1 Camera > Seco-Larm’s EV-133C-DWBWQ color IR day/night weatherproof varifocal bullet camera has 550 TV line resolution, 5~50 mm varifocal and a range of up to 250 feet. It is constructed of die-cast aluminum with a weatherproof (IP66) design, including sunscreen. It is designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring long-distance IR illumination. The camera has an adjustable bracket for wall and ceiling mount and a 12V DC or 24V AC power input, with concealed cabling through the mount.

2 Lock Timer > Dortronics’ ETR-Timer universal fail-safe time delay provides fixed or adjustable timing for most access control systems. It is powered from a 12–24V DC supply requiring 0.05A. It can be triggered from either a normally open or a normally closed momentary dry contact or by switching the trigger input to the power source ground. It has a field-adjustable time delay of 1–60 seconds or can be adjusted at the factory to a fixed 30-second delay.

3 Controller > Sielox Access Control’s 1500 controller manages from two to16 doors in a large (AC-1500L) configuration or two to four doors with a small configuration (AC-1500S). When used in conjunction with the Sielox X-LAN, up to 32 doors can be managed with a single Ethernet connection. The 1500 is 32 bit, with a power supply/UPS module in case of power failure. It can communicate directly with a Pinnacle hardware server via Ethernet or RS-485.

4 Camera > Visiontech’s VC50LWS 6-mm AL1 IR bullet camera can see up to 100 ft. at 0.0 LUX. The high-resolution, 420 TV line 1/3-in. Sony color 420 TVL day/night CCD camera is fully weatherproof. It has a silver housing and is suitable for a wide variety of professional and residential applications.


5 Line Driver > Honeywell’s HDMI line driver and diagnostic unit is directly coupled from input to output and has CURxE Light technology to diagnose and correct corrupted communication data on the HDCP and EDID channels that would otherwise degrade audio/video quality. It automatically seeks out corrupted data and returns it to its intended dynamic range. Four LED lights on the unit serve as self-diagnostic monitoring indicators to show verification of hot plug detection, +5V status, HDCP and EDID.

6 Speakers > System Sensor’s SpectrAlert Advance selectable output speaker strobes and dual evacuation speakers are designed to reduce ground faults. The plug-in design allows the installer to prewire mounting plates and dress the wires before plugging in the speakers. The plastic cover prevents nicked wires by covering exposed speaker components. The speakers have rotary switches to select voltage and power settings, 11 field-selectable candela settings for wall and ceiling speaker strobes, and instant feedback to ensure wiring is properly connected.

7 Boxes and Fittings > Bridgeport Fittings’ red steel fire alarm boxes and fittings meet visual identification requirements for fire alarm installations. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate both old and new work requirements. They are designed for use with Bridgeport’s Red connectors and couplings. The set screw connector joins EMT to the box, and the set screw coupling joins two lengths of EMT. All fittings can be used for emergency circuits and security system applications and for fire alarm systems.

8 Camera > Speco Technologies’ CVC-6146HR indoor color dome camera has 550 lines of resolution, a 2.8–11 mm auto iris varifocal lens and dual-voltage operation (12V DC and 24V AC with line lock) to interface into all systems. The CVC-6146HR also includes a three-axis mount for wall and ceiling applications.

9 PoE Midspan > Phihong USA’s POE125U Gigabit-compatible, eight-port midspan is designed for powering VoIP phone systems and multicamera security systems. It is simple network management protocol (SNMP)-capable, allowing for remote camera monitoring and reset without additional personnel. The midspan provides up to 15.4W of power per port and requires no power management, and one UPS keeps phones and cameras working even when power is lost.

10 Firestop > Hilti’s CP 653 Speed Sleeve cable management firestop device is designed for healthcare managers and telecom and electrical professionals. It has “spin-on” flanges so it can be installed quickly. Cables do not need to be inserted in a uniform height to comply with the firestop detail. The CP 653’s constrictive smoke seal limits smoke migration whether empty or 100 percent visually filled. It has smoke-seal fabric that is tested to 250 open-close cycles.

11 Hard Drive > Samsung Electronics Co.’s Spinpoint F1 RAID Class 3.5-in. SATA hard drive has 1 TB of capacity and is designed for enterprise storage and surveillance applications. It has three platters and has a spindle speed of 7,200 rpm. The hard drive has a 334 GB per-platter capacity and a 32 MB cache. The Spinpoint F1R uses an average of 6.7W in idle mode and an average of 7.2W in random seek mode. In addition, the drive operates at 2.7 Bell in idle mode.

12 Intrusion Detectors > Bosch Security Systems’ Professional series intrusion detectors have multipoint antimask technology with integrated spray detection. They have a sealed optic chamber that provides immunity to drafts and insects and eliminates accidental damage. Solid-state relays send silent alarm output signals and are unaffected by an external magnet.

13 Switch > Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories’ SEL-2725 five-port Ethernet switch is an unmanaged Ethernet edge switch and media converter, with four wired ports and one fiber optic port. Connect Ethernet ports of up to four devices in the same cabinet or panel to the switch, using Cat 5 shielded, twisted-pair cable. Use the fiber optic port with fiber optic cable to safely link the switch to a station Ethernet network.

14 Enclosure > Dotworkz’s marine-grade outdoor enclosure is designed to supply protection to video surveillance cameras operating in wet coastal areas, marinas, shipyards and beaches, as well as on marine vessels. It is constructed of impact-resistant polyurethane and safeguards cameras from damaging airborne moisture and salts, UV rays and wide ranges in ambient temperature. It is compatible with most PTZ IP network and analog cameras.

15 Video Recorder > Home Automation Inc.’s network digital video recorder (NDVR) has four channels and can be installed stand-alone to view video through its embedded Web server or used in conjunction with an HAI home control system where cameras can be viewed on HAI’s touchscreens, over the Internet or smartphone. The NDVR records video based on motion or any other chosen event. Recordings may be viewed on- or off-site using a standard Web browser. Included client software allows viewing of live and recorded video for up to 16 cameras at the same time on a split screen.

16 Security System > Doosan Infracore Portable Power’s Ingersoll Rand MVS-6 mobile security system uses a self-contained power unit, which employs a standard hybrid power system of solar and diesel technology to ensure six months of uninterrupted remote operation. It can be remotely operated, using software that connects the user to the system’s day/night imaging camera and a 40 GB DVR through a wireless connection. The operator can remotely control the pan/tilt/zoom functions of the camera and access the DVR to review recorded images. An installed motion detector initiates camera operation when movement is detected.

17 Enclosure > STI’s fluorescent light damage stopper protects fluorescent lights from damage and vandalism with its web-like shape and corrosion-resistant, coated wire. Two guards adjust to accommodate various fluorescent twin-tube lighting fixtures. The largest, STI-9881, measures 98¼ in. fully extended and can be retracted to 74¾ in. The smaller version, STI-9880, measures 62¾ in. and retracts to 51 in.

18 Illuminator > Extreme CCTV’s UFLED Intelligent-IR illuminator is powered by Constant Light and is designed to deliver a constant level of lighting throughout the illuminator’s life for nighttime surveillance. Constant Light compensates for LED degradation, ensuring imaging over time, regardless of varying ambient temperatures. Black Diamond night vision produces up to 720-ft. infrared illumination, and Power-on-Board design eliminates the need for a dedicated power supply.

19 Image Sensor > OmniVision’s OV9710 high-definition (HD) image sensor is designed for use in indoor and outdoor applications for the security and surveillance markets. The OV9710 is a ¼-in. HD CameraChip sensor providing full-frame, sub-sampled or windowed 8-bit/10-bit images in raw RGB format via the digital video port. The sensor delivers full-frame HD 720 p (1,280 × 720) at 30 fps or 800 p (1,280 × 800) at 30 fps with complete user control over image quality, formatting and output data transfer. The OV9710 incorporates image processing functions, including exposure control, gain control, white balance, lens correction and defective pixel correction. These functions are programmable through the serial camera control bus interface.