1 Switch > Intermatic’s EI500 decorator digital seven-day time switch allows users to program up to seven on/off operations per week. These operations can be used for 24-hour or seven-day load control of lights, fans, coffee makers, pumps, etc. The display continuously shows the time of day, day of the week, timer load and load status. The switch is available in white, ivory and light almond.

2 Receptacle > Pass & Seymour/Legrand‘s tamper-resistant nightlight/GFCI receptacle incorporates a sealed LED nightlight into a duplex receptacle. The LED nightlight is sealed with a Lexan lens, which is safer for children, and the light’s 20-year life expectancy eliminates the need to change bulbs. A photocell illuminates the light in the dark and turns it off automatically in the daytime. The receptacle’s built-in shutter system prevents children from inserting metal objects into the slots and touching electrically live components.

3 Switch/Receptacle > Leviton’s PowerSwitch EDSR-23 enclosed disconnect switch with receptacle combines a 30A, 600V AC safety disconnect switch and NEMA locking receptacle in one enclosure. It is designed for powering portable cord-connected equipment, such as pumps and bottling stations, that must be moved from location to location. EDSR-23 accepts standard 20- or 30A NEMA locking flush receptacles rated up to 600V. The switch is made from impact-resistant, nonconductive Valox PBT thermoplastic.

4 Receptacles > Orbit/UMI’s GFCI receptacles for residential, commercial, industrial and hospital use have color-matched test/reset buttons and LED light that is power-activated. Hospital-grade receptacles have a thermoplastic shutter and a tamper-resistant design. Industrial-grade receptacles have an isolated ground that protects critical equipment by providing an isolated ground path to a building’s isolated ground system.

5 Floor Boxes > Hubbell Wiring Systems’ homeSELECT brass-plated floor boxes accommodate either electrical power or a combination of power and voice/data devices. The low-profile, brass-plated units are height adjustable after mounting into the floor. The permanent hinged cover allows furniture to be located over the opening. The floor boxes come with a duplex receptacle and can house a JLOAD multimedia outlet to provide power, Cat 5e and coax in a single gang box.

6 Switches > Wago Corp.’s 852 series industrial-grade Ethernet switches range from simple switches to configurable, multifunction communication switches. They have function monitoring and redundant voltage supplies ranging from 9–48V. They also have nonblocking, store-and-forward switching; auto-negotiation on all 10/100BaseTX ports; and auto-MDI/MDIX (crossover) on all 10/100BaseTX ports. Operational status LEDs also are included.

7 Switch > Square D’s MD50 motor-disconnect switch prevents process interruption by cutting power to a motor if necessary while not affecting the main circuit. The switch makes it virtually impossible to plug in a power receptacle having different voltage and ampere ratings, while a mechanical interlock forces an operator to insert a plug before power can be turned on and to turn power off before the plug can be removed.

8 Switches > C&K Components’ CR series snap-in, panel-mount rocker switches are available with circular, oval or paddle actuator styles and can be illuminated in white, red, amber or green. The switches fit a 20.2-mm diameter panel cutout with a behind-panel-depth of 22.6 mm. Maximum current rating is 16A at 125V AC and 10A at 250V AC, with a VDE rating of 10A at 125V AC and 6A at 250V AC. Electrical life is 10,000 make-and-break cycles at full load. Operating temperature ranges from –20°C to 85°C.

9 Switch > Cole Hersee Co.’s 40205 Sigma rocker switch with alarm indicates the status of various inputs, such as door ajar, high/low pressure, high/low temperature, on/off status and other applications. The low-current input membrane switch is compatible with microprocessor-based electrical/electronic systems and has the look and feel of a conventional rocker switch. It comes with LED backlighting and provides an alarm and override feature for the Cole Hersee SureStart 48500 low-voltage disconnect switches.

10 Box Kits > Pass & Seymour/Legrand’s PlugTail metal box kits have pre-installed PlugTail connectors to speed rough-in stage on commercial projects. The ground wire is premounted to the box, and the mud ring is factory-installed. The devices are flush upon installation, so there is no need for a protective cover plate. The kits come in single- and double-gang versions in multiple box sizes.

11 Combination Devices > Cooper Wiring Devices’ decorator combination devices are outfitted with a thermoplastic rocker, top and backbody, making the piece virtually unbreakable. Ultrasonic welding and integrated construction of the strap and body provide ground integrity even under heavy use. An automatic grounding system eliminates the need for a bonding jumper in a grounded metal enclosure and provides a redundant measure of ground continuity where a jumper is used. Specially crafted switches have a break-off provision for wiring multiple devices on the same circuits or separate circuits. The devices have a 120/277V AC rating and are suitable for use in both residential and light commercial applications.

12 Receptacles > Hubbell Wiring Systems’ homeSELECT tamper-resistant receptacles have a spring-loaded shutter mechanism that allows plugs to enter the outlet, but resists access to single-pronged items such as keys, hairpins, nails or other foreign objects. The shutter mechanism protects against electrical injuries without impairing normal plug insertion, removal or function.

13 Switch > Electro Standards Laboratories’ 7259 dual-channel, RS-530, AB network switch has DB25 interface, remote control and auto-switching functions. It allows two independent channels of A/B switch function, connecting a workstation or device between two other devices or networks. It is controlled remotely through a custom DB25 RS530 interface, accepting contact closure signals.

14 Box > OutBack Power Systems Inc.’s FLEXware advanced photovoltaic (PV) combiner box cuts PV installation time with optimized wire routing, which minimizes right-angle bends of heavy-gauge wire, an angled negative terminal bus bar design, and an increased number of knockout locations that keeps larger output conductors from blocking access to smaller wiring terminals.