1 Enclosure > Pentair Technical Products’ Hoffman FUSION G7 Global wall-mount enclosures have a scalable design with many internal component mounting provisions and options. They are available in 30 standard metric sizes and have a galvanized back panel and removable bottom gland plate. They have an array of flexible internal mounting, including full- and half-height back and side panels, front-to-back side-mount brackets, DIN rail adapter brackets and swing-out panels. The standard right-hand hinged door is reversible with prepunched and sealed holes.


2 Rack > Chatsworth Products’ adjustable-rail QuadraRack and ServerRacks have four-post frames with threaded or square-punched mounting rails to support 19-in.-wide rack-mountable network, computer server and data storage equipment and shelves. For indoor use only, they include two mounting frames, four horizontal braces, two front mounting rails, two rear mounting rails, one top-mount cable tray and one 7 RMU cable guide.


3 Enclosure > Bud Industries Inc.’s NBF Series latchable all-plastic enclosures are dust-tight and water-tight. They are useful for applications that require monitoring of internal components. The included optional wall-mounting brackets and hardware are made of stainless steel. Outdoor versions are made from UV-stabilized plastic. Style A has two or three latches; Style B has two latches and one stainless-steel latch with padlock capability. They are available in 23 sizes.


4 Cabinet > Tripp Lite’s SRW6U 6U wall-mount rack enclosure cabinet has ventilated front door and side panels that allow generous airflow to keep equipment operating safely. Adjustable rack rails with square mounting holes accommodate up to 6U of standard 19-in. rack-mount equipment. It supports up to 140 lbs. of equipment. A wall-mount bracket aids the user in quickly hanging the cabinet.


5 Enclosure > Mier Products Inc.’s filtered fan enclosures for outdoor and indoor applications feature shrouds to protect the intake and exhaust openings from direct moisture penetration. Doors with windows also are available. A reusable filter prevents airborne contaminants from entering the enclosure and may be easily snapped out of its holder for cleaning. A thermostat turns on fans only when the internal temperature exceeds the preset limits. Sizes available are 24-in.-by-24-in.-by-8.-in.; 24-in.-by-24-in.-by-12.-in.; and 24-in.-by-36-in.-by-12.-in.


6 Cooler > EXAIR’s cabinet coolers purge and cool electrical control panels. The cold air is circulated through the enclosure to eliminate heat damage and control shutdown. They can be installed in minutes through a standard electrical knockout hole and convert an ordinary supply of compressed air to 20°F without refrigerants or CFCs. The system includes a compressed air filter to ensure no moisture or dust is introduced inside the panel. Optional thermostat control minimizes compressed air use. Cooling capacities up to 5,600 Btu per hour are available.


7 Rack > Racks Unlimited’s heavy-duty 45U 19-in. server rack cabinet has a static load rating of 2,000 lbs. The steel cabinet includes one four-post frame; four vertical mounting rails;, two removable, lockable side panels; quick-release front and back doors; a top panel with slotted vents and four leveling feet.


8 Enclosure > Hammond Manufacturing’s 1550Z die-cast enclosures, a range of thick wall IP66 sealed boxes, are available in18 industry-standard sizes ranging from 1.98-by-1.78-by-1.19 in. to 8.76-by-5.77-by- 3.25 in. The bases have raised lands to facilitate PCB or component mounting; interior space is maximized with smooth walls and a shallow draft angle. For securely attaching the enclosures to a surface if required, through-box blind holes are provided outside the sealed area.