1 Lamp > Toshiba’s E-Core LED A19 lamps are available in two colors, feature high brightness and energy efficiency in compact designs; they do not contain mercury. The Toshiba E-Core A19 120V AC LED replacement lamp uses an omnidirectional light output method, which mimics traditional incandescent lighting sources. It has an Edison medium E26 base, making it useful for retail, museum, hospitality, accent and architectural lighting.



2 Ballast > GE Lighting’s UltraStart T8 0–10V programmed-start dimming electronic ballasts have fast (less than 700 m/s) starting times and high-efficiency cathode cutout with the additional capability of full-range dimming of 100 to 3 percent in T8 linear fluorescent lamps. They are offered in multivolt 120–277V two-, three- and four-lamp (H) high ballast factor (1.18–0.03BF) for high-bay or high light, high-temperature applications and multivolt 120–277V one-, two-, three- and four-lamp (N) normal ballast factor (0.88–0.03 BF) for commercial/low-bay applications.


3 Lamp > NxGen Technologies’ LED-based, flame-shaped chandelier lamps are designed to simulate the hot spot visible in incandescent filament lamps; these chandelier lamps provide long life and energy savings. They are available in torpedo or flame-shaped transparent lamps that produce a 3,500K, warm-white light color temperature. They are 3.75 in. long, 1 in. in diameter and operate in 120V service. The lamps consume 1W of energy and are available in candelabra-screw or medium-screw bases.


4 LED Driver > Philips Emergency Lighting’s Philips Bodine BSL17C and BSL26C emergency LED drivers support a lighting load up to 7.2W and 6.0W at rated current of 200 mA maximum and supply a minimum 90 minutes of emergency lighting. Suitable for indoor and damp locations, they offer a flexible output voltage range of 30 to 80V DC, and nonconduit versions also are available.


5 Lamp > EYE Lighting’s BRUTUS family of pulse-start metal halide lamps is designed with four extra-heavy-duty braces to prevent weld, electrical and arc-tube failures caused by shock and vibration. Designed for severe applications, such as high masts, bridges, tunnels, parking lots, roadways, roadway construction, prisons, mining, docks and refineries, they are available in 250W, 320W, 350W and 400W models.



6 Ballast > Lutron Electronics Co.’s EcoSystem H-Series ballasts dim from 100 percent to less than 1 percent for T8, to 1 percent for T5, and to 5 percent for T5 twin-tube. Digitally configured zones can be changed at any time without rewiring. Models are available for one- and two-lamp T8, T5 and T5 twin-tube, and three-lamp T8 with universal voltage input (120V, 220V/240V, 277V). They can be wired as Class 1 or Class 2.


7 Lamps > Sharp’s LED PAR38 and PAR30 lamps are available in a variety of brightness and color temperatures. The beam-controlled lamps are designed for display, retail, gallery, hospitality, office and general lighting applications. The PAR38 lamps are available at 900 lumens, comparable to a traditional 90-watt halogen lamp, and 720 lumens, replacing a 75-watt halogen lamp. The actual wattages are 20- and 16-watts. The smaller PAR30 lamps offer 600 lumens, comparable to a traditional 50-watt halogen lamp, with 12-watts for an efficacy of 50 lumens per watt.


8 LED > Molex Inc. and Bridgelux’s Helieon combines LED array products with interconnect technology to create a socketed plug-and-play solution that can be easily integrated into a wide variety of luminaires. The separable source and socket system emulates a traditional bulb and socket, allowing manufacturers to deliver a variety of lighting effects from a single luminaire design. Initial product offerings include between 500 and 1,500 lumens in 3,000K warm white or 4,100K neutral white, combined with precision optics to deliver narrow, medium or wide flood-beam angles.


9 Ballast > Sylvania’s Quicktronic emergency ballasts enable an existing fluorescent fixture to operate as both an emergency egress lighting fixture as well as a normal lighting fixture. During a power loss, the emergency ballast automatically switches the fixture to emergency mode and continues to operate one or two lamps at reduced lumen output for at least 90 minutes.They have dual input voltage (120 or 277V), and they support many lamp types and wattages.


10 Lamp > Lighting Science Group Corp.’s Definity A19 LED lamp is designed to replace the standard incandescent and compact fluorescent lamps and uses only 7.5 watts. The dimmable, 8W, 120V AC lamp has a 50,000-hour life.



11 Lamp > Shat-R-Shield’s CDM (ceramic discharge metal halide) lamps are designed for direct retrofitting applications. They are offered in two sizes (ED37 and ED28); two wattages (330 and 205 watts); and two finishes (clear and frosted).



12 Ballast > Lumenergi’s iB-100 intelligent dimmable ballast can operate in either industry-standard standard low-voltage 0–10V DC or DALI control modes; it takes a wide range of electrical inputs, ranging from 120V to 277V and 48V DC for emergency lighting applications. It can address one to three lamp deployments of T8 lamps with a single product model, providing flexibility, reducing stocking costs and eliminating installation mistakes. It has less than 10 percent THD and a program start with patent-pending heater controls for longer lamp life and higher energy savings.


13 Lamp > Molex Inc.’s Woodhead high-intensity discharge (HID) safety lamp for high-bay fixtures has a self-extinguishing feature (Type T) that will permanently disable the lamp after just a few minutes of operation once the glass envelope is broken. The lamp is useful for temporary lighting in harsh environments such as construction and maintenance sites.



14 Lamp > MSi’s iPAR-38 intelligent LED replacement lamp has a CBCP up to 18,000 and is dimmable, gives off virtually no heat and lasts for more than a decade burning at 12 hours a day. It can light anywhere from 10 to 40 ft. It’s available in 2,700K or 3,000K in 10-degree spot, 16-degree hybrid or 22.5-degree flood, with ultra-low UV, and nontoxic lead-free materials.



15 Lamp > MaxLite’s 32W Energy Star GU24 Spiramax warm-white lamp produces 2,200 lumens, making it equivalent to a 120W incandescent. It fits all fixtures with GU24 bases, lasts 10,000 hours and has a 90°C maximum ballast case temperature.



16 Ballast > Halco Lighting Technologies’ ProLume high-performance multivolt ballasts provide high light output at a low input wattage and produce greater than 90 mean lumens per watt. Designed with a micro-can housing that is 16 percent smaller than standard electronic ballasts, they work with ProLume high-lumen lamps and are CEE qualified.


17 Relamping Kit > The Green Savings Co.’s T5 Universal Retrofit Kit is a complete conversion system that includes a T5 energy-saving tube, a retrofit adapter and a nano-reflector that directs light downward, validating the unused lighting. Its 6,500K temperature is similar to natural light. The adapter allows any T5 tube to be installed into a T8/T12 fixture.


18 LED > Luminus Devices Inc.’s high light output SBT-90 PhlatLight LED contains a single 9 mm2 chip, which delivers more lumens through its optical architectures in a compact and highly integrated form factor. It generates more than 1,800 lumens (6,500K, 70+CRI) from a 10-mm-by-11-mm package footprint. Using high thermal conductivity ceramic packaging, it features an extremely low thermal resistance of 0.64°C per watt. The device has a nominal input power of 10W, but can be operated continuously at drive conditions up to 35W.