1 Lighting Control System > Lutron’s RadioRA 2 wireless lighting control system provides convenient control of lights, shades, audiovisual devices, and temperature in a single room or throughout a whole home. Users can control lights and shades from wall-mounted, tabletop or handheld controls in a specific room or remotely from another room or outside. Users save 20 percent in energy by dimming a standard halogen or incandescent lamp by 25 percent. Radio Powr Savr occupancy sensors turn on the lights when someone enters a room, then turns them off when the room is empty. A vacancy-only version also is available.


2 Dimming Controller > Leviton Manufacturing’s CN200 dimming controller is a Decora-style device for use within Leviton Control Network lighting systems. It has an infrared receiver for use with a remote control and provides on/off and dim/bright control. The controller can be used to set its own LCnet address as well as power pack addresses.


3 Occupancy Sensor > Crestron’s Green Light occupancy sensors have built-in microprocessors and photocells to significantly reduce on time for lights, cutting energy usage. Climate and device control can also be integrated. Models include wall- and ceiling-mount versions with a variety of coverage ranges. Dual-technology (ultrasonic and passive infrared) sensing delivers optimum detection of motion while minimizing the effects of false triggers, such as electrical noise, air currents and temperature changes. Passive infrared-only versions also are available.


4 Light Sensor > Schneider Electric Square D Clipsal’s Light-Level Sensor measures ambient light levels and automatically issues on, off, or ramp commands over a C-Bus network, which helps save energy. The wall-mounted, low-profile units can control relays, dimmers or remotely operated circuit breakers, changing their status according to preset ambient lighting levels. They have dynamic ranges, between 5 to 150 foot-candles, and compensate for noise and rapid light intensity fluctuations by using filtering and hysteresis. They store operating status in nonvolatile memory for recovery from a power failure, offer a 180-degree field of view and can be enabled or disabled over the C-Bus network.


5 Touchscreen > HAI’s OmniTouch 5.7e 53A00-2 touchscreen has a 5.7-in. viewable screen to facilitate control of lights, temperature, security, audio/video and more. It can be fully customized using HAI Automation Studio customization software, including the addition of floor plans and custom images, as well as foreign language support. It allows users to view supported IP cameras and control entertainment components from an HAI Touchscreen. Analog cameras can be converted to IP streams using the HAI camera server.


6 Daylighting Controller > Legrand/Watt Stopper’s self-calibrating LS-102 daylighting controller provides closed-loop, single-zone, on/off switching of most types of lighting in response to daylight contributions. It continuously and automatically calibrates itself, eliminating the need for repeated manual calibrations to capture changing light levels as room reflectance levels change, reducing burdensome setup requirements. When ambient light levels exceed the off setpoint, the LS-102 will turn controlled lighting off. When the on setpoint is triggered, lighting turns back on. It features other adjustable settings, including deadband and time-delay settings. Users may also team the photosensor with a low-voltage wall switch to enable manual override or use the sensor’s optional hold on capability.


7 Door Controls > Camden Door Controls Inc.’s Sure-Wave hands-free infrared door activation switches deliver ADA compliance and are available in a full range of narrow/jamb, single- and double-gang faceplate configurations and are ideal for barrier-free applications, restrooms, hospitals and clean rooms. They feature an operating range of 1 to 26 inches and an adjustable time delay of 1–5 seconds. One-piece faceplates (with gasket, included) permit use in all weather conditions and environments. It operates on 12–24V AC/DC and has a heavy-duty 5-amp relay, ensuring compatibility with all automatic door operators and electrified locks.


8 Monitoring System > Reliance Controls’ THP201 PhoneAlert monitors homes, condos, cottages, outbuildings, cabins, etc., for power failure, freezing conditions and water leakage or flooding. If an event occurs, it automatically calls up to three different phone numbers of the user’s choice. It connects to existing telephone lines. It has selectable 5- or 30- minute initial call-out delay; a clear voice message identifies the problem, and it continues calling for up to 10 hours.


9 Zone Control Panel > Digital Security Controls’ PowerSeries 8–64-zone control panel PC1864 has eight on-board zones and is expandable to 64 hardwired zones or 32 wireless zones. It has template programming and can connect up to eight supervised keypads with keypad zones. It features a 500-event buffer and 95 user codes.


10 Switch Sensor > Legrand/Pass & Seymour dual-technology wall switch sensors offer automatic or manual-on operation. The combination of passive infrared and ultrasonic technologies provides high sensitivity and wide, dense detection. Three control options can set the on/off time delay once occupancy is detected. A self-adaptive option adjusts time delays based on usage patterns and differentiates electrical noise from human motion.


11 Lighting Control > Philips Lighting Electronics North America’s LuxSense lighting control controls up to 20 fixtures and can be incorporated directly into a fixture or fastened to a high-efficiency T5 lamp using a clip included in the package. Users adjust the device’s rotating diaphragm to set the desired light level should they want a level different than the 45 foot-candles preset on the device.


12 Energy Management Solution > iControl Networks’ ConnectedLife energy management solution provides monitored energy usage, including real-time viewing of kilowatts used and dollars spent; simple control with a widget-based touchscreen panel to control key energy-consuming items, such as HVAC, lighting and more; and integration with presence-based rules that allow flexible energy savings consistent with consumer behavior, using broadband companies and other service providers to enhance interactive service offerings for a complete broadband home-management experience.


13 Wireless Control System > Cooper Wiring Devices’ ASPIRE RF wireless control system features a full line of switches, receptacles, dimmers, scene controls, remote controls, accessories and screwless wall plates that combine design with intelligent wireless technology inside and outside the home. The products can be controlled with the press of a single button on a remote control and can be joined with other devices to create events or scenes that offer ambience, convenience and energy savings.