1 Lamps > GE Lighting’s Energy Smart soft white and Reveal hybrid halogen-compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) are contained in an incandescent-shaped glass bulb that combines attributes of three popular lighting technologies. The halogen element turns on instantly and turns off once the CFL reaches full brightness, thus preserving the energy efficiency of the bulb. They offer eight times the life of incandescent lamps and contain low levels of mercury.

2 Light Module > Molex Inc. and Bridgelux’s Helieon 120V AC sustainable light module connects directly to 120V AC line voltage input, is TRIAC dimmable down to less than 5 percent and is compatible with a range of commercially available dimmers. It includes 1,200- and 2,000-lumen performance options in 3,000K CCT with 32- and 120-degree viewing angle options.

3 Lamps > EYE Lighting’s Cera Arc ceramic metal halide lamps feature R9 values of up to 90 and a CRI of 92. They have 90 to 95 lumens per watt (LPW) and operate with existing HPS fixture sockets. They convert 2,100K yellow color to 4,000K crisp white color and create rich colors, especially red.



4 Lamps > TCP’s PIRL IR halogen lamps have a quartz halogen capsule with microscopic reflective coating that drives waste infrared energy back into the capsule filament. The 50W halogen lamps have a precise elliptical shape, are rated at 32 LPW and have an operation life of 2,000 hours.



5 Lamp > Sylvania Dulux T/E/IN Supersaver CFLs are energy-saving replacements for full wattage triple tube CFLs. No ballast change is required. For new installations, they are ideally paired with Quicktronic PROStart CF electronic ballasts.



6 Lamps > Westinghouse Lighting’s energy-saving fluorescent T8 EcoMax lamps have high lumen maintenance, exceptional color rendering, light output and an extended life. The 25-watt ultra energy-saving and 28-watt energy-saving, 4-foot linear and U-bent T8 lamps provide a CRI of 85 and come in 3,000K, 3,500K, 4,100K and 5,000K colors.


7 Ballast > Venture’s Ventronic Electronic pulse-start ballast has excellent lamp power regulation, color uniformity and lumen maintenance. It has optimum wave shape, low-current crest factor and low audible noise. It is available in wattages from 320W M154, 350W M131, 400W M155 and 450W M144.


8 Ballast > Lumenergi’s NetLight driver is an intelligent dimming ballast that operates in DALI or low-voltage 0–10V DC control modes. It takes a wide range of eletrical inputs from 120V to 277V at 50 or 60 hz and handles most common T8 and T5 lamp types and lamp counts. It is useful for large-scale intelligent lighting.

9 Ballast > Lutron’s EcoSystem H-Series digitally addressable dimming ballast for fluorescent lighting has topology and polarity-free control wiring, does not require interfaces and has flexible control options. It provides dimming to less than 1 percent and is compatible with T8 linear, T8 U-bent, T5 linear and T5 HO linear.