1 Lamp > Philips Lighting’s 49-watt fluorescent lamp is designed for T5 high-output applications within retail big box and warehouse/industrial spaces. It offers high lumen maintenance and a color rendering index of 82–85 and contains only 1.4 mg of mercury per lamp. The lamp is available in 3,000–5,000K color temperatures and has a 35,000-hour rated life. 



2 Ballast > American Ballast’s high-efficiency T8 fluorescent multivoltage ballasts can operate between one and four T8 lamps at a universal input voltage from 108–305V. They use parallel lamp operation to enable lamps to operate normally in the event of a single lamp failure. The ballasts can use the same wiring and mounting footprint as conventional ballasts. The ballasts are silent and flicker-free and use antistriation control to create an even level of light output throughout.


3 Lamp > Osram Sylvania’s Micro-Mini Twist compact fluorescent lamp is 30 percent smaller than the standard CFL to fit virtually any lamp. It is available in wattages from 10–23 watts and offers night light configurations. The lamp is available in a 2,700K or 3,000K color temperature with a 12,000-hour rated life.




4 Lamp > Shat-R-Shield’s locking-base heat lamp prevents the separation of the base and glass envelope in extreme temperatures. Its skintight, clear and tough coating safely contains virtually all glass and other elements if the lamp is broken. The lamps are available in clear and red and are designed for industrial, medical and food-service applications.


5 Lamp > Litetronics’ Spiral-Lite three-way compact fluorescent lamp provides the output equivalent up to a 150W incandescent lamp at only 33W. It fits in a variety of fixtures and is only 5.3 inches long. The lamp has a 10,000-hour rated life and provides a warm 2,700K color temperature. It is designed for general lighting, table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and three-way fixtures.


6 Lamp > EYE Lighting’s EYE Cera Arc Protected Pulse Start 360W lamp operates on a 400W pulse-start ballast, reducing energy usage up to 10 percent. Its lumen output is comparable to a 400W ceramic metal halide lamp, and its protected arc tube for operating in open fixtures and UV-cut coating reduces material discoloring. The lamp has a color rating index of 85 for use in retail store displays.




7 Lamp > GE’s 23-watt ConstantColor CMH Par38 lamp produces 55.4 lumens per watt for excellent energy savings in display and ambient lighting in retail environments. It has a 12,000-hour rated life and its integrated ballast and medium screw base makes integration easy. The lamp significantly reduces watts-per-square foot to better earn LEED points and is available in 10-degree spot, 25-degree flood and 4-degree wide flood in a warm, 3,000K color temperature.




8 Lamp > Bulbrite’s LED Par 38 high-power LED uses 12 LEDs, containing 2W each for high-power indoor lighting. The 120V light is dimmable and serves as a replacement for PAR 38 and BR40 lamps. It has a 50,000-hour rated life and is available with up to 850 lumens in a warm white 30-degree flood finish.


9 Lamp > Satco’s 9 and 15W compact fluorescent lamp globe lights are available in soft white, bright white and natural light color temperatures up to 5,000K for a variety of applications. They are available in 9 and 15W models, replacing 40 and 60W incandescent bulbs. The rapid-start lamps have a small diameter and a 10,000-hour rated life.


10 Ballast > Leviton’s Sector intelligent ballast and lighting control system combines occupancy detection, daylight harvesting and dimming control technologies. It includes the sector intelligent dimming ballast, a network bus controller, multitechnology or passive infrared occupancy sensor and photocell products. The ballast allows fast, easy system design and programming, and reconfigurations can be performed quickly, easily and remotely without the need for rewiring.




11 Lamp > Lighting Science Group’s R30 LED lamp is fully recyclable, containing no mercury or other hazardous materials. It offers a maximum performance of 500 lumens in warm white and 725 lumens in cool white with a 50,000-hour rated life. The lamp uses cool beam technology, with no UV or IR to reduce air conditioning loads. It is designed for accent lighting in retail, hospitality and commercial buildings.




12 Lamp > Cooper Lighting’s Halo Eco-Twist compact fluorescent downlight provides good cutoff, low glare, a warm white color and high color rendering. It has a warm, 2,700K color temperature and is designed to last more than 10,000 hours. The lamp’s housing minimizes air transfer to save on heating and air conditioning costs. It is available in 5- and 6-inch trims for an array of baffles, reflectors, adjustables, wall wash and shower trim style choices.




13 Ballast > GE’s 20 and 39W UltraMax micro electronic high-intensity discharge ballasts measure less than 3 inches long. They operate at more than 90 percent efficiency, allowing the ballast to run extremely cool despite its small size. The ballasts’ rated life is backed by a five-year warranty, and lamp output regulation eliminates lamp flickering and color shift from lamp to lamp. They are smaller than most halogen transformers, allowing them to fit within the newest HID track head fixtures.




14 Solid State Lighting > Molex’s Transcend RM2 reflector module provides LED directional light with various beam intensity and angular distribution. It offers heat and current management and allows lighting fixture OEMs to convert their current fixture designs for LEDs. The module is dimmable and is available in 110-, 220- and 277-volt options.




15 Lamp > Philips Lighting’s 7 watt NR63 LED narrow flood lamp is designed for recessed downlighting and track lighting for the retail and hospitality segments. It has an average rated life of 40,000 hours at a warm white color temperature. The lamp replaces a 35-watt incandescent or halogen bulb while reducing maintenance costs and concerns.




16 Lamp > Lemnis Lighting’s Pharox 6W LED bulb provides the light equivalent of a 60W incandescent bulb and can fit inside most residential and office fixtures. It is made of recyclable materials and can be recycled with other metals and glass if allowed by the municipality. It has a 300 lumen output and has a 50,000-hour rated life. It doesn’t get warm, making the lamp both child- and fire-safe.




17 Lampholder > Leviton’s lock-in compact fluorescent lampholder eliminates the extra space required for pushing and pulling lamps in or out of fixtures. Manufacturers can build tight, streamlined enclosures for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Lamps can be inserted easily and rotated into a locked position, providing new positions for downlight fixtures.