1 Enclosure > Fibox’s ARCA JIC enclosure family can be molded in custom colors correspoding to the Pantone matching system, FED STD 595C or European RAL colors, as well as the standard RAL 7035 light gray injection-molded polycarbonate. They are available in 10 standard JIC enclosure sizes ranging from 6-by-6-by-4 in. to 18-by-16-by-10 in. Available in 120 configurations, they have opaque or transparent screw covers or hinged latched cover versions.

2 Cabinet > Pentair Technical Products’ Schroff brand Midas cabinet houses a variety of 19- or 23-in. rack-mount equipment in a fully welded, heavy-gauge steel frame, providing the ability to mount equipment, cable management, active cooling and other accessories. Preconfigured models are available in six standard sizes from 23RU to 48RU (1,200 to 2,100 mm) high, 600 to 700 mm wide and 800 to 1,000 mm deep. Engineered solutions also are available. Fan kit provisions are included.


3 Rack Security Devices > Cooper B-Line’s rack security device line includes small and large server boots, server boots with extension rails, and patch panel protectors. The hardware attaches inside the enclosure and is not accessible when the door is locked. When access is necessary, only the key is required—no special equipment or passwords. Mesh doors provide visibility and each patch panel protector provides bend radius protection with drop outs that are made of smooth, rigid plastic.


4 Enclosure > HP’s 10000 G2 Series 1,200-mm-deep rack enclosure is a 19-in. rack in 42U and 47U height with an eight-layer rolled steel frame construction for loading capacity up to 2,500 lbs. dynamically and 3,000 lbs. static. It can be customized with a rack badge for corporate logos. It has 100 in.2 of additional perforations for better airflow, full cable access, front and rear door handles and locks. It is cable-management-accessory-compatible and comes fully loaded and ready for instant deployment. Customers can also have their equipment preinstalled with cables dressed within the rack.

5 Enclosure > AFL’s wall-mount interconnect enclosures provide a convergence point for interconnecting and/or splicing with capabilities of 12 to 24 fiber patch and splice densities. They are provisioned for up to two LGX-compatible adapter plates or optical modules. The modular design is fully compatible with PoliMOD products and XFM optical cassettes. The U-shaped cable entry eliminates the need to feed preconnectorized cables through an access port. They have discrete access doors that are independently lockable with a common pad-lock or tube-style keyed lock.

6 Enclosure > Bud Industries Inc.’s die-cast aluminum ANS Series EMI/RFI waterproof enclosure has a double-channel sealing system. The continuous EMI/RFI gasket around the perimeter of the box provides a higher level of protection. A second, one-piece silicone gasket seals out dust and moisture. Numerous screws outside the sealing area ensure a uniformly tight seal and help the enclosure meet the IP67 standard (submersible up to 30 minutes). It is available in 18 sizes ranging from 2.83-by-2.64-by-1.53 in. to 9.45-by-6.30-by-3.35 in.


7 Enclosure > Stahlin’s small-junction CF enclosures can be used in compact or portable control systems or as an operator interface in both indoor and outdoor environments. They also can be used as general-junction or termination-point enclosures in an electrical system. The slim design allows easy use of pushbuttons and switches in machine control applications or where tight or dense space requirements are necessary.


8 Rack > Middle Atlantic Products’ Slim 5 rack frame system comes in 20- and 26-in. usable depths with a static load capacity of 1,000 lbs. Optional removable steel side panels provide security, while attractive thermolaminate top and side panel options provide aesthetic appeal. It has a heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel top and bottom and standard front and rear fixed 11-gauge, 10–32 threaded rackrail.


9 Rack Case > Verotec’s Veroshield 19-in. EMC screened rack case comes in 1U high and 10.4-in. deep, 2U and 3U high, and 14.4-in. deep sizes. They are constructed from 0.9 mm zinc-plated steel to maintain electrical conductivity. Removable top and bottom covers are secured with multiple fixings around the periphery ensure slot lengths are kept to a minimum to preserve attenuation levels.


10 Enclosures > Honeywell’s SEC-ENC-H-3 metal enclosure is available in three sizes to allow for various combinations of controllers and remote modules and all are equipped with a key lock and tamper switch. The medium and large sizes may be ordered with a factory-mounted universal voltage power supply covered by a protective metal shield. Knockouts are provided on top, bottom and sides. The interiors are spacious. They come with a mounted DIN rail, and removable hinged door with key lock.

11 Cabinet > Tripp Lite’ s SRW18US and SRW26US SmartRack wall-mount rack enclosure cabinets are useful for housing rack equipment where floor space is limited. Both models may be fitted with an optional rolling caster kit. Hinged cabinets swing away from the wall bracket for easy access to equipment and cabling; swing direction is reversible. They have a locking, reversible front door and locking, removable side panels; ventilated doors and side panels for increased airflow; top and bottom panel cable access openings; and are fully assembled.