1 Conduit > Allied’ E-Z Pull True Color steel EMT has distinctive color identification that provides instant identification of power, datacom and emergency electrical systems. The seven bright colors eliminate the need to spray paint, powder coat or tape in the field. The conduit is hot-galvanized for durability with a vibrant top coat and has damage-resistant strength combined with ductility for easy bending. The E-Z Pull interior finish provides a smooth raceway for fast wire-pulling.




2 Cable > Coleman Cable Inc.’s Royal brand diesel locomotive (DLO) cable is constructed with fully annealed tinned copper, ethylene propylene (EP) insulation and a chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) compound jacket, which make it impact- and abrasion-resistant, with resistance to oils, heat, flame, acids and alkalis. The cable also carries a sunlight-resistant rating. It may be used in oil and gas drilling rigs, mining and earth-moving equipment, shipyards, motor leads, and other heavy-duty industrial environments.


3 Cable Tray > Snake Tray’s MC Snake Tray for MC cables is field bendable and designed to install overhead in concrete buildings with its built-in mounting hardware, which is secured directly into the concrete deck with traditional pole guns. Cables snap in with Snake Tray’s adjustable installation pole from the floor. Trays connect together with a single connector bolt. Built-in mounting rings allow MC Snake Tray to be installed directly to the ceiling.


4 Conduit Cleaner > General Machine Products Co.’s heavy-duty, stiff-spine conduit cleaners remove obstructions, such as dirt, ash, sand, oxides and debris, from utility conduits. Constructed with resilient, oil-tempered spring steel bristles, they are available in diameters from 2 to 6 in. and lengths from 4 to 5.25 in. The work load capacity is up to 1,250 lbs. They come with pulling eyes on either end for pulling line attachment.


5 Cable > Southwire’s SIMpull power cable is available in voltages from 2.4 kV to 35 kV, maintaining all electrical and physical characteristics. The jacket is sunlight-resistant and has EFC Envirotect no-lead EPR insulation. It is also available with factory-installed SIMpull Head pulling grips. The Slikqwik-infused membrane (SIM) technology makes installing wire and cable faster and safer for electrical contractors.


6 Cable > Berk-Tek Nexans Co.’s Aramid connect plenum fiber optic cable provides a small cable diameter suitable for termination with MPO connectors. The 3.0 mm diameter cable contains up to 12 color-coded fibers.



7 Cable Tray > Cooper B-Line’s Flextray F.A.S.T. System for raised floor cable features two shorter stands: a 4-in.-tall nonadjustable stand and a 6–8-in. height-adjustable stand, both available in 12- and 20-in. widths. Low stands are convenient for retrofit projects. They feature a toolless assembly, and flat fittings are available for turns to eliminate wire cutting and bending.


8 Cable > AFC Cable Systems Inc.’s MC-Quik (purple base color) and MC-Stat (green base) metal-clad cable features a wrap-free conductor assembly under an interlocking metal armor. The one-step removal of insulation and protective covering eliminates the need to unwind and dispose of an overall assembly tape or paper wrap. The cables have an oversized aluminum bonding/grounding conductor in conjunction with the outer metal armor as the equipment-grounding means. MC-Stat cables are used in healthcare settings where dual-path grounding requirements are necessary and have an insulated green copper grounding conductor for the second path to ground.

9 Cable > Alcan Cable’s All Aluminum Conductor (AAC) cable provides reliable performance in overhead transmission and distribution applications. AAC conductors are used in line designs that do not require the strength of ACSR-type conductors, while still maximizing current-carrying capacity. The concentrically stranded conductor consists of aluminum alloy 1350-H19 wires, and is available in both single and multilayer constructions.