1 Receptacle > Thomas & Betts’ Russellstoll MaxGard waterproof circuit breaker interlocked receptacle and Russellstoll MaxGard waterproof non-interlocked receptacle feature standard neoprene O-ringed interior components for environmental separation at the front of each device; they don’t have to be connected together to be watertight. Additionally, both models feature a gated rotating disk at the face of the interior, which is engaged on insertion, and are available in 24 single-rate device polarizations with additional special ratings available.

2 Box > Appleton’s ETP fire and safety boxes are available in 4-in. and 411/16-in.-square, 1½-in. and 21/8-in.- deep welded or drawn construction protected by a red epoxy-powder coating that eliminates the need to paint at the warehouse or job site. They are available with a raised boss that allows for a 3/8-in. ground screw to be threaded into the box without contacting the mounting surface. Standard flat ground tapped holes also are available.


3 Dimmer switch > Crestron’s CLCI series in-ceiling lighting dimmers and switches for 230V international installations enable complete wireless control of virtually any installed lighting fixture. With quick in-ceiling mounting, either on or near a fixture, it enables long-range wireless control of all lighting from any Crestron keypad, touchscreen, handheld remote or mobile device.

4 Box > Arlington’s snap-together gangable plastic boxes allow users to build the box they need. For three-gangs or more, separate the box parts; add the center sections needed to make a new, larger box; then snap the pieces back together. It can be used in new construction or old work and is preset for ½-in. wall finish thicknesses.

5 Switch > Automation Direct’s SD1 and SD2 nonfused load switches are listed as manual motor controllers and are designed for use in local motor isolation. The modular load switches are used for breaking of equipment loads up to 600V AC, at a nominal current ranging from 16 to 125A.


6 Dimmer switch > Lutron Electronics’ Diva/C•L and Credenza/C•L dimmers work with incandescent, halogen, dimmable CFLs and LEDs. The Diva/C•L dimmer is wall-mounted, and features a large paddle switch and a small slider. The Credenza/C•L plugs into any table or floor lamp and features slider control and nightlight.


7 Dimmer switch > Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s wide slide dimmer has an interchangeable face, so homeowners can switch the dimmer color without having to change the device. It can operate single pole or three-way circuits and comes in preset and slide-to-off models. It’s available in 700- and 1,100W versions, with no derating required on the 700W unit. Color choices include white, ivory and light almond.


8 Box > Calbrite’s stainless steel, single-gang weatherproof in-use box with a lockable cover is designed for corrosive and harsh environments, such as wash-down applications and wastewater treatment plants. It has a casted, type-316 stainless steel receptacle cover. S60000FVSC is a shallow lid model, and S60000FVDC is a deep-lid model. Both are designed for use with single-gang and duplex switch and GFCI requirements.

9 Tamper-resistant devices > Cooper Wiring Devices’ line of standard and decorator combination devices includes a 15A, 120V/AC switch and a 15A, 125V/AC receptacle with tamper-resistant shutters designed to prevent the insertion of foreign objects. The recessed tamper-resistant receptacle is a 15A, 125V AC side wire receptacle for flush-mounting installations, such as clocks or electrified artwork. The tamper-resistant floor box receptacle includes a heavy-duty single receptacle on a recessed mounting strap, 18 in.3 steel back box, a solid brass cover, gasket and threaded brass closure cap with watertight neoprene rubber O ring. Both the recessed receptacle and floor box receptacle feature a virtually unbreakable thermoplastic housing and tamper-resistant shutters.

10 Switches > Leviton’s Renu Collection includes switches, combination switches, dimmer/remotes, wallplates, tamper-resistant outlets, tamper-resistant GFCI outlets and QuickPort Connectors. the collection comes with smooth matte finish, screwless wallplates in 20 colors that can be updated by the end-user. Colors include deep garnet, red delicious, toasted coconut, white on white, cafe latte, fresh pink lemonade, dapper tan, corn silk, gold coast white, wood smoke, navajo sand, whispering wheat, warm caramel, walnut bark, Granny Smith apple, rich navy, sea spray, prairie sage, pebble grey and onyx black.

11 Box > Orbit Industries’ FLBPU-DL-BR floor box pop up with duplex receptacle and RJ-45 low-voltage outlets is available in brass and stainless steel and is for use in wood and concrete floors. It is a complete assembly. Steel boxes boxes must be installed flush with finished floor prior to final installation of the floor plate.

12 Switch > Hubbell Wiring Device—Kellems’ SNAPConnect toggle and decorator series switches have a self-grounding staple that ensures continuity to the wall box. Wiring the connector into the wall box can be done prior to trim out. Pilot and illuminated versions use LEDs for a longer life. Large silver alloy contacts reduce contact erosion. The steel, zinc-plated bridge is corrosion-resistant.


13 Box > Raco’s 98.5.-in.3, six-gang electrical box is constructed of galvanized steel with welded corner edges. It has six ½-in. back knockouts, 20 ½-in. side knockouts, four ¾-in. back knockouts and 20 ¾-in. side knockouts.

14 Switch > Siemens Industry Inc.’s Type VBII three-pole photovoltaic solar disconnect switches are specifically designed for use in solar applications and are for use in control panels and other equipment that have enclosures that accept flange-mounted operating handles. They are available in 30–100A ratings and in both fusible and nonfusible versions, and both variable depth shaft and cable drive are available.


15 Receptacle > Killark’s 250V AC hazardous-area receptacle is designed for use in areas where ignitable gases, vapors, dusts or fibers may be present or areas subject to corrosion or moisture. Plugs inserted into receptacle are twisted to energize and cannot be removed under load, to prevent power from becoming a source of ignition.