1 Luminaire > Boyd Lighting’s Catacaos luminaire was designed by Federico Otero using the ancient South American handcrafted technique called Filigrana in which small metal pieces are combined to create a large spiral texture. It is available as a sconce and pendant.



2 Luminaire > Allied Moulded Products Inc.’s compact fluorescent luminaire LH-CFL1 keyless and LH-CFL2 pull chain light fixtures use a GU-24 base, 13W, squat CFL. Designed for use in attics, basements, closets and garages, they feature a lamp base that mounts to most 3½-in. and 4-in. ceiling fixture boxes and also feature a polycarbonate lens that locks to the base with spring-loaded tabs (no screws required).


3 Luminaire > Lithonia Lighting’s VTLED volumetric luminaire is factory-enabled with Acuity Brands’ nLight intelligent controls interface and delivers high-quality ambient white light for general illumination applications, while reducing energy consumption. It is available in 2-ft.-by-2-ft. and 2-ft.-by-4-ft. configurations and has plug-and-play functionality.


4 Luminaire > Philips Sportlite’s introduces the LED Garage Fixture Series features the GR-52, which has specifically designed optics to provide an accurate type “V” square lighting pattern. It comes in two models, in either 60 or 63W at full power, with a color-rendering index of 74 and a lumens per watt ratio of 87. All LEDs are directly mounted to an 11-lb. casting through an aluminum clad board divided into four replaceable sections accessible from the low-voltage side, allowing easy access for replacements.


5 Luminaire > Besa Lighting Tamburo 16 and Tamburo 16v2 are two sizes of drum-style handcrafted glass luminaires. They use three 60W incandescent lamps, suitable for dimming. Both sizes are available in 20 different glass decors, each item includes a frosted glass glare shield, and metal finish options include bronze or satin nickel.


6 Luminaire > ETC’s Selador Desire line of luminaires comes in three different PAR-shaped chassis: the bright D40 with 40 LED emitters, the super-bright D60 with 60 emitters, and the D40XT that is rated for exterior use. They feature the x7 color system, which uses balanced blends of up to seven different shades of LED emitters to provide the widest color gamut possible. Seven color arrays are available: Vivid (shown) for color-mixing; Lustr+ for adjustable white and tinted light; Fire for saturated warm-spectrum colors; Ice for cool-spectrum colors; and Studio HD, Studio Tungsten and Studio Daylight for the purest white light.


7 Luminaire > MaxLite’s WallMax dark sky wallpacks are available in 20-, 30-, 40- and 60-watt models. All models are 5,000K, driven by a universal ballast running on 120–277 volts. The housing is heavy-duty cast aluminum, coated with corrosion-proof epoxy in dark bronze. The lens is impact-resistant glass. The fixture is sealed and approved for wet locations, has multiple knockouts for mounting, and can be mounted to a recessed box or directly to the surface.


8 Luminaire > American Lighting’s LED linear RGB wall washer luminaires create dynamic, full RGB color mixes; produce up to 16 million colors; and project light up to 65 feet. High-power LEDs are rated for up to 100,000 hours and require no maintenance. The durable housing is sealed, rated IP-65 and manages heat dissipation efficiently, keeping the LEDs cool.


9 Luminaire > Lighting Science Group’s Glimpse LED downlight mimics the form of a BR bulb and can be surface-mounted as a lighting fixture. It adapts to most 5-in. and 6-in. recessed downlight cans and transforms them into high-performance LED fixtures.



10 Luminaire > Acuity Brands Inc.’s Tersen Ratio PG is a contemporary, architectural-styled LED luminaire for parking garages that delivers up to 100 lumens per watt in multiple lumen output packages. The finned housing serves as a heat sink. Both symmetric and asymmetric optical distributions deliver unparalleled horizontal and vertical uniformity. It features an optional dedicated uplight to eliminate cavernous effect, provides coordinated day-form styling, offers three phases of protection against poor power and lightning strikes. The surface and pendant mount will retrofit into an existing J-box.


11 Luminaire > Relume’s Ecovista LED lighting system for billboards provides superior color rendering, with a cool, accurate hue across the board. It is extremely focused, so more light illuminates the board, and far less escapes into the night, making it a community-friendly technology for dark sky initiatives. It uses patented silver circuit thermal management technology. It is available in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-ft. lengths.


12 Luminaire > Holophane’s Glasswerks II is a contemporary, Euro-styled design available in eight style choices. They have a durable borosilicate glass refractor design, prismatic light control, 11 optical choices, and asymmetric and symmetric lighting distributions. There is a wide choice of low and high wattage lamp sources in high pressure sodium, metal halide, induction and incandescent.



13 Luminaire > Thomas & Betts’ Hazlux H3 fluorescent emergency lighting systems are the first fluorescent emergency lighting available for use in hazardous locations. Internal components are encased in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing, and lamps are fitted with a glass globe and polycarbonate guard for protection. Sealed, maintenance-free nickel-cadmium batteries power the two 13-watt, PLC-type, compact-fluorescent lamps for at least 90 minutes. The fluorescent lamps can be set for continuous operation (first on AC, then on DC) or for operation only during a power failure.


14 Luminaire > Sun Valley Lighting’s traditionally styled street fixtures feature VLED optical modules and Philips/Lumileds Luxeon Rebel emitters, delivering full-spectrum illumination, while minimizing light pollution, trespass and glare. Module reflector-prisms use the full output of each LED and feature 64 emitters (75 system watts); 80 emitters (94 system watts); or 120 emitters (141 system watts). They produce Type II, Type III, Type IV and Type V-Square IES light distribution patterns. The modules can be field-rotated in 90-degree increments to orient the distribution pattern. They are completely sealed and watertight.


15 Luminaire > Chloride Systems’ horizontal PathMaster architectural lighting luminaire hides any visible fastening hardware, so it seamlessly blends into interior spaces as well as outdoor areas to support low-level illumination. It has a 10-year continuous duty-rated white LED light engine and driver, a powder-painted cast aluminum housing with many standard finishes and a satin acrylic lens. It is indoor/outdoor wet-location listed, and has user-selectable light level dip switch and line-voltage dimmable drivers.


16 Luminaire > The Black Tank’s 50W, 4-in. Brickblaster Pro WNC has a 3,110 lumen output using Cree XM-L LED technology that allows for warm, neutral and cool white color mixing to generate any color temperature white light from 2,800 to 6,500 Kelvin. It can be mounted to Juno, Halo, Lightolier and LSI track or to any surface through its yoke. It can be powder-coated, custom-painted or anodized in a variety of colors. Its variable color temperature and adjustable beam angle (10, 20, 40 or 60 degrees), stand-alone or DMX512 control capability, and high 3,110 lumen output make it useful for applications including museum/gallery, restaurant, retail, commercial, theater/entertainment, photography and TV/film.


17 Luminaire > Orbit Industries Inc.’s outdoor Stone light is 5¼-in. wide by 7½-in. high by 45/8-in. deep and is made of resin fluorite. It has a porcelain socket with nickel contacts and Teflon-jacketed wire leads, a weather-tight silicone gasket, and is prewired with a 2-ft. pigtail, 18-2 direct burial cable.



18 Luminaire > Cooper Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products’ Pro V LED Series fixtures are compliant to FAA and ICAO standards for straight and curved runways, touchdown zones, and taxiways. They feature increased pilot visibility, lower operating temperatures that extend lens and photometric performance, and direct replacement of existing incandescent fixtures. They also use a common power supply regardless of color or application.



19 Luminaire > Engineered Products Co.’s wet-location Octi-Junction Box utility light is resistant to corrosion, UV light, and high-impact and high-pressure wash-down. Eight mounting brackets are in line with the ½-in. and ¾-in. trade-size knockouts to eliminate a 2-by-4-in. stub-in. A nickel-plated brass screw shell recessed approximately 1-in. in the junction box cover resists corrosion and accommodates high-profile compact-fluorescent or incandescent lamps (150-watt maximum).


20 Luminaire > Hubbell Lighting Inc.’s Laredo LNC LED perimeter security illumination wallpack produces 750 lumens, measures 8.22 in. wide by 5.25 in. high and weighs 4 lbs. It has a 4-to-1 spacing to mounting height ratio and 5,000K high CRI LEDs are precisely aligned for optimal photometric performance, providing uniformity and spacing up to 40 feet, with mounting heights to 10 ft. The full cutoff fixture also is available with a 120-volt photocontrol for energy-saving dusk-to-dawn applications.


21 Luminaire > Cathode Lighting Systems’ fluorescent cove lighting measures 15/8-in. wide and 23/8-in. tall and is available in two models: straight (CLS-Slim) and flexible (FCLS-Slim) with both models available in standard and reduced output/low wattage-output (HCLS-Slim/HFCLS-Slim). Integral electronic ballasts offer inaudible operation and a power factor of greater than 0.95 along with standard integral 1 percent dimming ballasts that are compatible with 2-wire low-voltage dimmers. They are available in a wide color selection, including 11 different white hues using ultra long-life high-output high color-rendering T6 cold cathode lamps.


22 Luminaire > LSI’s XHB3 LED high-bay fixture is built in the Crossover LED platform with standard 5,300K color temp with 70 CRI and is available with 104 or 128 LEDs. It resists birds and dust/debris accumulation and has a removable side panel for access to internal parts in the rare event maintenance is needed.


23 Luminaire > Nora Lighting’s Pillar is low-profile, high-output 20W LED track fixture with a slim vertical driver housing and deeply set single LED light source that provides beam control, visual comfort and color consistency. It is fully adjustable at 358 degrees horizontal and 180 degrees vertical. Beam spreads are available in 10 degrees spot and 40 degrees flood with color temperatures of 3,000K or 4,200K with lumen output up to 1,091. It is constructed from black, white or silver die-cast aluminum and measures 5¼-in. long by 63/8-in. wide with a 35/8-in. diameter.


24 Luminaire > American Lighting’s undercabinet Priori Plus LED provides a full range of continuous dimming control from 100 percent light output to 0 percent.?It has a 3,500K white light with high color rendering (87 CRI). It is 15/16 in. high and available in four convenient lengths and two durable finishes.


25 Luminaire > Kichler Landscape Lighting’s Design Pro LED 2-in-1 submersible LED accent light has a rugged, stainless-steel housing that will not corrode and is filled with two types of premium encapsulate to ensure that it is completely watertight. It is useful for underwater illumination in ponds, fountains and other water features and can be trained both up and down. Accessories include a heavy weight; a one-, two- and three-pronged underwater accessory (for use with multiple fixtures); and a stainless-steel easy-mount bracket.


26 Luminaire > Lamar Lighting’s 1-in. deep LED undercabinet luminaires are constructed of extruded aluminum with a white powder-coat finish and tempered glass microprism diffuser. They use Nichia LEDs and premium drivers and can be either direct-wired or plugged in. Up to 32 fixtures can be linked together with connector cords or double-ended connectors for continuous mounting. They are available in 12-in. (250 lumens), 18-in. (470 lumens) and 24-in. (640 lumens) sizes, each with a rocker switch, power cord, connector cord and die-cast coupler.


27 Luminaire > Lunera’s 6460 direct/indirect ultra-thin linear suspended LED luminaire distributes 75 percent of its light directly down to the workspace and 25 percent indirectly upward to illuminate the ceiling and bathing an area in near-daylight-quality light. It requires no routine maintenance over the fixture life and has 0–10V dimming, occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. It has a sculptured blade-like appearance, is 1-in. thick and can be suspended from 12 to 18 in. below the ceiling without creating hotspots or glare.



28 Luminaire > Lumenpulse’s Lumenbeam XLarge is an IP66-rated architectural floodlight for both exterior and large public interior spaces. It is particularly effective when used on tall structures. It has 0–10V, DMX or DALI dimming options and 6-, 10- or 40-degree, elliptical distribution using linear spread lens with 10- and 40-degree optics with visor, snoot or wire guard options. It is available with a choice of three different optics and has an adjustable yoke standard, short yoke, pole mounting or tenon adapter mounting options.