1 Box > Arlington Industries Inc’s. Cam-Light box is useful for installing fixtures, smoke detectors and more on suspended ceilings, drywall ceilings and walls. It is rated up to 50 lbs. on suspended or drywall ceilings with a drop wire (included) for support and up to 10 lbs. without a drop wire. It may be turned to any angle for proper inline positioning of exit signs and direct lighting. It has a white, non-metallic, paintable flange; a steel version also is available. It has ½- and ¾-in. knockouts. It works for power and low-voltage equipment.



2 Box > Woodhead/Molex’s illuminated outlet box has a shatterproof Teflon globe mounted on a heavy NE?TEX rubber box, containing four single or four duplex receptacles. Standard duplex receptacles are protected by spring-loaded flip lid covers; the Watertite single receptacles are protected by rubber closure caps. It has MAX-LOC F3 cord grip with mesh grip included in diameters ranging from 0.562–0.687 in.


3 Receptacle > Appleton’s FSQC interlocked receptacle is compact and offers NEMA 4X corrosion protection. An epoxy powder-coat finish provides corrosion resistance. It comes standard with both spring door covers for convenient weather resistance and a screw-on cover for NEMA 4X applications. The receptacles are horsepower-rated, and auxiliary contacts are available on all models. It can be used in refineries, chemical plants, water treatment facilities and pharmaceutical production.



4 Box > Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems’ SystemOne modular metal floor box has a variety of application subplates that install into one universal cover for both flush in-floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. The cast-iron floor box for on-grade applications is corrosion-resistant and accepts a variety of SystemOne subplates and covers for any commercial application. The steel floor box for above-grade applications comes with a variety of flush, recessed, single and multiservice connectivity options. The high-capacity A/V steel floor box for audiovisual and multimedia applications requiring high cable capacity and larger bend radius has an oversized data conduit hub that permits the installation of these devices at a minimum depth of pour.


5 Alarm Receptacle > Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s audible alarm GFCI receptacle has an additional signal to the standard trip indicator light that indicates a sump pump, refrigerated display case, freezer or refrigerator has lost power. The audible alarm includes 15A and 20A tamper-resistant duplex GFCI receptacles. Hospital-grade models also are available. All devices have a high-impact-resistant, thermoplastic construction. SafeLock protection shuts off power to the receptacle if there is a ground fault, a miswire or compromised GFCI protection. It comes in white, black, brown, ivory and light almond.


6 Switch > Lutron’s Maestro infrared dimmer switch and remote provides infrared remote control of lighting. Compatible with most learning remote controls, the silver button recalls your favorite light level. The dimmer offers customizable, delayed fade-to-off, and the LEDs glow in the dark for easy location and show preset light level when lights are off. Multilocation dimming is compatible with three-way wiring. Full-range dimming is possible from up to 10 locations. It has suppresses interference with radio and TV, and matching Claro gloss or satin color wallplates are available for 1-gang up to 6-gang sizes.


7 Receptacle System > Thomas & Betts’ Steel City Adjust-A-Box system enables installers to adjust the receptacle box to any depth and wall thickness with the turn of a screw, after the wall covering has been installed. The system is available in single-and double-gang models. Once installed, the receptacle box can be removed to enable inner-wall access. The system includes ½-in. knockouts for MC cable and EMT and clamps for nonmetallic cable.



8 Box > Leviton’s industrial-grade watertight Wetguard FD Box System, available in nonmetallic single-, two- and three-gang configurations, is constructed of long-wearing rigid PVC, which offers durability in harsh industrial environments. It can be directly connected to a PVC conduit without the need for threaded adapters. The multigang boxes have a modular frame design that allows for combining single-gang devices in multigang configurations without the need for dedicated two- and three-gang cover plates.


9 Box > Hoffman’s EZ FORM pull box’s flat design consumes minimal space and can be hand-formed in 15 seconds or less. Prescored fold lines ease forming, and the sides of the box interlock and snap into place without tools. It features robust 16-gauge steel construction and flat covers, which may be removed for wiring access. It comes in three commonly used sizes available with or without knockouts, and mounting holes are conveniently located.



10 Receptacle > Cooper Wiring Devices’ USB duplex tamper-resistant receptacle features two integrated USB charging ports rated at 2.1A to quickly charge virtually any smartphone, tablet, mp3 player or camera. The commercial grade device replaces a standard AC duplex receptacle and is compatible with most devices that use a 5V adapter, is available in 15A and 20A, and has tamper-resistant shutters. It also includes a LED indicator light to notify users when a device is charging.



11 Prefabricated Assemblies > SP Products’ prefabricated room assemblies can be put together to user specifications using flexible conduit (steel or aluminum Greenfield, Sealtite, AC90 degree, MC cable, NMLT, ENT, etc.) with connectors, boxes, plaster rings, grounding pigtails, wiring devices, terminals and more applied, with or without wire and cable installed or various types of cord with straight-blade or twist-lock devices and Kellems-type grips applied.



12 Switch > Wattstopper’s time switches provide countdown on-times or scheduled control and are useful for controlling outdoor lighting, spa equipment, garage lighting and lighting in storage areas or rooms that are hard for vacancy sensors to monitor. The RT-50 preset countdown time switch has dedicated buttons for factory-set on-times. Options include 1, 5, 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes.



13 Box Ring > Orbit Electric’s 1- and 2-gang adjustable plaster rings replace all 4S and 5S device rings ranging from ¼-in. to 2-in. raised. They ensure proper installation of devices by accommodating a range of drywall thicknesses.



14 Box > Arnev Products Inc.’s round AV floor box with flip lids can be flush-mounted in wood and concrete floors. It holds two small AV connectors of most brands or one large connector. It is made in the United States and is available in solid brass or brushed aluminum covers.



15 Switch > Crestron’s CLWI-SWEX in-wall lighting control for 230V systems features engravable and field-customizable buttons and wireless infiNET EX communications. It can be used in new or retrofit applications. Positive snap-on fittings require no tools; the dimmer or switch can be configured with a large rocker or any combination of up to two adjacent half-size rockers or triple button pad. Each switch ships with a full assortment of blank buttons.