1 Enclosure > Cooper B-Line’s Dura Clean wash-down support enclosure is designed for the rigorous wash-down requirements of the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The stainless-steel enclosure has minimized angles to prevent water pooling and collection. The system can be installed in trapeze configurations for hanging piping, conduit or virtually any type of roof-supported racking system or wall-mount configurations for vertical or horizontal pipe support runs and enclosure support.




2 Rack Power Supply > Gefen’s Power Rack 54 and 58 come in a rack-mountable enclosure equipped with four or eight 5-volt power supplies. Each uses one 24-volt power supply to streamline cords, centralize power distribution and eliminate disorganization behind the audio/video rack. Through step-down power, both racks prevent signal degradation, particularly when powering VGA, component and audio devices. Overcurrent ability protects against power surges, while the metal enclosure offers electromagnetic shielding.



3 Cabinet > Middle Atlantic Products’ CableSafe data wall cabinet 26-in. width allows maximum room for cable bundles. It comes with either a wide-face rackrail on the right or left or an offset face rail that allows dressing to either side using included cable management rings or optional fiber spools. The swing-open center section permits easy access. The cabinet’s locking/latching front door provides security and aesthetics while an optional rear rackrail ensures additional support and cable management.



4 Enclosure > Hoffman’s painted type 4X stainless steel wall-mount enclosure has a white polyester powder finish inside and out to reduce solar radiation absorption and keep internal components cooler. This single-door enclosure features continuously welded, ground smooth seams, with no holes or knockouts, and its data pocket is constructed of high-impact thermoplastic.



5 Rack Distribution Module > Power Distribution Inc.’s modular rack distribution has three modules to fit into any 19-in. server rack: an enclosed panel board module with integrated current transformer strips, a branch circuit monitoring system communication board with a local monitor, and a variety of prewired receptacles.

6 Cabinet  > Eaton Corp.’s Powerware BladeUPS maintenance bypass Cabinet complements a 60 kVA Powerware BladeUPS parallel system (a rack-based UPS). The three-in-one cabinet allows the transfer of power to full system bypass to perform service, testing and maintenance without interrupting power to the critical load. It uses a TP-1 transformer to step down utility power from 480V to 208/120V to provide electrical isolation and appropriate input voltage.

7 Cabinet > APWMayville’s Pioneer Seismic cabinet can accommodate the cabling and power requirements that comes with both servers for IT applications and video headend equipment for telcos offering IPTV or other video services. It has vertical and horizontal lacing bars for cable management, heavy-duty cantilevered and rollout shelves, top- and rack-mountable fans for moving cool air through the racks; customized filler panels for a consistent appearance in empty rack spaces, and overhead lighting.



8 Enclosure > Fibox Enclosures’ ARCA injection-molded polycarbonate enclosures—with opaque or transparent covers—are available in seven standard interior enclosure sizes ranging from 6-by-6-by-4-in. to 18-by-16-by-10-in. All are UL-listed and NEMA rated Type 4, 4X, 12 and 13. Mounting plates plus fixed and hinged inner panels are available in metal or nonmetallic versions. Latches can be metal or nonmetallic, and are available with or without a padlock option.



9 Cabinet Cooler > EXAIR’s digital electronic temperature control cabinet cooler system permits just enough cooling for the electronics without going so cold as to waste compressed air. It incorporates solid state circuitry that detects the slightest change in temperature. The control has a strong polycarbonate plastic housing with sealed membrane push button control; models for 120V AC or 240V AC are available. It installs through a standard electrical knockout. All systems include an automatic drain filter separator. Cooling capacities up to 2,800 Btu/hr. are available.



10 Cabinet > Brooks Utility Products Group ELECTRAK primary metering cabinet has roll-out shelves that can hold up to 400 lbs. each. Constructed of galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish for durability and long life, it features a compact design for a smaller exterior footprint and appearance and is easily customized to a variety of transformers.



11 Rack System > Panduit Corp. Netrack cable management rack system for use in raised floor applications has a 23.75-in. width (to stay within the 24-in. floor tile footprint in stand-alone and bayed configurations). The 19- or 23-in. EIA mounting design provides optimal use in data centers and telecommunication rooms to support active equipment and manage network cabling. Additional features include integral bend-radius control and rack space identification.