1 Connector > Seco-Larm’s CA-1615-06LQ test light/6-inch extender illuminated power connector has a built-in LED that helps in the troubleshooting of CCTV and access control products, including CCTV cameras, maglocks, door strikes, etc. The LED illuminates when it is connected to power. There are three color indicators; blue indicates correct polarity DC; red indicates incorrect polarity DC; and purple indicates AC power. The LED remains on while power is connected and shines brighter as voltage increases.

2 Bracket > Arlington Industries’ LV1 single-gang nonmetallic mounting bracket adjusts to fit ¼–1½-in.-thick wallboard, paneling or drywall. The recessed screw hole allows for flush seating of the wall plate to the wall surface. “Wings” flip up and securely hold the bracket as screws are tightened. The bracket has oval holes for final shifting and straightening. It is designed for low-voltage, Class 2 wiring in existing construction.

3 Cable > Mohawk’s LAN-Trak outside plant Cat 5e outdoor UTP cable extends current networks to outdoor satellite structures. It is suited for runs under concrete slabs, in moist locations and for aerial lashing. It also is designed for IP-based cameras in parking lots or other exterior applications. The cable is designed for exposure to the elements with a black UV-resistant polyethylene jacket and employs a semi-dry flooding material that cleans easily from the cable core.

4 Paging System > Notifier’s Onyx digital voice command (DVC) offers digital audio evacuation, paging and firefighter’s telephone system. It uses eight channels of audio to deliver live emergency paging while simultaneously broadcasting multiple, distinct messages throughout an entire facility or to selected areas. Onyx DVC comes with preprogrammed paging groups so that, in an emergency, each group of building occupants receives the information most relevant to them. It also has up to five channels of firefighter’s telephone operation for communication between emergency responders.

5 Camera Mounting System > Dotworkz’s E-Z Lock pole-mounting system uses a tilt-and-locking mechanism to position surveillance cameras at the exact viewing angle needed to compensate for slanted poles or walls, or to set a camera to monitor an upward/downward application, such as an escalator or cars traveling on a steep hill. It is made of 18-gauge steel and is compatible with most camera enclosures. Installation requires a standard screwdriver, and the E-Z Lock can fit to poles with diameters ranging from 1–2½ in.

6 Switches > APEM Components Inc.’s P36 DIP coded rotary switches come in a 7.4-mm square package designed to save PCB space. The switches are available in SMT and through-hole configurations and are process sealed. Switches are available in 10 and 16 positions in four output code configurations: BCD, BCD complement, hexadecimal and hexadecimal complement. The switches have three actuator styles: screw driver, spindle and slotted spindle. Typical applications include security systems, laboratory instrumentation, telecommunications equipment and computer peripherals.

7 Ballast > Orbit/UMI’s BAL3000 fluorescent emergency lighting ballast has 90 minutes of emergency operation, 1,450–3,500 lumens and can be wireway- or fixture-mounted. It has 120/277V AC, fully automatic operation; 280 mA charging current; and 24-hour recharging time. Battery, charger and inverter circuit are packaged together.

8 Fire Alarm Panels > Gamewell-FCI’s Flex series line of conventional fire alarm control panels includes two-, four-, five- and 10-zone fire control panels. Another 10-zone panel, expandable to 30 zones, is available for building operators who anticipate renovating and expanding their facilities. Five base models of control panels and plus a full range of compatible peripheral devices are available. The panels are designed for small to mid-size facilities and have programmable initiating and notification circuits, an 80-character LCD interface, built-in Form-C relays, DACT communicators and history logs that can record up to 256 events. The Flex series offers a choice of five audiovisual sync protocols: System Sensor, Cooper-Wheelock, Gentex, Federal and Amseco.

9 Cable > Honeywell ‘s Genesis Series Profusion jacketless cable is designed for access control applications and has a bundle of four individual shielded cables held together by a tight, continuous twist that can be separated. Each cable is color-coded and has sequential footage markings. The cable jacket does not need to be removed during the wiring installation process, and a single pull takes care of four cables at once.

10 DVRs > Bosch Security Systems’ Divar MR mid-range digital versatile recorders (DVRs) deliver real-time recording and playback and have recording resolutions up to full 4CIF. MPEG-4 compression extends retention periods and reduces storage costs. Video can be archived to USB flash drives or an optional DVD writer. The DVRs are available in eight- and 16-channel models with a variety of hard drive capacities. Interface options for various external devices cover both Bosch and third-party pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

11 Cameras > IndigoVision’s internal and external vandal-resistant fixed IP domes are professional CCTV cameras that incorporate a Sony EXview HAD CCD sensor and MPEG-4 or H.264 compression. They have a frame rate of 25/30 fps, and built-in support for power over Ethernet allows the camera to be powered directly from the network for lower installation costs. Each camera is available with a number of options, including PAL or NTSC formats, a standard or telephoto lens, and a color or day/night sensor.