1 Switch > Leviton’s 1865 doorjamb with jamb box switch is a 3-amp, 125-volt, single-pole, single circuit momentary, normally on, commercial grade switch. It features a metal pushbutton and a metal jamb box and has an operating temperature of –40°C to 120°C.




2 Box > Midwest Plastic Fabricators’ NEMA 4X large dimension nonmetallic junction boxes provide access for wire pulling and connection for the conduit system and remote service equipment. The shoebox-style lid has a gasket and is attached with stainless steel fasteners. PVC material offers less resistance than metal in cutting holes for conduit entrance. In addition, as a nonconductive material, PVC eliminates any potential shock hazard. Its noncorrosive quality offers a longer life and environmental integrity. A complete size range up to 48 in. is available. The boxes have been tested to UL50 and are NEMA 4X rated.

3 Receptacle > Legrand/Pass & Seymour’s TradeMaster decorator hallway light with high output light and tamper-resistant single receptacle has a light almond, impact-resistant face and back body. The external screw-pressure-plate back and side wired accepts No. 12 and No. 14 AWG and it has a GE Lexan high impact-resistant lens and tridrive screws. The sensor automatically turns the light on in the dark and the energy-efficient LED has an average 20-year life expectancy.


4 Switch > Siemens Industry Inc.’s heavy-duty, UL-listed, three-pole solar photovoltaic type VBII safety switch controls three separate 600V DC circuits. Available in 30-, 60- and 100-amp ratings, it uses powerful magnets strategically located within the line bases to disperse and extinguish arcs when negative-ground circuits are opened under load. Available in fusible and nonfusible versions, it comes in Type 1 and 3R enclosures for indoor and outdoor installations. A factory-installed ground bar and rolled front flange are standard. A metal handle with a large plastic grip offers positive stop in both on and off positions. Two and three-point mounting provisions and large top, bottom and side gutters are standard.


5 Receptacle > Hubbell Wiring Devices’ homeSelect self-test GFCI receptacle performs a diagnostic test on its circuitry every 60 seconds. Reverse wire safety feature ensures the unit cannot be reset under a reversed wiring condition. The steady-on green LED indicates power; the flashing-red LED signals the loss of GFCI protection. The steady-on red LED signals ground-fault condition. It has a 10,000-amp short-circuit withstand rating and a high-impact chemical-resistant nylon housing.



6 Box > Orbit Industries/UMI’s MC Series steel outlet boxes are now UL-certified and approved for use with metal-clad interlocked armor cable, including MCAP. Available as 4S (4-in. square) and 5S (411/16-in. square), they are made of galvanized steel with popular knockout configurations. Features include an adjustable metal stud bracket, an extra-long green 10-in. pigtail (No. 12 AWG) with a 10–32 ground screw and preassembled three-way and an optional AB bracket. Metal-clad interlocked armor cable has an integral grounding wire equivalent to a green copper ground and stays in contact with the armor throughout the cable length.


7 Box > Thomas & Bett’s Reddot universal non-metallic recessed box and cover for outdoor use has a universal design. It will accommodate a GFCI, duplex, toggle switch or single receptacle up to 9⁄16-in. using included inserts. It can be oriented horizontally or vertically and has a lockable cover design for added security using an external locking device. The cover is made of high-impact UV-resistant polycarbonate, and all installation screws are included.



8 Box/Switch > Cooper Bussmann‘s combiner box and DC safety switch lines are available in three series, all with IP20 finger-safe CH Series modular fuse holders rated up to 30-amps and 600V DC. The standard combiner box series includes four to 24 input circuits, is ETL Listed to UL 1741 Standard, and includes finger-safe power distribution blocks. It comes in steel or fiberglass NEMA 3, 3R, 4 or 4X enclosures with seamless door gaskets. The integrated disconnect combiner box series offers the added choice of a 28-, 55-, 75-, 150- or 245-amp-rated integrated disconnect. The space-saving compact combiner box series for residential and small commercial solar panel systems uses a NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure as small as 6.5-in.-by-6.5-in.-by-4-in. and is available with two to six input circuits.

9 Switch > Lutron’s Ceana dimmer and switch features an easy-to-use that button turns the lights on and off, and  the button and slider track glow softly for locating in the dark. It is available in three-way models when the lights are controlled from more than one location. Matching Lutron Fassada gloss wallplates are available for 1-gang to 3-gang sizes.




10 Receptacle > Appleton’s MD2SR interlocked switched receptacles locations where receptacles are used with stationary or portable electrically operated devices, such as lighting systems, conveyors, heaters, motor generator sets, air conditioners, compressors, and pumps. They are available in fused and unfused versions and feature positive polarization. Only plugs of the same style, number of poles and amperage rating may be used. The plug must be inserted into the receptacle before the switch can be turned on, and the plug cannot be withdrawn unless the switch is in the off position. It has a removable hinged cover and is short-circuit withstand rated to 10,000 rms symmetrical amperes (unfused).