1 OCCUPANCY SENSOR—Steinel’s IS 3360-24 commercial occupancy sensor is designed for ceiling mounting and incorporates three pyroelectric detectors using passive infrared technology, resulting in 1,416 switching zones to provide accurate 360-degree small motion detection. It is designed to control large building areas and has a coverage reach of up to 65 ft. Snap-on shrouds enable users to customize the coverage area without tools. A built-in light-level feature can be set to force lighting to remain off when there is sufficient daylight, regardless of occupancy.



2 MULTITOOL—Klein Tools’ VDV punchdown/screwdriver multitool for performing maintenance on wall jacks and patch panels is an interchangeable device. It has nine configurations: 110 and 66 punchdown blades, Phillips No.1 and No.2 screwdriver, slotted 3/16-in. and ¼-in. screwdriver, ¼-in. and 3/8-in. nut driver as well as a 3/8-in. hex key. The twist-and-lock socket in the shaft accepts most manufacturers’ punchdown blades.



3 TESTER—Fluke Networks’ OneTouch AT network assistant is a customizable, handheld tester for network technicians. It has a smartphone-style touchscreen and a one-button auto test feature for troubleshooting. Features include the ability to test 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, gigabit Ethernet copper and fiber; inline copper and fiber packet capture; cable wire mapping, power-over-Ethernet, and links; and remote access.



4 CCTV ILLUMINATOR—Bosch Security Systems’ AEGIS SuperLED long-range infrared illuminator optimizes nighttime video surveillance with a microprocessor that controls and adjusts output to compensate for the natural LED-illuminator degradation. It achieves 1,049 ft. of infrared illumination, delivers up to 120-degree horizontal beam widths, provides evenly lit images, and eliminates hotspot foregrounds and underexposed backgrounds. Low-voltage 12–24V AC/DC circuits are built in, eliminating the need for individual power supply units.



5 CAMERA—Sony’s remote camera BRC-H900 has three ½ type Exmor HD CMOS sensors with an effective pixel count of 2.07 megapixels; HD 1,920-by-1,080 pixels with 1,000 TV lines (horizontal) in HD-SDI mode; F10 sensitivity of and a signal-to-noise ratio of 50 dB. Features include 14X optical zoom and optical image stabilization and HD/SD-SDI outputs. For long-distance transmission of video signals, it can be used with an optical transmission unit.



6 LINE?DRIVER—Extron Electronics’ one-input, one-buffered output extender plus VGA and audio line driver with EDID minder extends VGA-QXGA and HDTV component video with audio signals up to 250 ft. Unbalanced computer stereo audio is converted to balanced, line-level stereo audio to eliminate noise usually associated with unbalanced audio when distributed over long cable runs. It manages EDID communication between connected devices to ensure the source powers up and properly outputs content for display. Additional features include an EDID capture mode, selectable resolutions and refresh rates, and real-time status LED indicators for system monitoring.



7 NOISE FILTER—WAGO’s DIN-rail mount 288 series signal noise filter removes disturbances from incoming power for industrial control panels. It pairs a 10A/120V AC receptacle, common mode choke and PCB terminal blocks on a wide-open assembly to eliminate placing noise filter components outside of panels at upstream power sources. It provides EMI suppression to clean power signals for sensitive controllers or electronics, such as data recorders.



8 ETHERNET SWITCH—ComNet’s CNFE4SMS self-managed Ethernet switch enables users to create a virtual LAN that manages the data being transported, thereby preventing network flooding. It allows the Ethernet data from three of its TX ports to be combined and inserted onto the network through the fourth TX port, which is designed to forward the data to the next switch, a computer, or another Ethernet connection. It supports distances of up to 328 ft., allows IP video to be added to a network, and works in harsh environmental applications. It is preprogrammed and meets the IEEE 802.1x VLAN management standard.



9 TOOL KIT—Quest’s 81-piece network/coaxial installers tool kit contains tools, testers and more. It features a 9-in. modular crimp tool with dies for crimping RJ-11, RJ-45, RG-58, RG-174 and fiber connectors; super torque and changeable shank ratchet drivers with sockets and Phillips, slotted and star bits for any situation; a desoldering pump; and a digital multimeter and network cable tester. The attaché-style case has a shoulder strap.



10 DOOR MONITOR—SECO-LARM’s DP-222Q Enforcer color video door phone camera and monitor set features a two-wire connection. Each set displays an image of the visitor in real-time on the phone’s monitor, while a built-in microphone and speaker on the camera enables users to communicate with visitors. The push of a button grants access.



11 LIGHTING CONTROL—Lumenpulse’s Lumentone LED lighting controller is a wall-mounted DMX controller designed to enable users to dim, change colors, modulate the color temperature, add effects or alter the rate of change. It is suitable for either white or colored light installations and comes with 13 standard, preprogrammed shows and eight color-changing scenes. It operates at temperatures ranging from –14°F to 104°F and is compatible with standard gang boxes and any Decora faceplate. It is available in white, black or custom finishes.



12 ROUTER—Phoenix Contact’s FL mGuard RS4000 router is designed to enhance cyber security for industrial applications. Security capabilities include CIFS integrity monitoring, a full inspection firewall and a user-based firewall, redundancy options and an integrated SD card reader. It can operate in environments with temperatures ranging from –20°C to 60°C. It has 24V output and LED illumination on VPN activation.



13 ASPIRATING SMOKE DETECTOR—Xtralis’ Vesda VLP aspirating smoke detector is designed to detect fire at the earliest possible stage and measures very low to extremely high concentrations of smoke with a sensitivity range of 0.0015 to 6 percent obs/ft. The laser-based display supports four configurable alarms (Alert, Action, Fire 1 and Fire 2) and protects areas up to 20,000 sq. ft.



14 TRAINING?DVD—AFL’s “Fiber Optic Safety” provides safety training for anyone who works with optical fibers or lasers or installs or operates fiber optic communication systems. The10 menu-selectable chapters address laser types and classifications, fiber optic and laser standards, chemical safety, testing and inspection equipment, high-power Raman/EDFA optical amplifiers, confined spaces, and PPE. A student quiz with matching instructor version is included. BICSI recognizes this program for continuing education credits: one RCDD; one RITP; one installer 2, copper/fiber; one technician and one certified trainer.