1 luminaire > Litecontrol’s Arcos Perf II indirect lighting fixture provides diffuse, glare-free indirect lighting in die-formed steel fixture housings. The fixtures can use T5, T5HO or T8 lamps and are available in 4 or 8 foot lengths. It effortlessly mounts onmodule and is available with two sculpted end-cap choices. The fixture’s daylight harvesting solution includes a fixture-integrated photosensor and integrated dimming ballasts to increase efficiency, and the fixture comes with a wireless remote control for easy setup and adjustment of light levels.


2 luminaire > Cooper Lighting’s Lumark AVID decorative high-bay luminaire offers a wide variety of optical choices and lamping options for a consistent look throughout an application. It comes in a variety of optical choices, including boroscilicate glass lens, prismatic acrylic lens, high performance aluminum reflector and an optional shroud. The fixture can hold up to a 400-watt lamp and offers efficiencies of up to 96 percent. The luminaire can be pendant-mounted or suspended by stainless steel cables.



3 disconnect > Ideal’s three-wire 3A/120V PowerPlug disconnect allows switching and dimming in commercial lighting applications. The disconnect fits easily through a ½-in. knockout, allowing for retrofitting of installed fixtures as well as for new installations. It uses a push-in locking technology to minimize insertion force for faster, easier terminations without twisting or the use of tools. The disconnect is specifically designed for use with 18 AWG solid wires.



4 luminaire > Pure Lighting’s Stratus LED Linear Wall Grazer provides energy-efficient lighting for textured walls by uniformly lighting several surfaces with either cool or warm white LEDs. The fixtures mount in a ceiling or on the surface behind a cove and can evenly cover a 30-ft. wall, leaving no visible dark spots. It is designed to accentuate textures and shapes, especially on stone or brick walls. It uses high-intensity LED lamps along with a reflector system to increase its efficiency.



5 luminaire > Alera’s Microlyne Rectilinear narrow aperture fluorescent fixtures reach efficiency ratings of up to 85.5 percent. The fixtures are highly customizable, coming in eight mounting types and three narrow-aperture linear styles. Customers also can choose from three lamp sources, two light modules, three corner sections and five shielding options. The fixtures are available in cable-mount, surface-mount, wall-mount or recessed options. The fixtures’ quick-connect wiring reduces complexity and the fixtures come with integral internal ballast disconnectors.



6 luminaire > Paragon’s Big Foot wide-body vaportight light fixtures are dustproof, waterproof and impact-resistant for indoor/outdoor commercial “special need” lighting applications. The fixtures use three- or four-lamp energy-conserving ceiling-mount lamps. The fixtures are made from a single-piece, fiberglass-reinforced polyester housing, and the fixture’s closed cell wraparound gasket allows for easy hosedown cleaning of fixtures.