1 Camera > Bosch Security Systems’ underwater MIC 400 Underwater PTZ camera’s pressure-resistant seals enable reliable operation to a depth of 82 feet. Its flat viewing window produces distortion-free underwater images for application in water treatment plants, hydroelectric dams and commercial aquariums. The camera offers a choice of true day/night modules and up to 36× optical zoom coupled with flexible upright or inverted mounting capability.


2 Occupancy Sensor > Schneider Electric/Square D’s commercial-grade wall switch occupancy sensors use ultrasonic/passive infrared dual-technology to maximize energy savings. Its technology minimizes the occurrence of nuisance events, which could require time-consuming follow-up visits. The sensor’s walk-through mode detects when an area is briefly occupied and turns lights off based on a shorter time delay. Its sensor detects motion up to 35 feet, and its sensors are available in a variety of colors to fit any decor.


3 Weather Box > FSR’s OWB-CP1 outdoor wall weather box can house a variety of popular control panels, including hard switches, elastomeric pads, touchscreens and infrared pickups. It can be surface-, flush- or pole/pipe-mounted using optional brackets. The box’s doors are lockable and can protect the enclosures from either dirt, dust, rain, sleet or snow. Its plates accommodate standard two- and three-gang electrical plate mounting.


4 Timer > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer 365 day annual timer can operate two relays, 24 hours a day. It can be used to control devices in applications such as security, access control, lighting, home and building automation, and environmental control. The timer’s relays can be programmed to operate in shunt or momentary mode for up to 100 unique events using a built-in clock and calendar to compensate for leap years and daylight savings time. It can be programmed for block coding to repeat events on consecutive days, and each event can be programmed for 1–99 seconds.


5 Emergency Lighting > Chloride’s Rhyno emergency lighting system protects against liquid, moisture, dirt and dust entry and can work in wet locations. It uses up to three lamp heads internally mounted on the bottom for optimum path-of-egress lighting and can be column, pole or l-beam mounted. The system is available in 12 and 24V, 200 and 450W applications with 120/277 dual-voltage input and surge protection.


6 Control Panel > Fire-Lite’s MS-9600UDLS addressable fire alarm control panel can support up to 636 devices and activate notification circuits within 10 seconds. Its digital communicator provides upload/download capabilities through a USB port and windows-based programming tools benefit installers. The panel’s annunciators can be installed remotely and provide control switches for critical system functions while showing information identical to the panel’s front LCD display.


7 Power Supply > Honeywell’s FireForce 8 notification appliance circuit (NAC) extender panel extends the power capabilities of existing NACs and provides power to other connected devices. It uses advanced switch-mode power-supply technology to provide filtered and electronically regulated power to four NACs rated at up to 3A. The NAC can provide independent output circuit supervision to notify the control panel in the event of a NAC fault. Its built-in strobe and horn sync protocols support a variety of devices and independent horn silencing through sync protocols allows synchronized horns and strobes to operate on a single circuit.


8 Dimmer Module > Crestron’s Green Light universal dimmer module enables Crestron integrated lighting systems and dimmers to support larger loads and a wider variety of voltages. It simplifies installation by auto-detecting the dimmable load type and selecting the appropriate lighting mode to control that load. The module supports both forward- and reverse-type loads, including electronic low-voltage, magnetic low-voltage, incandescent, neon/cold cathode or 2-wire dimmable fluorescent.


9 Enclosure > Safety Technology International’s thumb lock heated polycarbonate enclosure protects cameras against freezing temperatures or environmental conditions either outdoors, in freezers, warehouses or storage units. Its heat plate prevents LCD displays from becoming sluggish or freezing. The enclosure has three thermostats, a control thermostat, over-temperature safety thermostat and a low-temperature warning that can connect to a supervisory panel. It can operate on 12, 16.5 or 24 volts and comes with mounting hardware and gaskets.


10 SLC Module > Gamewell-FCI’s ILI95 signaling line circuit (SLC) module makes expendable emergency evacuation systems compatible with existing fire alarm systems for retrofits and renovations. It can support up to two SLCs with up to 126 devices per circuit, enabling upgrades to be performed quickly with minimal equipment costs. The module requires only a single pair of wires or fiber optic cables to connect all nodes and command centers, and its scalable design fits the needs of any size application with expansion capabilities.


11 Camera > Speco’s Intensifier dome camera uses focus-free technology to see color in the dark without IR LEDs. It can show clear images without refocusing the camera with up to 540 lines of color resolution for extreme detail. The camera’s 3–10 mm motorized zoom lens with an RS-485 remote provides a wider zoom to fit more applications. It is tamperproof and weatherproof and can operate in 12V DC or 24V AC.


12 Illuminators > Raycap’s Fusion infrared and white-light illuminators improve the performance of any camera system at night. They use platinum LEDs with miniature optics and are fitted with command and control technology to allow the user to control the picture. The illuminators have a projected life of 10 years and require only a direct 12–24V AC/DC input.