1 Camera > Speco Technologies’ CVCM6DC mirror-finish indoor color dome camera can be used in building lobbies, hotels, restaurants and other environments while concealing the location of the lens to passersby. The camera angle is adjustable, and it is wall or ceiling mountable. The camera has 420 line resolution, 0.2 lux sensitivity, a 3.6 mm lens, S/N ratio of more than 50 dB, internal sync and an auto electronic shutter.


2 Specification Tool > Gamewell-FCI’s Intelli-Spec fire alarm system specification writing tool CD allows specifiers of all types to create, edit and publish comprehensive specifications in Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat and output as standard Microsoft or rich text format (RTF) documents. Intelli-Spec has a cafeteria-style menu to choose the features and hardware required for a particular project. A project information screen allows users to customize specifications for each project. Technical information on any of Gamewell-FCI’s products can be located and printed through the program’s data sheet tool.


3 Detector > Seco-Larm’s Enforcer E-964-D390Q multifrequency twin photobeam detector has four selectable channel frequencies and can provide enhanced perimeter protection by reducing crosstalk between multiple units. Installation is quick and easy due to a built-in laser-alignment system. The detector has a range of up to 390 ft. while twin beams provide reliable perimeter security, minimizing false alarms from falling leaves, birds, etc. The detector has lensed optics to reinforce beam strength and provide immunity to false alarms due to weather.


4 Camera > Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products’ IK-WD01A mini-dome IP camera has a 5½-in. diameter and a discreet appearance that blends into the environment of retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, educational facilities and offices. It has its own built-in Web server, along with dual codec Motion-JPEG and MPEG4 (SP) compression, Power over Ethernet, detailed VGA (640-by-480) resolution, and a streaming video rate of 30 frames per second.


5 Receiver > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s Conettix D6100i communications receiver/gateway can support up to 3,200 accounts for LAN or WAN communications as well as two phone lines. The monitoring signals can be sent at a programmed rate, ranging from 5 seconds to 21 minutes, to accommodate the differing security needs of various applications. If authentication and encryption algorithms detect potentially damaging activity, such as substitution or replaying of messages, the central station operator is alerted.


6 Cover > STI’s Mini Stopper STI-6505 multipurpose cover with conduit spacer consists of a tamperproof, clear polycarbonate shield, frame and spacer that fits over the unit it is protecting. Without restricting legitimate access, the Mini Stopper protects smaller, surface-mounted units from accidental activation. Internal dimensions are approximately 4.125-by-5.5-by-3.875 in. It is UV-stabilized against discoloration and carries a lifetime warranty against breakage of the polycarbonate in normal use. The clear cover is available with choice of color for the conduit spacer: white, blue, green, yellow or red.


7 Camera > JVC’s VN-V686U pan/tilt/zoom network dome camera has 36× optical zoom lens with a focal length of 3.4–122 mm. A ¼-in. CCD with 380,000 pixels and full-motion, dual-stream codec delivers both MJPEG and MPEG4 streams simultaneously. The camera has a motion detection and tracking function that outputs an alarm whenever movement is detected within a prespecified area of the image. The onboard tracking function may be turned on to automatically lock onto a moving object or person.


8 Door Control > Dortronics Systems Inc.’s EZ-Access door control solution is designed to control one or two doors with one reader each or one door with two readers for in/out control. It has a memory capacity of 2,000 active user codes for secure offline operation. Secure EZ-Prox cards, key fobs or any of the Dortronics 26-bit Wiegand keypads can be used to gain access. EZ-Access is equipped with two heavy-duty SPDT 3A relays, one for each controlled door or gate, and an auxiliary open collector DC output that can be used to trigger external relays for CCTV and more.


9 Midspan > Phihong’s POE576U 36W-per-port midspan is simple network management protocol (SNMP)-capable. The 16-port midspan provides 576W for 10/100/1,000Base-T and requires no power management. It is designed for security applications, including security cameras, RFID scanners, door access controls and security systems. The SNMP capability enables remote monitoring and camera reset without on-site service personnel. Over-temperature protection allows the midspan to automatically shut down without being damaged, and the outputs are equipped with short-circuit protection.


10 Identity Verification > Snowflake Technologies’ Enterprise Biometrics identity verification system uses vein pattern recognition. A user who has already been registered in the system by a scan of the subcutaneous vein patterns in his or her hand holds the same hand in place in the device for a second to verify. The system works because no two vein patterns are alike, eliminating the need for PINs, signatures and photo IDs.


11 Tester > Ideal’s SecuriTest Pro multifunctional CCTV tester enables CCTV technicians to test video and sound, control PTZ cameras, analyze more than a dozen PTZ protocols, program PTZ and static cameras, wire map UTP cables, generate video test patterns, and test electrical signals with its built-in digital multimeter. The video and sync testing ensure each camera is set to its correct video output level. The SecuriTest Pro kit comes with the tester, a lithium battery pack with 5½ hours of operating time, an AC adapter/charger, 12V auto charger, 4-ft. BNC video cable, test leads for the digital multimeter, UTP cable terminator, a neck strap and a carrying pouch.

12 Cameras > MilesTek’s IP cameras are available in wired, Power over Ethernet and wireless versions. All the cameras have an integrated microcomputer and a high-quality CMOS digital-image sensor, enabling them to display high-quality live streaming video over LANs and the Internet. The cameras can be used indoors and outdoors, and they have infrared for day and night viewing. They have weather- and vandal-proof bodies, as well as 360° panning, and tilt and zoom controls. The cameras can be set to record events or periods of time. They can detect and record motion, or they can be set to a specific area. If motion is detected, they can be set to alert users through e-mail or trigger an alarm system. Recordings can be saved as video or picture files and attached in e-mail.


13 Recorder > Panasonic Security Systems’ i-Pro WJ-ND400 network video recorder (NVR) can record up to 64 network cameras simultaneously with multiformat recording in MPEG-4 and JPEG. Up to nine 1 TB hot-plug hard disk drives can be installed for on-board storage, while up to 16 clients can monitor and control the NVR simultaneously. It provides Panasonic camera control for pan/tilt,/zoom, focus, brightness, preset position and auto mode, with IP setup for Panasonic i-Pro network cameras. Eight recording programs can be set for each individual camera, with camera assigned to one to eight groups for easy browsing. Other features include multiple display modes and flexible playback controls for monitoring of images. RAID5/6 provides redundant recording for data security.


14 Power Supplies > Bosch Security Systems Inc.’s UPA power supplies provide energy-efficient operation when used with Bosch series CCD, megapixel cameras, keyboards and other professional surveillance products. The UPA Series is available in 120, 230 and 24V AC models, as well as 24V AC, 15V DC and 12V DC secondary output models. Some models are equipped with screw terminals for easy installation.


15 Solar Camera > Sun Surveillance’s SolsticeCam SS-PTZ-20MILE-P wireless, solar-powered camera system provides pan/tilt/zoom surveillance by transmitting video up to 20 miles for 24 hours a day where it can be recorded and viewed live through Internet. The unit provides power generation by converting the energy of the sun without the need and expense of trenching for utility power. The sealed, deep-cycle batteries enclosed provide extended life for solar applications. The schedule 40, 20-ft., 4½-in. diameter aluminum pole structure is corrosion-resistant for severe weather conditions.


16 Camera > Axis’ 216FD-V fixed dome network camera is designed for demanding indoor surveillance of stores, schools, prisons and banks. The metal base and durable transparent cover provide protection against vandalism. Built-in, two-way audio capabilities, including audio detection alarm, allow for real-time communication with visitors or intruders. The camera can be mounted on a wall, hard or drop ceiling and can be adjusted by panning, tilting and rotating the varifocal lens to any camera angle. Smoked transparent covers are available for further discretion.