1 Cable > AFC Cable Systems’ MC-Lite metal-clad cable has aluminum interlocking armor with ColorSpec phase/circuit stripes. It is designed for commercial, industrial, multiresidential branch circuits and feeder wiring and services for power, lighting, control and signal circuits.

2 Cable > Hyperline’s four-pair solid indoor Cat 6a shielded twisted-pair cable has wire made of soft annealed electrolytic copper. Every pair is separately shielded with polyester aluminum foil, which covers 100 percent of the twisted pair. The conductor insulation is HDPE, film-porous-film structure, and the cable jacket is made of PVC.

3 Cable Tray > Cope’s ladder cable tray is a system of prefab rails connected by rungs designed for power, control, instrumentation cable and other cable support.. It is manufactured in 10- (CSA), 12-, 20- (CSA) and 24-ft. lengths; 6-, 9-, 12-, 18-, 24-, 30- and 36-in. widths; and, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-in. load depths. Rungs are 1-in. diameter tubes with a 7/8-in. flattened cable support surface. Rung spacings of 6, 9, 12 and 18 in. are available. Outward-facing flanges allow unobstructed access to contents of tray in width and depth.

4 Conduit > Arnco Corp.’s flame-retardant Fiber-Guard plenum is used as a non-metallic flexible raceway for protecting optical fibers. Fiber-Guard plenum is available in either white or orange for easy identification and has diameters of 1, 1¼, 1½ or 2 in. to accommodate specific fiber cable diameters. Sequential footage marking and product identification are printed every two feet on the plenum, which has standard lengths ranging from 250-ft. coils to 5,000-ft. reels.

5 Cable Support > Cooper B-Line’s F.A.S.T. system for underfloor cable support has a completely tool-less assembly. The wire mesh cable tray comes in various sizes and shapes and is available in lengths of 24 and 48 in.; depths of 2, 4 and 6 in.; and widths of 6, 12 and 20 in. The tray is designed to be flat-fitting for turns. The patented stands are designed to be foldable, adjustable and stackable. Stands come in widths of 12 and 20 in. and come equipped with height adjustment ranges of 10–16 in., 18–24 in. and 25–31 in. Support legs are marked in 1-in. increments to indicate the height from the concrete floor to the top of the stand. Tool-less clips and supports are available to connect the tray and add multiple levels to the system.


6 Cables > Coleman Cable Inc.’s unjacketed bundled cables have two Cat 5e and two RG-6 Quad. The cables eliminate the need to strip back the jacket, and the conductors easily separate into individual cables. They are designed for installations in confined spaces in residential applications including voice/data/video, CATV, HDMI and more.

7 Cables > Mohawk’s VersaLAN indoor/outdoor 25-pair CM Cat 5e shielded cables deliver 1 GbE to the desktop to meet increasing bandwidth requirements for such evolving applications as enterprise data centers. They can be used indoors in wet locations, such as below-grade duct or flood-prone areas.

8 cable Puller > Condux International’s Cableglider LW cable puller for light-duty applications can be used for inside or outside plant operations. It weighs 71 lbs. and has a rotating fork that accommodates both vertical and horizontal pulling applications. Each of the available 1–5-in. internal and external conduit adapters comes split. The one-speed motor and gearbox provide up to 3,000 lbs. of pulling force and a maximum pulling speed of 30 ft./min. The motor is controlled by a footswitch that keeps the operator out of the line of the pulling rope.


9 Conduit > Allied Tube & Conduit’s True Color EMT is available in eight bright colors to eliminate the need to spray paint, powder coat or tape in the field. Black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, standard silver and white coatings are available. True Color identifies fire safety, datacom, hospital, high-voltage and security areas. The EMT is ductile for bending and hot-galvanized for durability. The E-Z Pull interior finish provides a smooth raceway for fast wire pulling.

10 Power Module > Snake Tray’s integrated overhead power distribution module for the Mega Snake high-capacity overhead cable tray allows termination for electrical requirements directly from the Mega Snake. The power module attaches to Mega Snake’s accessory rail for overhead power distribution. The module can be preconfigured to a customer’s electrical requirements.

11 Conduit > Carlon Electrical’s high-density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit is a nonmetallic flexible raceway that offers a protective pathway for cables and wires and is used in underground or inner-duct applications. It can be installed by plowing, open/continuous trench, directional boring or pulling through existing conduit. The conduit is available in multiple colors and stripes and has sequentially marked footage. A full line of couplings and HDPE to PVC transition adapters is available.

12 cables > Belden Banana Peel composite projector cables support high performance in inter-room audio/video installations. They are designed for use in multiroom venues, such as schools, universities, municipal buildings and commercial office spaces. Within the cables, the video components include six RG-59 Type 75 ohm precision video mini coax cables for analog and digital video. The audio components include two 22 AWG shielded twisted-pair audio cables with aluminum foil-bonded jackets for easy access to the positive, negative and shield drain wire.

For more product information, direct from the manufacturer, visit www.ecmag.com/info.