1 Crimper—Platinum Tools’ Tele-Titan compact modular crimper cuts, strips, terminates and tests wire and cable. It crimps RJ-45, RJ-12, RJ-11, standard style modular plugs solid or stranded cable—Cat 3/4/5/5e/6—with minimal hand force. It uses true parallel vertical crimp force for precise termination and precisely seats, or terminates, all pins to industry-specified crimp heights. It has a gun safety lock-style design with built-in cable cutter and strippers for round and flat cables.


2 Emergency Control Device—Cooper Controls’ Cooper Emergency Power Control (CEPC) monitors available power and controls the emergency fixture or circuit accordingly for sites with distributed circuits or fixtures that are switched or dimmable and require emergency control. Under normal power conditions, the CEPC duplicates the commands being sent to the normal load circuit, switching and dimming emergency fixtures in tandem with the nonemergency fixtures. If normal power is lost for any reason, the CEPC will detect the power loss, feed the emergency fixture with the emergency power source and force the connected emergency fixtures to full on.


3 Occupancy Sensor—Encelium Technologies’ low-voltage occupancy sensors passive infrared (PIR) and dual technology (ultrasonic/PIR) low-voltage sensors are available in both wall- and ceiling-mount configurations. They are available as 120V, 277V and 347V power packs. Any sensor can be converted to line-voltage use with a power pack or a power base adaptor.


4 Code Reading System—Siemens Industry Inc.’s Simatic MV440 1D/2D code reading system has ultra-high resolution, power over Ethernet, Veri-Genius code marking verification and Profinet IO device replacement. It has 1,600-by-1,200 pixel resolution, and the MV440 reader delivers a wide field of view. It captures up to 150 codes simultaneously.


5 Fire Alarm Control Panel—Silent Knight by Honeywell’s IntelliKnight 5600 is a 25-point fire alarm control panel that is useful for small applications where two- to five-zone conventional fire alarms are traditionally installed. To maintain the installation simplicity of a conventional system, it has JumpStart software, which automatically performs basic system programming. A built-in browser allows installers to perform customized programming without downloading software. Code wheels on detectors and modules also make addressing each point fast and easy. It has high-tech, addressable features such as detector drift compensation and maintenance alerts to greatly reduce both nuisance alarms and repeat service calls.


6 Meter Management Software—Quadlogic Controls IQ2 meter management IQ software provides complete multitenant meter reading, billing and energy monitoring capability for facility owners and managers. It enables users and tenants to view energy data on a PC. It uses custom energy monitoring software and core programming from Vennexs.

7 Mass Notification System—Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell’s Alertus Alert Beacons can be wall-mounted in buildings without existing speakers for emergency notification retrofits. The integrated flashing strobes and sounder alert occupants and draw them to notification messages displayed on a large integrated LCD screen. They effectively serve the deaf and hard-of-hearing. It has a text-to-speech (TTS) module that broadcasts written messages as audible announcements through fire alarm, public address or giant voice system speakers.


8 Door Operator—Norton Door Controls’ 5600 Series low-energy door operator is useful for retrofit applications. Installation is simple, bringing barrier-free ADA-compliant accessibility to any opening. When used with touchless wall switches, it offers hands-free operation. It features pull-side mounting and quiet operation, electronically controlled backcheck, sweep and latch, an onboard power supply for accessories, activation options for wall switches, presence detectors, radio frequency devices, and an electric hardware and access control interface.


9 DVR—Channel Vision’s H.264 network digital video recorders—DVR-43G, DVR-83G and DVR-163G—have four-, eight- or 16-camera input connections. Remote viewing through the central management system supports up to 16 DVRs with 32 channels. They have manual, scheduled, or event-recording modes and can be programmed to record upon motion detection, video loss or using a sensor. The AVI watermark converter transfers the data with a time stamp for use as legal evidence.


10 Touch Controller—Borg Displays Inc.’s Protege Pro8lt in-wall embedded interactive touch controller display has an X86-based processor running Windows XPe. The 6-, 8-, 10-, 15- and 21-in. controllers show networked content, third-party control, security, entertainment, signage applications, or energy management on centrally located always-on displays.


11 Surge Suppressor—Alpha Technologies’ LA-P-SM Series surge suppressor protects power supplies and related equipment from power line disturbances common to CATV and broadband. When used with the Alpha DSM3x status monitor, it provides status updates and communicates viability.


12 Camera—D-Link’s DCS-6113 is a full HD fixed dome day/night IP camera with a 2-megapixel sensor. It captures HD video at resolutions of up to 1920-by-1,080 with frame rates up to 30 fps). Snapshots and video can be saved to a network drive or to onboard storage with the built-in microSD card slot. A mechanical IR filter enables it to perform in daylight and low light; the integrated infrared LEDs allow it to see in total darkness. It supports multiple simultaneous videos streams, has a removable IR-cut filter and uses power over Ethernet.