1 LED Array Holder > Molex Inc.’s solderless LED Array Holder for Bridgelux ES arrays has compression contacts that power the arrays. It has a double-ended wire trap terminal that allows flexibility in wire orientation to achieve optimal wire routing. A releasable wire trap enables field replacements and facilitates upgrades. The clear LED protective cover includes a snap-lock feature and the thermoplastic housing supports high heat-generating environments.


2 LED > Superbrightleds.com’s LED T8 tube technology uses 17 watts and has a voltage range of 100–277V AC. It has ballast-free operation, uses high-power SMD LEDs and is available in various color temperatures. It does not have radio frequency interference, noise or flickering.


3 LED > Rig-A-Lite’s XPEX is an LED exit sign/light for use in explosion-proof-necessary environments. It is maintenance-free and has a 25-year lifespan. It is also approved for marine outdoor use and tested to resist salt water and spray. It can be viewed through smoke and has a built-in three-hour battery.


4 LED Driver > Lutron’s Hi-lume A-Series LED driver offers smooth, continuous, 1 percent dimming for LED fixtures. It is available in two form factors to fit almost any LED fixture and supports a range of current and voltage levels up to 40 watts. It works with forward-phase controls (neutral required), 3-wire fluorescent controls, and EcoSystem digital controls. Users can choose either constant-current reduction or pulse-width modulation dimming for constant-current drivers.

5 LED Worklight > Northwest Lighting’s durable and versatile rechargeable LED worklight is available in 32 and 64 LED models and has an impact-proof housing and shield. It can be mounted by a swivel hook or with a magnetic clip.

6 LED Module > GE Lighting’s Infusion LED module series for spotlighting, downlighting, track and accent lighting are available in 1,000, 1,500, 2,000 and 3,000 lumens; in color temperatures of 2,700K, 3,000K and 4,000K; and CRI options of 80 and 90. They are dimmable, and turn on instantly and have a twist-and-lock fit.


7 LED Luminaire > Universal Lighting Technologies’ Columbia Lighting e•poc LED full-distribution luminaire uses 42 watts for a 2-by-2. It comes in four lumen packages in three fixture sizes: 2,200 or 3,300 lumens for 1-by-4s and 2-by-2s, and 4,400 or 6,600 lumens for 2-by-4s. Drivers operate in step dimming or 0–10V dimming modes.

8 LED Driver > Fulham ThoroLed Light Plugz LED light engines have threaded housings to mate with accessories, such as lens, heat sink or custom-designed housings. Input voltage is 9–15V AC/DC, and they are available in 1W, 3W and 5W. Standard lens caps are black or silver. Custom anodizing is available. The standard lens is 45 degrees clear; 10, 30, 60 and 80 degrees also are available.

9 LEDs > Westinghouse Lighting’s high-power LED line includes fully dimmable, instant-on A19, MR16, PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps ranging from 6–18 watts. They are mercury-free, recyclable and RoHS-compliant. The PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 lamps are suitable for indoor/outdoor use and acceptable for damp locations. They are available in soft white (3,000K) and cool white (5,000K) color temperatures.


10 LED > Illumitex’s Surexi LEDs are suitable for horticulture applications including greenhouses, vertical farms, growth chambers and tissue culture laboratories. Illumitex can create LED-based light content tailored to specific species of plants. Using custom wavelength combinations, Surexi is able to alter the photosynthesis and/or photomorphogenesis response of the target plant. The square beam pattern eliminates overlit/underlit areas.

11 LED > Philips Lighting’s EnduraLED MR16 GU10 AmbientLED is a 12.5-watt replacement for a 60-watt incandescent lamp and has 806 lumens, 2,700K, a CRI of 80 and a six-year warranty. It is Energy Star-rated for energy efficiency and light quality.



12 LED Module > Cooper Lighting’s ALM 1.0 LED system is available in color temperatures 3,000K, 3,500K and 4,000K and features 85 CRI. It has a dense array of low-powered (0.25 watt) LEDs. The constant DC current built into the ALM 1.0 platform technology drives each LED to less than half of its maximum-rated wattage, enabling up to 88 lumens per watt in some products.



13 LED > Dialight’s DuroSite Series E26 LED lamp replaces halogen, incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps and can be installed in a standard socket. It is designed for rugged applications and is resistant to shock and vibration. It has an aluminum heat sink and shatterproof lens and has instant-on with full light output and stable color.

14 LED Luminaire > LSI Industries Inc.’s XHB LED high-bay fixture has a choice of 104 and 128 LEDs, a 350 mA driver, a 60,000–100,000 hour expected life, and is RoHS compliant. It contains recyclable glass and aluminum and does not contain mercury.


15 LED Light Engine > Osram Sylvania’s LINEARlight Power Flex LED linear module provides 40-50 lumens per watt and a 50,000-hour life. It is available in 2,700K, 3,000K, 4,000K and 5,400K color temperatures with a CRI of more than 80 and mimics traditional fluorescent lighting. It has a flexible circuit board with self-adhesive backing that allows for installation into contoured or straight run surfaces; modules can be field-cut every six LEDs to achieve a customized fit. It is dimmable by pulse width modulation, which maintains consistent lumen output and color.

16 LED > Switch Lighting’s 100-watt-equivalent LED lamp creates a self-cooling environment inside, allowing maximum brightness with fewer LEDs. This A19 lamp produces 1,700 lumens in neutral white. All parts and components can be reused, recycled or reclaimed.



17 LED Strip > American Illumination’s 2.75-in. Light Stripz is designed for easy mounting in a gang box or other angular fixtures. Due to its small size, it is versatile and functions indoors or outdoors. It can be customized using an interchangeable lens. It features 26 SMD LEDs or 12 5050 LEDs in four rows. It has a self-contained driver, is dimmable with most transformers and available in warm white (3,000K), natural white (4,000K), cool white (6,000K), red, green, blue and amber. it has a 1.25-in. drop bracket.

18 LED Module > Luminus Devices Inc. and T-Opto’s SoloLux high-output LED module is a high-efficacy subsystem for high lumen general lighting applications that typically use a 175W metal-halide source. It is designed for indoor and outdoor installations requiring many thousands of lumens, such as parking areas, roadways, canopies, high bay and high ceiling downlights. It produces up to 6,500 lumens from a single source.


19 LED Array > Bridgelux’s RS array produces between 3,000 and 8,000 “hot” lumens (lumens under normal operating conditions), enabling uniform lighting effects without pixilation. It is a compact high flux density light source and has very low thermal resistance. It replaces conventional light sources such as 50–70 watt metal halide and high-wattage compact fluorescent lamps.



20 LED Luminaire > ETC Selador Series Desire D40 LED luminaire combines 40 Luxeon Rebel emitters onto one PAR-shaped washlight that can be combined into a rig with conventional fixtures or used by itself. Each fixture offers five quick setup options and stage, exterior/architectural, high-impact, studio and general settings, further customizing the light output for specific uses. It has easy-access slots for secondary lenses and standard 7.5-in. PAR accessories and a primary field angle of 17 degrees. Round and oblong beam-diffusers are available.


21 LED > Nexxus Lighting Inc.’s Array MR16 high-output LED has a selective heat sink thermal management system, operates at 12V AC, uses 6.5 watts and provides greater than 83 CRI in 2,700 and 3,000K. It is available in 18-degree spot, 22-degree narrow flood and 100-degree flood optics and can be operated in open or enclosed fixtures.



22 LED > Nicor’s LED Tape Light is suitable for a wide variety of accent lighting applications and comes in three varieties: standard output, high output and waterproof. Standard and waterproof are available in pure white (6,500K), warm white (3,500K), red, green and blue.



23 LED Luminaire > Phoenix Products Co. Inc.’s FLEX LED docklite is designed for the general illumination of a truck trailer. It has an average rated life of 50,000 hours and a 12-degree beam angle and operates on only 16W. It can be mounted next to overhead doors on loading docks and has a flexible arm and hinged bracket. It also can fit any standard electrical receptacle with a three-prong plug.

24 LED > Lithonia Lighting’s Archway Passage LED has instant-on with 0–10V dimming standard and is useful in environments where moisture or dust is a concern. The polycarbonate enclosure protects the fixture, while remaining easy to service and clean. The housing and lens are UV-stabilized, injection-molded and impact-resistant; the frosted housing provides uplight. It can be ceiling-, wall- or suspended-mounted.


25 LED System > Everbrite Lighting’s MedLux Cove color-changing LED lighting system for both MRI and non-MRI applications has a specifically designed control method for operating red-green-blue LEDs in an electromagnetic-interference-free environment. It does not use gas discharge technology like fluorescent lights, nor does it have filaments that can react with magnetic fields, eliminating the potential for an image-degrading artifact. The MRI-safe system also uses a proprietary filter/driver module, eliminating the need for additional power and signal filters. The keypad/controller allows for finite color adjustment of the system and six user-defined programmable color settings.