1 Cables > Corning’s Altos LSZH gel-free interlocking industrial cables are flame-retardant and come in a variety of designs suited to many industrial environments. The cable jackets are flame retardant and do not contain halogen, which could be dangerous in the case of a fire. The cables are available in single-mode and hybrid versions and in sizes of 50 or 62.5 μm.


2 Encoder/Decoder > Bosch Security Systems’ VIP X1600 XF multichannel encoder/decoder has high-speed fiber connectivity. Up to four modules can be mixed or matched within the dual redundant power supply, allowing users to add or exchange modules at any time without interrupting transmission. It has increased network connectivity options and two Ethernet ports. It can decode up to 10 MPEG-4 video streams at 25/30 images per second and can be set up to display four full screen video signals.


3 Digital Video Recorder > Teleview’s TW-DVR416 is fully networkable and comes with remote client software. The 16-channel recorder is housed in an all-metal case and has 120 frames per second recording as well as MPEG-4 compression for network transmitting. It uses a real-time D1 resolution display and has a 640×554 display resolution. It can be remotely monitored, recorded and played back.


4 Safety Disconnect Switch > Leviton’s PowerSwitch DS30AX watertight safety disconnect switch has a watertight hub, seven conduit entry points and plenty of wiring space. The switch’s housing is made of impact-resistant, nonconductive Valox PBT thermoplastic and has a self-extinguishing flammability feature. The enclosure has a front-operated handle and bottom-hinged cover that uses a circuit identification pad. The 30A, 600V AC switch accommodates auxiliary contacts for remote monitoring.


5 Camera > Seco-Larm’s EV 2606-NJEQ vandal-resistant dome color camera is surface or flush mountable and has a CDS sensor-controlled mechanical IR cut filter. The camera uses a varifocal lens and 360° triple-axis rotation to capture high-resolution video. The camera is weatherproof and is available in either 12V DC or 24V AC. It contains a DIP switch control for day/night time delay, and its zoom and focus can be easily adjusted. The camera uses a 3.8~9.5 mm varifocal lens and 36 IR LEDs.


6 Security Lighting > Acrilex’s Acriglo photoluminescent lighting sheets provide security lighting for CCD video surveillance cameras for up to two hours without backup power. The fixture emits a glow completely charged by luminosity emitted during the normal lighting operation. The sheets are available in a variety of sizes and thickness and can be custom cut or configured to meet all specifications.

7 Access Control > SALTO’s Advanced Panic Bar Solution adds the control of exit doors to an access control system without the cost of a fully wired solution. The controls can be integrated with the rest of SALTO’s virtual network technology. The panic bar can read, receive and write information through normal smart card operation. The system is easy to install without complex wiring.


8 Carbon Monoxide Detector > System Sensor’s CO1224T carbon monoxide detector is tested using canned CO to ensure the mechanical components as well as the sensing cell can be trusted. The detector uses a six-year end-of-life timer to indicate to the user when it should be replaced. It can operate on security and fire alarm control panels.


9 Software > Home Automation Inc.’s WL3 for Windows allows users to control an HAI home control system from any device with a Web browser, such as a computer, PDA, Smartphone, BlackBerry, iPhone or iPod Touch. The software allows the user to change home temperature and adjust lights as well as change security settings and view any supported camera. The software will automatically configure supported UPnP IP cameras and manually configure other IP cameras on the network. Through the software, users can select the camera, start and stop recording, take snapshots and select frame rate and screen size. The software can inform the user of events such as the alarm system being disarmed or a car entering the garage.


10 Access Control > Sargent’s Profile series v.S2 access controls use Wi-Fi technology, a Prox reader and an optional keypad and have monitoring capabilities. The controls use an HID-compatible 125 kHz proximity reader along with sensors that monitor door position and request-to-exit activity. Communication to and from the lock is controlled by Wi-Fi, eliminating the need to run cables to your door to access the control system. The controls can incorporate a 2,000-user database and a 10,000-event transaction log.


11 Camera > Speco’s InPro D3 indoor dome camera uses intelligent protocol to automatically configure the router, receive an IP address and appear on the Internet within seconds. The camera is tamperproof and weatherproof and is available in a white or black housing. It has an adjustable frame rate and a resolution of up to 720×480 pixels. The camera offers either manual or motion-detection recording and can be viewed live or recorded from any PC.


12 Lighting Module > The Imaging Source’s DCL/RL.WI 4540 LED lighting module seamlessly integrates with The Imaging Source’s USB, FireWire and GigE cameras. The modules provide bright, cost-effective LED lights to the cameras. The module uses 18 LEDs, which run on 12V DC. The lights have a life expectancy of 70,000 hours.