1 Lighting Control PLCBuildings’ Nebula is a full two-way lighting control system that connects a Nucleus controller to load-switching (which uses Panasonic latching relays to power all the lighting fixtures) and command (which controls the load-switching satellites using occupancy and daylight sensing) Satellite field boxes using two 24V signal wires. The Nucleus is available in three versions: basic, time and integrated.



2 Viewer Brinno Phase 3 Systems’ digital PeepHole viewer attaches to a peephole and uses a large LCD screen to display who is at the front door. Pressing the button enables users to see out without letting the visitor know that they are doing so. A second push produces a zoomed image. The viewer turns off automatically after 10 seconds of inactivity. The optical system is finely tuned to the peephole optics.


3 Control System Lutron’s Energi TriPak is a control system for single spaces, such as classrooms, private offices and conference rooms that includes wireless occupancy/vacancy and daylight sensors, wireless personal controls, and load controllers to sense, adjust and conserve energy. The system can be installed in new construction or retrofit applications.



4 Luminaires RAB Lighting’s LBACKUP LED wallpack and floodlight luminaires with built-in emergency battery backup power are available in 26W wallpack (WPLED26) and 18W floodlight (FFLED18) versions. They meet NFPA 101 Life Safety Code requirements of an average of 1 foot-candle and a minimum of 0.1 foot-candle of emergency lighting outside building exits for at least 90 minutes during power outages. They automatically transfer to the integrated battery if power goes out and recharge when the normal power supply returns. The standard version has a minimum starting temperature of 0°C; the cold-weather version is for temperatures as low as –20°C.


5 Security System Interlogix’s Simon XTi is an intuitive, self-contained system that uses image sensor technology to provide 40 zones of life safety protection. It also features connectivity with Z-Wave devices and can be enhanced with Alarm.com interactive services for remote viewing and control of lights, thermostats and other devices.



6 Access Control System Kaba Access Control’s E-Plex wireless access control system enables users to centrally manage lock commands, such as remote unlock, passage and emergency lockdown from the dashboard. Lockdown choices suit virtually any site and include global, door group or single-door lockdown. In addition, lockdown can be executed right at a door, providing instant security. Entire properties, including remote buildings, can be joined to the system.



7 Home Automation System Jasco’s GE branded Z-Wave System wirelessly controls lighting and small home appliances. It allows homeowners to control overhead lighting, outdoor lighting, lamps, thermostats and more with a handheld remote. Five GE Z-Wave products support the Lowe’s Iris system that will enable customers to remotely monitor and control their homes from any mobile device. The services will control thermostats, locks, lighting and appliances. Homeowners can also monitor and protect their homes with video cameras and door, motion and fire sensors.

8 Heat Sensor System Sensor’s 5151 plug-in heat detector is a conventional, two-wire device that is a combination fixed and rate-of-rise thermal detector designed to provide open-area protection with 50-ft. spacing capability. For local alarm indication, it has two LEDs on each detector for full 360° visibility. It initiates an alarm in response to both rapid rate-of-rise conditions (increases in excess of 15°F per minute) and fixed heat (135°F).



9 Encoder Panasonic’s WJ-GXE500 network video encoder has a power over Ethernet IEEE 802.3af, four-channel encoder. It has full-frame H.264 high-profile transmission for all four channels and face detection technology that recognizes the position of the human face. The information is sent by XML or video stream, camera control over a coaxial cable, alarm sources and open command conversion table for RS-485 to ensure the control of various manufacturer’s PTZ cameras.


10 Lock Assa Abloy’s Abloy Protec Cliq PLW330N super weatherproof padlock is a programmable electromechanical lock designed to operate in harsh conditions. When the cap is closed, the lock is watertight even if it is submerged. It has both mechanical locking functionality and a built-in encrypted electronic chip and can only be opened by an authorized key that is programmed to open the padlock. Every time it is used, the event is stored in its internal access register that records the date and time a key was inserted into the lock. Keys can be updated using a CLIQ Remote device without requiring the lock owner to be present.


11 Intercom Linear LLC’s residential VMC1 video security intercom combines intercom, live video and basic home control, giving end-users multiple communication and security features in one package. It is useful for medium to large homes and smaller commercial businesses. Up to three color video camera stations enableusers to view activities inside and out from the master unit, any TV screen, or by snapshot or video signal sent to a smartphone or computer monitor. Users can turn lights on or off remotely or automatically; see when doors are left open; remotely close a garage door or activate an alarm system panic alert. Also, users can speak to a single room or up to 20 rooms. One or more rooms can also be monitored or kept private.


12 Camera JVC Professional Products Co.’s LoLux TK-T2101RU video security camera is a true day/night indoor analog mini dome security camera with integrated infrared LEDs. With 10-bit digital signal processing and a 1/3-in. high-resolution IT CCD, it provides 600 TV lines of resolution with a 52 dB signal-to-noise ratio. The 2.8–10.5-mm variable focal lens is partially surrounded by 14 IR LEDs; in low light, sensitivity is 0.05 lux for color, 0.015 for black-and-white, and 0 lux with active IR LED. It has up to four areas of motion detection and up to eight zones of privacy masking, plus high light compensation and back light compensation, automatic gain control, and digital noise reduction.


13 Security System Honeywell’s LYNX Touch self-contained security system has Wi-Fi capabilities and an alarm radio that can communicate through a 4G network. It also includes an optional Android tablet with a preloaded LYNX Touch 5100 application that serves as a mobile Internet device allowing users to control the system from within their Wi-Fi coverage area. It integrates with Z-Wave-enabled thermostats, locks and lighting systems.