1 Digital Video Recorder > Speco’s PC-based PCL digital video recorder provides megapixel support for up to four Internet protocol cameras. It has built-in video analytics for intelligent recording and a built-in DVD-RW for exporting videos. The DVR uses multiple search options, including museum, intelligent and thumbnail modes. It is available in an 8- or 16-channel configuration, and videos can be viewed on most PDAs.



2 Video Door Phone > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer DP-121Q video door phone displays an image of the visitor on the phone’s monitor and a built-in microphone and speaker on the camera lets users communicate with visitors. Visitors can be granted entry with the push of a button when connected to an electric lock. The camera will automatically turn off after two minutes of inactivity. Six LEDs are built into the camera for nighttime operation, CCD camera chip, high resolution with low lux, adjustable contrast and brightness and a built-in camera-angle adjustment.


3 Video Smoke Detector > Honeywell’s Notifier offers video smoke detection products and technologies based on computer analysis of video images provided by CCTV cameras. It uses CCTV cameras linked to a self-contained processing system capable of recognizing smoke and flame patterns with the video image. When fire or smoke is detected, the system alerts the user at the operating terminal and at an unlimited number of remote locations.


4 Software > Stopware’s PassagePoint EDU visitor management system software allows school administrators to easily sign in, track and badge visitors. The system allows the user to scan various forms of ID for easy data entry. Users can import a watch list into the software for instant notification and entry denial, and the software can connect in real time to national or local sex offender lists with photos. It allows users to post child custodial information and preregister visitors, substitute teachers and groups.



5 Control Room Console > Winsted’s Prestige Sight-Line console allows the user to easily modify sight lines and monitor viewing angles based on personal need. Its TruForm work surface and decorative end panels are available in a variety of colors and shapes and custom work surfaces and end panels are available in laminated MDF or solid surfaces. Monitors on the console can be placed at three different heights. Additional options include a swing-out CPU shelf. Openings for universal data mounting plate and duplex power are located at the back of the work surface for easy access.


6 Fixture/Device Box > Arlington Industries’ Rays Box is usable on wood or metal studs with single layer or double drywall. The nonmetallic box has tabs to secure it horizontally or vertically in mortar, and three openings on the box accommodate varying wall thicknesses. The box is ceiling rated for up to 50-lb. fixtures and wall rated for up to 10-lb. fixtures and has a two-hour fire rating.


7 Power Source > Home Automation’s HAI Power Hub can provide power to several HAI products, including access control readers with electronic or magnetic locks. The 12V DC power supply is mounted in an enclosure or on a universal mounting plate  and is compatible with 120V/60 Hz and 220V/50 Hz for internal applications. The source eliminates transformers, power strips, external power supplies, battery backup units and complex wiring usually associated with access control readers.