1 Request to Exit Plates > SECO-LARM’s Enforcer Wireless radio frequency plates allow egress from protected areas by connecting to an electric doorstrike or electromagnetic lock without wires. The single-gang plate has a green square 2-in. pushbutton and can be installed on brick and cement walls where installation would typically be difficult. The plates use a 9V battery, which is included and is rated for 60 uses a day for four years. They require no external power, and the plates’ pushbutton light turns red when the battery is low.


2 Access Control Controller > Sielox’ AC-1700 access control controller supports Power over Ethernet and data transfer rates up to 100 megabits per second and can be deployed as a main or terminal controller. As a main controller, the AC-1700 can control up to 16 terminal controllers, including one on-board providing regional anti pass-back functionality and input/output linking. It has a storage capacity that ranges from 128 MB–8 GB for controller database and events storage. The controller is equipped with a Web-based maintenance port, so technicians can perform infield diagnostics and updates using a Web browser.


3 Encoder > Bosch’s VideoJet X SN high-performance Internet protocol (IP) video encoder is embedded with Intelligent Video Analysis 3.5 software, enabling it to autonomously detect suspicious behaviors including loitering, objects left at a scene, object removal and virtual trip wire. The encoders offer recording on compact flash or external hard-dish drive using a USB, recording on network-attached RAID storage units or recording with a central network video recorder. The encoders are available in single-, dual- or quad-channel versions and deliver MPEG-4 video over IP at 30 frames per second at up to 4 CIF resolution on every video channel.


4 Emergency Lighting > Chloride’s Fusion series is a fully recessed, architectural lighting unit that is unobtrusive even when illuminated with universal wall and ceiling recessed lighting. The two high-performance 35-watt MR-16 lamps combine with a patented reflector system to provide illumination. The lighting’s Intelli-Charge diagnostics continually monitors all critical functions, and the system comes with a self-testing feature.


5 Cable > Honeywell’s 4981 Cat 5e unshielded twisted pair (UTP) communication cable is designed to provide reliability, high-speed data transfer and future scalability to bandwidth-intensive IP video networks. The tightly twisted cable protects signals from outside interference as well as internal interference from the other pair and conductors. The cables support 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX and 1,000BASE-T (gigabit) Ethernet. The cables are available in 500- and 100-foot tangle-free speed boxes or in a reel-in-a-box wire dispensing system.


6 Fire Alarm > System Sensor’s advanced multi-criteria detector uses four sensors—a carbon monoxide sensor, a photoelectric smoke sensor, a temperature sensor and an infrared light sensor—to determine what type of fire is occurring. The detectors better distinguish between actual emergencies and false alarms. The alarm’s internal algorithm changes sensor thresholds, sensor combinations and sampling rates as site conditions change.


7 Graphics Package > Fike’s Precise Touch computer graphics package allows responders to quickly locate an alarm situation, view floor plans, identify personal hazards and find emergency exit routes in the event of an emergency. The software also can locate where a fire started and track its progression and other hazards that may exist. It integrates with Fike’s CyberCat fire alarm control panels and can be customized and adapted to meet a facility’s changing needs.


8 Camera Enclosure > Dotworkz’ D2-HB all-weather security camera enclosure prevents sensitive IP camera from being damaged by excessively hot or cold temperatures. The enclosure’s heater automatically activates at 40°F and deactivates at 60°F. The blower remains on at all times to keep the cameras cool and fog-free. The enclosure is airtight and has an impact resistant lens and a polycarbonate thermoplastic housing to prevent vandalism. The enclosure’s interior provides space for optional components, including an on-board network video recorder, routers, cell networks, hard drives, UPS, WiMAX and mesh hardware.


9 Fire Alarm Communicator > Fire-Lite’s IPDACT-2UD fire alarm IP communications module has complete upload and download capabilities through any IP connection. Installers can download alarm panel data and upload information, such as program updates from a PC using Internet or Intranet connection. by connecting to a fire alarm panel’s standard telephone ports. The communicator uses encryption to eliminate common dropouts in modem communications caused by noise or other factors.


10 Smoke Detector > System Sensor’s InnovairFlex duct smoke detector can accommodate multiple installation footprints with one unit. The detector provides false alarm immunity and can work in a broad temperature range between –4 and 158°F and has an easily visible status indicator and a readily accessible test feature. The detector’s sampling tubes can be installed without tools by snapping into place.


11 Wireless Microphone > Revolabs’ wireless microphones use 128-bit encryption to eliminate the risk of eavesdropping by using scanners or other recording devices. The microphones can hook up to a phone line or teleconferencing system while still protecting company security over the Internet. Every time the microphone is turned on, its encryption code changes, providing even greater security. The wireless microphones provide crisp sound and natural mobility, and up to eight microphones can be connected to eliminate crowding around a microphone or needing to pass one around.


12 UPS > Eaton’s 9135 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed for medium-density data centers, banking and security systems and telecommunications/Voice over Internet Protocol equipment. The UPS delivers up to 6 kVA of power in a slim 3U enclosure. Its hot-swappable battery allows users to quickly remove and replace power components without powering down the UPS or interrupting power to the connected equipment. The UPS’s wide input voltage window eliminates the need to depend on batteries to correct power fluctuations and has a bright LCD screen for easy setup and troubleshooting problems.


13 Digital Video Recorder > Speco’s PCL PC-based digital video recorder supports up to four IP cameras for use in schools, hospitals, supermarkets and other large building applications. It provides megapixel support for many major brands of IP cameras and is POS compatible with most major protocols. The recorder uses built-in video analytics for intelligent recording and contains a built-in DVD/RW. The recorder combines multiple search options and multiple viewing modes, including E-MAP and is network-ready with a free DDNS server. CMPC management software allows remote viewing of multiple Speco DVRs and IP cameras and that recordings can be viewed on a PDA. It is available in an 8- or 16-channel version.


14 Camera > Supercircuits’ SC Black dome cameras broadcast in high resolution and include digital noise reduction, an on-screen display and digital slow shutter, which allows high functionality both day and night. It contains built-in motion detection and an auto iris and can be either flush- or surface-mounted. The cameras are available in true day/night, digital day/night, WDR and Pixim-based WDR models.


15 Emergency Lighting > Highlite’s Pluralex indoor/outdoor emergency lighting uses high output Xenon lamps for brighter, safer egress lighting. It uses a polycarbonate fresnel lens to provide even light distribution and an optional LED accent lighting feature. The light works in wet applications and a cold-location package is also available for temperatures as low as –14°C. The light uses maintenance-free NiCad batteries and is available in a choice of four finishes.


16 Detector > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer E-964-Q series multifrequency quad photobeam detectors use four beams and four selectable channel frequencies to reduce crosstalk between multiple units, reducing false alarms. The detector also uses an environmental output to send a signal when weather conditions that could cause false alarms—such as rain, snow and mist—are present. It uses lensed optics to reinforce beam strength, and it has a 660-foot range.


17 Fire Alarm Control Panel > Honeywell’s Silent Knight IFP-2000 scalable intelligent analog-adressable fire alarm control panel enhances reliability, locates problem areas and reduces costly fire alarms. The panel can be installed using existing fire system wiring and is easily expandable to upgrade existing systems. The panel has interconnection capability for up to eight panels, and the system can be configured to emulate one large virtual system or segmented into separate sites for multiple building applications.


18 Fire Extinguisher Alarm > STI’s fire extinguisher theft stopper alarm uses a steel cable-operated switch to prevent theft and vandalism of fire extinguishers. The alarm uses a 9V battery, and a 12V remote powered V DC model also is available. It sounds an alarm when the fire extinguisher is moved from its normal position and the alarm comes with a short cable to deactivate the alarm when the fire extinguisher is needed.


19 Camera > Bosch’s Flexidome camera now offers a 9–22 mm varifocal lens for recognizing objects up close and for surveillance of long indoor corridors or sidewalks along the exterior of a building. The camera provides wide area coverage of up to 31.2° horizontal and 22.8° vertical and telephoto coverage up to 12.8° horizontal and 9.6° vertical, enabling surveillance system operators to identify a person up to 130 feet away from the camera. The lens is infared-corrected to keep day/night cameras in focus at all times and its auto black feature reduces the effects of fog or glare.


20 Wireless Transmitter > HAI’s vanishing mini transmitter for doors and windows is an ultra-thin wireless contact that works with the HAI wireless receiver. Its edges vanish into any decor and transmit to the controller if a door or window is open or closed. The transmitter’s bypass button allows manual bypass of the transmitter, which automatically restores when the door or window is closed. The small transmitter is 1.5 in. high, 1 in. wide and .375 in. deep.


21 Deadbolt > Kwikset’s SmartCode electronic keyless entry deadbolt allows users to create two access codes, one to be used by residents and another for temporary access. The deadbolt is motorized for one-touch locking and uses an automatic locking feature that can be turned off by the user. All deadbolts are accessible with a key if needed. The deadbolt can replace an existing deadbolt and requires no hard wiring. The deadbolt uses four AA batteries with an expected one-year battery life.


22 Electronic Access Control > Videx’s CyberLock electronic access controls lock hardware on TMedic boxes, RTU cabinets, control houses, substations and perimeter fence gates. The controls’ electronic locks and keys record openings and exceptions, such as unauthorized attempts to gain access. Each CyberKey can be programmed to open selected locks and padlocks on specific days and only during specific times to give access privileges to each employee for a particular job.


23 Mass Notification System > Gamewell-FCI’s E3 Expandable Energy Evacuation mass notification system includes a local operating console, back-lit signage, high-threat switches, amber strobes, specialized speakers and giant voice equipment. The system is scalable with minimal wiring requirements and can integrate seamlessly with Gamewell’s E3 fire alarm system. The system uses prerecorded messages while also allowing for live voice paging and text messages to various network displays and can deliver specific messages to particular zones, regions or floors.