1 Boxes > Hubbell Wiring Systems’ homeSELECT brass-plated floor boxes accommodate either electrical power or a combination of power and voice/data devices. The permanent hinged cover allows furniture to be located over the opening. The floor boxes come with a duplex receptacle and can also house a JLOAD multimedia outlet to provide power, Cat 5e and coax in a single gang box.





2 Switch/Receptacle > Pass & Seymour/Legrand’s tamper-resistant receptacle/switch combination devices work like any electrical outlet, except it has a built-in shutter system that prevents children from inserting objects into the slots. The shutters obstruct objects from touching electrically live components; however, plugs can be inserted and removed as usual. The devices come in 15A and 20A options and meet the 2008 National Electrical Code safety standard for child electrical safety, requiring all electrical outlets, or receptacles in newly constructed residential units to be tamper-resistant.






3 Boxes > Orbit/UMI’s prefabricated steel outlet boxes are available as 4s (4-in. square) and 5s (411⁄16-in. square), constructed from galvanized steel with popular knock-out configurations. They feature an adjustable back support, centered to ensure perfect placement and support for studs up to 6-in. deep; an extra-long green 10-in. pigtail (No.12 AWG) with a 10-32 ground screw; and an optional AB bracket.






4 Dimmer > Lutron Electronics Co.’s Vierti dimmers and switches have an LED-illuminated control bar that acts as a subtle locator light in the dark. Users can adjust or determine the light level from up to five locations. Advanced programming features include adjustable light level fade times and adjustable LED intensity. Available in blue, green or white LEDs and 21 different wallplate colors and finishes, Vierti dimmers are available as incandescent (single pole), magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and fluorescent controls (all single pole/multilocation).






5 Receptacle/GFCI > Appleton’s U-Line 125V AC portable receptacle and GFCI is engineered to safely work in environments classified by the National Electrical Code as hazardous due to the presence of explosive liquids or gases. It is made of lightweight copper-free aluminum and weighs 7.5 lbs. It features a GFCI, a built-in carrying handle and a heavy-duty 3-foot SO power cord with a U-Line 20A NEMA 5–20P plug. A pilot light indicates the GFCI is engaged and that the receptacle is ready.





6 Switches > NKK Switches’ JWLW Series panel-seal, high-capacity rocker switches snap in and are dust-tight and protected against effects of temporary water immersion to 15 cm. The housing and case are constructed with heat-resistant resins meeting UL 94V-0 standards and terminals are molded in and epoxy sealed to lock out flux, dust and other contaminants. The prominent external insulating barriers between terminals increases insulation resistance and dielectric strength and the combination solder lug/quick connect terminals help ease assembly. They are ideal for any design requiring a panel seal rocker for human interface in harsh environments.




7 Receptacle > Leviton’s Lev-Lok modular receptacles include a spec grade steel strap version, tamper-resistant and power indication versions and hospital grade, SmartLockPRO GFCI, standard and Decora versions. They are available in 15- and 20-amp ratings in a wide variety of color choices. Suitable for nearly every conceivable application setting in commercial and institutional environments, Lev-Lok was recently enhanced to feature a space-saving right-angle wiring module design that makes installation and replacement of receptacles fast.





8 Boxes > Thomas & Betts fixture shallow/fixture deep (FS/FD) box is made of corrosion-resistant Corrostall aluminum alloy and is ideal for harsh environments that can contain salt, moisture, harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures.







9 Plunger Switches > APEM Components’ flat top plunger switches allow for customization options including customer specific markings, backlit legends, custom molded caps and wire assemblies. Available in momentary and maintained functions, the switches are manufactured with gold plated silver contacts and are available prewired or with solder lug terminals. They have a black bezel frame and seven actuator color choices and are rated for 100 mA at 24V DC with an expected life of 200,000 cycles, and 2A at 125V AC with an expected life of 10,000 cycles per UL 1054.





10 Boxes > ETP’s line of red-epoxy, power-coated-steel fire and safety outlet boxes are available in 4-in. and 411⁄16-in. square, 1½-in. and 21⁄8-in. deep welded or drawn construction to help electrical contractors meet commercial application needs. Boxes are available with the company’s Groundskeeper raised boss so that a 3⁄8-in. ground screw can be threaded into the box without contacting the mounting surface. Standard flat ground tapped holes also are available.






11 Enclosure > Honeywell Power Products’ protective enclosure for AC plug-in transformers mounts over any duplex wall receptacle and can be screwed shut to ensure the transformer remains securely affixed to the outlet. Three convenient ½-in. conduit knockouts in the bottom and back allow the low voltage wire to exit easily to the alarm panel.