1 Cable Anchor > Snake Tray’s Snake Feet ballasted roof-mount anchor carries PV cables from solar arrays to combiner boxes and inverters, using common cement block ballast and supports. It is also available with a strut-mount system as well as custom brackets to attach it to virtually any rooftop ballasted component.

2 Conduit > Southwire’s Slinky-Flex Type SF extra-flexible metal conduit is manufactured with a spiral-wound strip of corrosion-resistant, hot-dipped galvanized steel with a zinc coating. It has a smooth metal interior for easy wiring pulling and crush-resistant shielding for floor, wall and ceiling cables.

3 Cable > AFC Cable Systems’ HCF-Lite aluminum healthcare facilities cable has aluminum interlocked armor (color-coded green), solid/stranded copper conductors and nylon thermoplastic THHN insulation. The conductor insulation is covered in moisture-resistant, fire-retardant paper wrap. The maximum temperature rating is 90°C (dry), and the maximum voltage rating is 600V.


4 Cable Tray > Cablofil’s wiremesh cable tray is available in standard 10-ft. lengths and has Safe-T-Edge, which protects from sharp ends and prevents cables from fraying. The 2-in.-wide-by-4-in.-long mesh allows users to route cables without cutting. The 1-in. to 6-in.-high flange side prevents cables from falling off. It is available in electro zinc, hot-dipped galvanized stainless steel, black painted and other painted finishes.

5 Conduit System > Thomas & Betts/Kopex International’s Kopex-Ex metallic and nonmetallic electrical conduit systems are designed for the hazardous environments, such as offshore installations and petrochemical refineries. Components include glands, topping plugs, thread converters and accessories. They are UL-compliant.


6 Patch Cables > AutomationDirect’s Category 5e Ethernet patch cables are available in eight colors and 3-ft. to 50-ft. lengths. The straight and crossover patch cables support up to 1,000 Mbps and are designed to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference by incorporating a single metal foil shield that wraps around the entire set of four twisted shielded pairs. RJ-45 connectors are also shielded against electrical interference.


7 Cable Management System > Leviton’s high-capacity 8-in. Versi-Duct vertical cable management system is for use in Cat 6A installations with typically larger diameter cable. Designed to fit any standard equipment rack, the system is available in front-only or front/rear configurations with dual-hinge black or gray covers, slack spools, cable retainers and mounting brackets. It includes horizontal managers and an array of accessories.

8 Cable Entry Device > Arlington’s Scoop nonmetallic CED130 cable entry device with slotted cover plate organizes and protects low-voltage cable against abrasion. Mounting holes allow users to attach a decorator-style wall plate to the low-voltage side of an electrical box, providing extra support to the installation.



9 Cable > General Cable Corp.’s GenSPEED Brand line of 17 Free UL-rated Category 6 and 5e riser cables feature substantiated green properties and may qualify for LEED credits under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED Pilot Credit 2 program. With the removal of halogens, which fall into group 17 of the periodic table, this cable does not contain any chlorine, fluorine, bromine or iodine, reducing the overall toxicity of the cable and resulting in a more environmentally friendly product.

10 Cable > Belden’s New Generation low-voltage specialty electronic cables are used for audio, control, computer interconnect, alarm, security, CCTV, circuit integrity and other security applications, including door and lock power controls and card readers.

11 Cable > Alcan Cable’s Stabiloy mobile home feeder cable uses quadruplexed Type USE-2/RHH/RHW-2 Stabiloy conductors, including one grounded (neutral) conductor with a continuous white longitudinal stripe and an equipment-grounding conductor with a total green surface coating. The compact, stranded conductor (AA-8030 Series aluminum alloy) with black cross-linked polyethylene insulation is sunlight-resistant with a maximum operating temperature of 90°C in dry and wet locations.

12 Cable > Encore Wire Corp.’s tray cable has a tough, reliable heat and moisture-resistant PVC outer jacket and is available in sizes from 16 AWG through 750-4 conductor with a choice of THHN/THWN inner conductors or XHHW inner conductors. It is sunlight-resistant, approved for direct burial in wet or dry locations, and for use outdoors.


13 Cable Tray System > Cooper B-Line’s Redi-Rail cable tray system features corrosion-resistant aluminum construction and an I-beam-shaped rung. It is sized for 85 percent of indoor installations—2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 fill loads, 8B, 12B and 12C strength. It has multifunctional prepunched holes and allows for the addition of splice plate hardware, ¼-in. or smaller attachments, rungs to be repositioned and cut-to-length options in the field.

14 Cable > Corning Cable Systems’ FREEDM LST gel-free cables are flame-retardant, indoor/outdoor cables suitable for installation in aerial, duct and riser applications. Because of the riser rating, there is no need for a transition splice when entering the building. Using water-swellable yarns both inside and surrounding the buffer tubes, the cables are fully waterblocked and available in a compact design from two to 24 fibers. The buffer tubes and fibers in each tube are color-coded for easy identification.


15 Cable > Lutze Inc. ‘s Driveflex XLPE VFD flexible industrial cable has very low capacitance XLPE insulation, a thermoset material with a high voltage breakdown level, which addresses the corona discharge effect. It has a 1,000V VFD 90°C rating per UL and TC-ER and WTTC approvals. A foil-and-braid shield combination with drain wire ensures compliance with EMC requirements.