1 Keypad > Honeywell’s 6272CV Graphic TouchCenter Keypad serves as both a high-resolution digital photo display and an intuitive, menu-drive touchscreen keypad that controls both residential and commercial security systems. It is available in black, silver or white and has a high-resolution screen that showcases photos and supports up to 64,000 colors. While homeowners can display images such as family photos and create slideshows with the simple insertion of an SD card, businesses can use the screen to advertise sales and special promotions or post employee announcements and floor plans. Language options include English, European Spanish, Latin American Spanish, French Canadian, Italian and Portuguese.

2 Dimming System > Cooper Wiring Devices’ ACCELL dimming system provides multilocation lighting control and is compatible with incandescent, halogen and magnetic low-voltage lighting up to 1,000W per VA and up to 8A for Advance Mark 10 fluorescent dimmable ballasts. It features an on/off tap switch, full-range dimming from up to six locations and standard three-way wiring and does not require a neutral for easy installation and retrofit. One master dimmer can be connected to up to five remote location dimmers, which also include LEDs to allow for indication of light level, on/off status and to provide a nightlight. ACCELL dimmers provide an air-gap switch; have power failure memory, electrostatic discharge protection and radio frequency interference suppression; and incorporate square law dimming.


3 Home Automation Control > Schneider Electric’s Wiser Home Control allows users to seamlessly connect many different technologies—such as lighting control, security, air conditioning, audiovisual equipment, media players, irrigation systems, motorized blinds and more—using 3G mobile phones or web-enabled devices. Functions, such as HVAC and lighting can be preset and automated for sustainable energy savings. Alerts notify the user about energy use and conservation. In vacation mode, everything is shut off except the security system, and a preprogrammed pattern of nighttime lighting is activated to make it seem as if someone is at home. If the alarm is triggered, it turns on the lights to deter any would-be intruders and automatically sends the owner a priority e-mail alert.


4 Controller > Verve Living System’s X2110HB-W-R 10-channel controller is hardwired and controls up to 10 light, fan and receptacle loads. Advanced features enable a variety of whole-house functions, ranging from on/off and dimming to lighting pathways and scenes. It supports the following source/load-type incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent, magnetic and electronic low-voltage, neon/cold cathode, LED, nondimming loads (fan or receptacle). It has zero-cross switching for optimal current control.

5 Timer > Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s RT12BK programmable countdown time switch has an adjustable time delay from 5–55 minutes (in five-minute increments) to 1–12 hours (in 15-minute increments). It has a digital countdown display, an audible beep and visible light flash warnings before automatic-off, and a lighted switch for visibility in darkened rooms. It can control incandescent, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, magnetic low-voltage and electronic low-voltage lamps.


6 Shade Controller > Lutron’s Sivoia QS Venetian blinds with intelligent tilt alignment maintain uniform positioning across adjacent blinds, provide independent control of lift and tilt, and feature presets to recall favorite height and tilt positions. The blinds can be controlled by seeTouch QS keypads, IR remote controls, and GRAFIK Eye QS. The position between adjacent shades will remain within 1/16-in. Blinds go to a predetermined height and tilt angle when a preset is recalled, and multiple presets can be defined for the same blind or group of blinds.

7 Thermostat > Crestron’s CHV-THSTAT heating/cooling and humidity thermostat is a thermostat with integrated humidistat designed for one and two stage control of forced air, radiant and heat pump HVAC systems. Available in white, black or almond with a large backlit LCD display, it is navigable using four pushbuttons. It provides access to indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity readings, setpoint adjustments, system mode and fan status indicators, and setup menus. Climate-control features include separate heating, cooling and humidity setpoints with optional automatic changeover between heating and cooling modes. Adjustable anticipators prevent overshooting the set temperature, and continuous fan operation can be selected when needed for increased circulation.

8 Lighting Control > Hubbell’s homeSELECT Rocker slide lighting controls provide preset on/off action and dimming. The slide bar provides a visual indication of the preset light level. It is easy to activate and has large heat sink for longer circuit life, superior RFI suppression circuitry and wire lead terminations. The side slide adjustment is built into the frame and out of the way.


9 Pump Alarm/Flood Alert > Reliance Controls’ THP205 sump pump alarm and flood alert sounds an extra-loud 105 dB alarm when water rises above an acceptable level in a basement sump crock. It can be mounted on a wall or stud above floor level, and the included weight can be attached to the water probe end of a 6-ft. sensor and be suspended at any level in sump crock. It has a low battery signal and runs on a 9V battery.


10 Wireless Door Control > Camden Door Controls’ Lazerpoint RF 915Mhz wireless door control system is compatible with all automatic door operators. It has a push-and-learn transmitter enrollment and signal strength indicators. It has 12- or 24-volt, AC or DC operation. It has advanced 915 mHz spread spectrum (broadband) wireless communications for range and performance in the most demanding applications


11 Timer Switch > Leviton’s programmable timer switches increase comfort and security at home. The selection includes 14- and 24-hour programmable timers and a variable preset version. They are useful for controlling indoor and outdoor lighting, pool filters, fans and a host of other devices in and around the home.

12 Volume Control > HAI’s wall-mounted OLED volume-source control allows users to play any music that is connected locally or to a remote input module (RIM). The OLED VSC displays source name, volume bar chart, bass, treble, balance and more. It has four hard buttons for control of volume, source and power. It is available in white, almond, light almond, black and ivory. It also acts as an infrared repeater for source component control. Simply point the source’s remote at the VSC, and it will route the signal back to the original source component through the RIM.

13 Daylighting Sensor/Control > Legrand/Wattstopper’s stand-alone/single channel LightSaver LS-301 dimming photosensor is a closed loop, ceiling-mount, low-voltage indoor photosensor that works with standard, 0–10V DC electronic dimming ballasts to dim lighting as daylight increases. It has optional occupant adjustment using a handheld remote.