1 DVR > Speco’s Hybrid H264 TH Series DVR can remotely monitor, record, playback and change settings through Ethernet and/or the Internet. It can support both analog and IP cameras and can use up to three on-board hard drives. The DVR offers up to 15 channels of two-way audio, and images can be monitored through a Blackberry.

2 Camera > Visiontech’s VQ550IR bullet camera can see up to 150 feet at high resolutions up to 560 lines. Its varifocal lens can be adjusted to a wide variety of focus angles, including straight down. The cameras are weatherproof and use 15 Infrared LEDs.

3 Receiver > Vigitron’s Vi6300 active receiver hubs can transmit and receive video images over unshielded twisted pair cables at 4,000–6,500 feet. The transmitter can be fitted at the camera, while the hub automatically compensates for video loss. The receivers fit in a 19-inch rack and are immune to crosstalk and interference.

4 Fire alarm panel > Silent Knight’s IFP-2000 scalable intelligent analog-addressable fire alarm control panel uses individual point identification to enhance reliability, locate problem areas and reduce false alarms. It can be installed using existing fire system wiring and, in conjunction with an SLC expander, can increase point capacity up to 636 points per model. It can interconnect up to eight panels, and the networked system can be configured to emulate one large virtual system or be segmented into separate sites for multiple building applications. Its eight on-board flexput circuits can be configured for auxiliary power, notification outputs or conventional smoke detector inputs.

5 Video amplifier > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer VA-2000 amplifies video signals up to 3,300 feet. It includes brightness and sharpness adjustments for each channel to fine tune the signal. The amplifiers are compatible with both color and black and white signal, and can be installed at either the monitor or the DVR side of a cable run. Its power pass-through circuit allows excess current and voltage not used by the included 12V DC power adapter to power nearby 12V DC devices with low current consumption.

6 Camera > Canon’s VB-C500D fixed mini dome network camera has an 82-degree wide angle lens with a 4× digital zoom. Its high-sensitivity progressive-scan CCD keeps moving images clear. The camera’s image processor handles the white balance, exposure compensation, shutter speed and color correction features, as well as shade control and auto day/night to adjust contrast, depending on lighting conditions. The camera can stream M-JPEG and MPEG-4 for up to 30 simultaneous users, while its built-in Web viewer allows live Internet monitoring.

7 Sounder > System Sensor’s ExitPoint directional sounder plays a recorded alert message instructing occupants on the actions to take in case of a fire. It can play audible messages, including “stairs up,” “stairs down,” “area of refuge” and “exit here.” The system uses four pulse patterns to produce a pulsating noise that can help users unfamiliar with the building determine the location of the sound if exit signs are obscured by smoke. The sounder is designed to work in open areas, as well as in corridors or on stairs, and has a number of field-selectable power settings.

8 Daylighting Controller > Wattstopper/Legrand’s LS-102 self-calibrating daylighting controller provides closed loop, single zone on/off switching of most types of lighting in response to available daylight. It continuously self-calibrates to capture changing light levels as room reflectance levels change. The controller can be put on a time delay and can be used in combination with a low-voltage wall switch to enable manual override.

9 Mass Notification > Cooper Notification’s desktop notification system allows administrators to send audio and video alerts via computer to all recipients or targeted groups logged onto a network. The alerts act as pop-up notifications and take precedence over all other open windows and programs. Links to maps, evacuation routes and additional emergency information also can be provided. The system also provides flexible two-way communication for delivery confirmation and user response.

10 Fire Detection > Gamewell’s camera-based automatic fire detection visually detects the presence of fire or smoke at its source, independent of airflow. It uses CCTV standards, along with advanced software to pinpoint flame and smoke signatures. The system can alert building operators either remotely or through the control panel’s relay outputs, and each camera can be configured for up to 16 independent zones. It can operate using either new or existing CCTV cameras and is unaffected by smoke/heat stratification.

11 Camera > Panasonic’s i-Pro Super Dynamic megapixel box camera has 128x dynamic range and adaptive black stretch technology to make dark areas more visible. It can transmit multiple video streams simultaneously, including H.264, MPEG-4 and JPEG to enable real-time monitoring and high-quality recording. The camera’s Super Dynamic image technology offers more sensitivity for lower light levels and clarity even in dim light, and face-detection technology allows operators to better identify subjects.

12 Extender > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer HDMI over Cat 5e/6 extender lengthens the range of HDMI signals up to 196 feet at full 1,080P HD resolution. It comes with a 5V DC power adapter, and the receiver is powered to provide a stronger, clearer signal at longer distances. The system uses Cat 5e/6 cable instead of heavier, less flexible HDMI cable for more cost-effective and efficient installations.

13 Motion Detector Protection > STI’s motion detector damage stopper uses 9-gauge steel wire to ensure continuous operation of a motion detector. It can be installed easily with provided screws and anchors and has a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal use. It is designed for applications where abuse is severe or it is imperative that motion detectors continue to operate.