1 Cable > Cables Unlimited’s OptiFlex hybrid cables offer deployment lengths up to 550 ft. with less than 10 percent voltage drop (based on radio power up to 950 watts). Cables arrive preterminated with appropriate breakouts, weatherized and with standard tools and basic fiber and power testers. All hybrid cables are produced to specifications, combining coax, multiple fiber, Ethernet and power cables bundles within a rugged UV, heat-and-moisture resistant PVC outer jacket that can withstand harsh weather conditions or direct burial. The cables are weatherized from end to breakouts, ensuring optimal performance in environments up to 75°C, wet or dry.


2 Duct > Automation Systems Interconnect Inc.’s narrow-slot wire duct offers a way to navigate and cover wires in a control panel. The narrow finger design is good for high-density applications. The wire duct is UL-approved and available in gray, blue, white and black. The upper and lower scoreline can be broken without tools. It has a double restricted design to secure wires. The V-shaped slot lead speeds up installation. The material carries a flame retardancy rating of UL94V0.


3 Cable > Draka Communications Americas’ series of loose-tube fiber cables have an all-dielectric armor design. The cables are available in 24 to 432 fiber configurations and have a 20-ft. mid-span buffer tube storage capacity, allowing for mid-cable access. The nonmetallic armoring layered between two polyethylene jackets is rodent-resistant.




4 Cable Wrap Spool > Azco Technologies Inc.’s fire-retardant cable wrap ½ in. x 600 ft. spool can be wrapped around cable and cut to desired lengths to bundle cables. This product is for general use and can also be used in plenum ceiling/air handling space applications.




5 Cable Tray System > Thomas & Betts’ speedtray light-duty aluminum cable tray system is available in 2- or 4-in. profiles. Typical applications include telecom and Cat 5 wiring, LAN cabling and wiring closets, marine vessel wiring and light-duty electrical wiring projects in commercial or industrial facilities. The 2-in. tray is suited for telecom and light-duty wiring applications in confined spaces and the 4-in. tray is suited for manufacturing plants, hydroelectricity centrals and automation lines. A strut nut hardware kit is required to attach the accessories to the straight sections and fittings. No drilling or additional hardware is required. For additional rigidity and wire capacity, all rungs on the cable tray are positioned at the bottom of the profile and welded into position at four locations for increased strength.

6 Cable Barrier Bridge > Cooper B-Line’s barrier bridge solves the challenge of dividing cables running in the same cable tray at horizontal tees and crosses. The barrier bridge provides a tier system within the tray. The hemmed edges protect cable jackets and raised sides of the top level retain cables. It comes with a cable bridge, elevation brace, standard barrier and standard hardware that can be used with all ladder tray materials and heights. It also reduces the potential for signal interference at intersections and is available for two or three cable runs.


7 Cable > Northwire, Inc.’s Advanced EnduroFLEX ERP (exposed run power) 105°C halogen-free flame-retardant cable has cold temperature impact resistance, greater bending, variable, torsional and rolling flexibility across the temperature range of –40°C to 105°C. Flame-resistance standards meet FT4 rating; it is overmold assembly compatible. Suited for indoor, outdoor, factory and energy applications and available in all colors.



8 Wire Duct > Phoenix Contact’s halogen-free wire duct is designed for use in public areas that demand increased safety from toxic smoke. Good for locations such as airports, subways, commuter rail cars or buses, office buildings and offshore housing, it features an easy-on/easy-off cover, a single part number for both the duct and cover and two score lines for easier removal of wire duct’s fingers and wall. It is rated for an extended temperature range from –25 to 90°C.



9 Cable > Optical Cable Corp.’s ultra high-density fiber optic cables feature tight-buffered 12-fiber units. They offer up to a 20 percent reduction in diameter and weight relative to conventional loose-tube cables, allowing for greater fiber density and cable packing within ducts. Suitable for direct pulling with wire mesh grips, they eliminate the need to splice outdoor cable to indoor cable at building entrances. The cables are available in fiber counts from 24 to 288 fibers.


10 Conduit Body > Calbrite’s stainless steel type X conduit body allows contractors and maintenance personnel to run wire and cable in multiple directions. The stainless steel design lasts in corrosive and harsh environments such as wash-down applications and wastewater treatment plants. It is available in ½ in., ¾ in., 1 in., 1½ in. and 2 in. models. The four-hub X configuration limits the number of additional fittings needed on a project. A cover and gasket set is also included. The flat-back design allows for extra wiring capacity and the type X body conduit can be used as pulling fittings. An accessible wiring chamber provides a location to make splices.


11 Cable Pathway > Specified Technologies, Inc.’s EZ-Path series 44+ fire-rated cable pathway offers increased cable capacity, performance and versatility. It also has an extension module, providing 6 in. of additional length, allowing it to be used in thicker walls. The cables provide protection against the propagation of fire and smoke.



12 Cable > General Cable's EXZEL high-endurance electronic cables are UV-resistant and engineered for extreme environments in which oil, liquids, vapors and other harsh substances can attack the jacketing of conventional “round gray” PVC electronic cables. The cables also come in low-smoke, zero-halogen constructions.