxy powder coat. All exposed hardware is stainless steel, and it is free of any hazardous materials, including mercury. Hinge and bolt construction ensures 360-degree compression at all points on the ballast housing gasket for positive sealing.


18 Luminaire > Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.’s industrial beacon warning light modules are available in red, green, orange, yellow, blue and white. Three different illumination types—steady, blinking and pulsating—are available. Several styles of polycarbonate fixing bases are available and can be ordered in wall- or surface-mount.