1 Cable > Honeywell’s Genesis series jacketless cables are held together by a tight, continuous twist to allow the installer to easily separate data and coaxial cable components. They are lighter and smaller with a better bend radius than similar jacketed cable. The lack of a jacket also reduces cracking caused by cold weather. The cables are available in a variety of combinations including Category 5e UTP cables for voice and data plus two RG 6/U quad shielded coaxial cables as well as bundles with two optical fibers and additional constructions.


2 Cable Tray > Hoffman’s Clean Tray stainless steel cable tray uses a unique sloped-top sanitary design that minimizes dirt, debris and mold build-up for easy cleaning. The tray includes sloped-top fittings, variable angle fittings that adjust from 0 to 90 degrees and telescopic straight sections with an 18- to 29-inch extension range to provide greater installation savings and optimal sanitary performance. The tray has 45- and 90-degree elbows with male and female coupling options to accommodate applications requiring tight right turns. The clean tray delivers protection for rated cables in beverage and pharmaceutical industries, including brewing, wine production and pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging.


3 Cable > Isotec’s SIMTRA power cables can be distributed or installed in the same conduit or in parallel locations with low-voltage audio, video or network cables. The cables are surrounded by a ferrite compound that provides a barrier within the cable to attenuate surges and transients, eliminating interference to adjacent low-voltage cabling. They are available in 3–6 THHN/THWN conductors at 6–16 AWG and their PVC jackets are flame-retardant. The cables are available in fusion- and HVAC-bundled versions for simplified installation of power and low-voltage cables.


4 Raceway > Hubbell’s HBLALU7620 series three-channel raceway is available with two sizes of covers to reduce the amount of seams that dirt, bacteria and debris can get into. The raceway is available in prewired and unwired profiles and is 2.25 in. deep. The raceway’s fittings have a 1.25-in. bend radius for high-speed data conductors. It uses a satin anodized finish to resist oxidation, corrosion and fading and is ideal for applications such as laboratories, schools, restaurants, pharmaceutical manufacturers and commercial buildings.


5 Cable Assemblies > RF Indsutries’ MHF series coax-cable assemblies are available in a variety of connector terminations, including SMA reverse polarity, TNC female or reverse polarity female bulkhead, N female bulkhead and SMA male. They are compatible with UFL assemblies often used to connect the PC board to the housing device. The assemblies are manufactured in lengths from 3–12 inches with electrical performance good up to 6 GHz with a VSWR rating of 1.3 maximum.


6 Cable > AFC Cable Systems’ MC-Plus neutral per phase cable has individual neutrals striped to match each phase conductor. The easy identification on the cable armor allows the building’s power to stay on during maintenance, increasing office productivity. The cable is available in both 120/208 and 277/480 multiconductor cable designs.


7 Conduit Sleeve Couplings > Carlon Electrical’s conduit sleeve couplings are designed for pass-through applications in concrete construction. The Thermoplastic Elastomer construction makes them concrete-tight and flexible enough to mount to any surface. The couplings can be mounted in vertical wall spans or angled wall spans up to 30 degrees per side. They blend in to the concrete construction and come in trade sizes of 2–6 inches.


8 Connection Cable > Automation Direct’s ZIPLink prewired connection cables cut PLC wiring time while eliminating the need to wire PLC I/O to terminal blocks. One end of the cable plugs into a DirectLOGIC or CLICK I/O module, and the other end into a ZIPLink connector module. The cables are available in a variety of styles and can be used with various PLC brands.


9 Cable > Alpha Wire’s 26 and 28 AWG Xtra-Guard 1 performance cables use smaller gauge conductors to reduce cable diameter, provide better flexibility and increase compatibility with smaller connectors while still providing high performance and system reliability. The cables are available in unshielded, foil and suprashield foil/braid, consisting of a trilaminate foil and tinned copper braid for exceptional EMC performance.