1 Fire Alarm Control Panels—Potter Electric Signal Co. PFC-6200 and PFC-6800 addressable 127-point fire alarm control panels expand up to 254 points and 1,016 points, respectively. Both use the Potter/Nohmi device protocol that has a complete line of initiating and control devices. Outputs are power-limited and may be programmed for Potter/AMSECO, Gentex, Cooper/Wheelock and System Sensor, using Quadrasync multistrobe synchronization technology.


2 Camera—Optelecom’s Siqura BC620-AID is a network box camera that provides superior low-light performance and wide dynamic range. This flexible platform can provide embedded analytics and multistream encoding. It can stream two H.264, two MJPEG, or one H.264 and one MJPEG stream simultaneously. The image quality monitor analyzes contrast, exposure, sharpness and noise. Camera-tampering analytics detect any changes in the camera’s position or field of view.


3 Luminaire—Dual-Lite’s (a Hubbell Lighting Inc. brand) EV LED Series 2-watt emergency light uses two high-powered long-life LEDs with optimized fixture spacing of up to 27 ft. It has a small overall footprint, measuring 8.5 in. wide by 5 in. high with a depth of 2.75 in., and uses a nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery. The LEDs are mounted inside a die-cast housinG that can be wall- or ceiling-mounted.


4 Monitor—Gamewell-FCI’s FocalPoint touchscreen monitor is a wall-mountable unit that provides real-time information and bird’s-eye views down to floor-by-floor layouts of monitored facilities and their fire alarms as well as access to the history log of events. Both desktop and touchscreen models can be programmed to send immediate event reports using text or email to any mobile device.


5 Messaging System—Fike’s integrated voice messaging system delivers time-sensitive information quickly and is designed for distributed intelligence and survivability. It adds voice messaging to any size application in case of fire, weather, intrusion or other emergency situations. Occupants receive clear voice instructions pertaining to their specific location, proximity to the situation and emergency strategy.

6 Safety Portfolios—Siemens Building Technologies Division’s Cerberus PRO and Desigo Fire Safety portfolios are advanced fire system panels and smoke detectors for small to mid-size applications. They offer a complete range of panels, detectors and peripheral devices engineered for interoperability. Advanced signal analysis technology detects fires as early as possible and is immune to deceptive phenomena, meaning false events will not trigger an alarm.