A Class 1-A ladder that also functions as a handtruck has captured the imaginations of several contractors at the 2006 NECA Show. Flip 'n' Haul's creator got the idea for his invention when he was hauling all his gear, products to be installed, and a ladder by hand to a job site. He went home that night with an idea to make things better for any contractor who carries a ladder, materials and equipment -- and Flip 'n" Haul is the result.

The ladder inverts and casters hidden under the top rung turn it into a handtruck. Flip-n-Haul’s carry plate doubles as a tool shelf at the top of the ladder. The plate also features integrated slots for holding cords, nut drives, and expensive power tools. All parts fold completely out of the way when not in use, and the whole assembly doesn't require any more storage space than a traditional ladder.

Flip 'n' Haul won a Retailers Choice Award at the National Hardware Show and has been featured on the CBS Early Show and HGTV. See www.flip-n-haul.com for more information on this product.