1 Driver > Fulham’s ThoroLED DALI and DMX digital addressable LED drivers offer full-range dimming and control of LED-based architectural, commercial and color-changing RGB lighting systems. They have smooth dimming down to 1 percent using 1–10V input that can be integrated with the BACnet and KNX building management protocols. All drivers are fully potted for optimal thermal management and durability.



2 Ballast > Sylvania’s Quicktronic electronic controllable dimming ballast includes powerline (2-wire), 0–10V DC and a DALI controllable ballast. It combines digital control technology with full-range continuous dimming to control light levels for aesthetic reasons and for energy management through daylight harvesting or building automation.



3 Driver > GE Lighting’s Lightech 901002500U is a 2W 500 mA constant-current LED driver in a plastic casing. It is potted, compact and accepts universal input.




4 Ballast > Universal Lighting Technologies’ ULTim8 programmed start series T8 linear fluorescent ballast features parallel lamp operation and start times of less than 700 milliseconds. It is available in two-, three- and four-lamp models with 0.88 (HE) and 0.71 (EL) ballast factor options available.

5 Ballast > Philips’ Electronic e-Vision HID ballast for 20–200W HID lamps, metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps has Intellivolt multiple-voltage technology. It delivers consistent color rendering and wattage and longer life. It is designed for a variety of retail downlighting and accent lighting applications as well as institutional, office and outdoor venues.

6 Driver > Lutron’s Hi-lume A-Series LED driver has smooth, continuous 1 percent dimming and supports a wide range of current and voltage levels up to 40W. Users can choose either constant current reduction or pulse width modulation dimming for constant current drivers. It works with three-wire fluorescent controls and EcoSystem digital controls, and it has precision microprocessor control and integral thermal management.


7 Ballast > Leviton’s SA2J5 Sector 7 0-10V fluorescent dimming ballast is designed to support all high-performance dimming applications. The two-lamp, 14W linear T5 ballast has color-coded easy-insert connectors to simplify wiring and minimize installation time. It has a smooth fade throughout dimming range of 100 to ?1 percent.


8 LED > Tempo Industries’ Series 6000 HP articulated, linkable LED linear lighting comes in 6-ft. sections and can bend up to 90 degrees with mechanical pivot points. It is available in 120 or 277V. It has smooth dimming down to less than 1 percent using electronic low-voltage dimmers and features a range of color temperatures. It is thermally optimized, has a prewired chassis and employs Cree LEDs that deliver 450 lumens or greater and 62 lumens per watt or greater.


9 LED > Nicor’s MAXCOR DLR56 is a recessed LED downlight compatible with most 5- or 6-in. recessed housings. It has adjustable torsion springs, integrated 7½-in. trim and durable construction. It is dimmable to 10 percent. It has an Edison base, and a GU24 socket adaptor is available.



10 LED > Philips’ Airflux family of white LED PAR and BR lamps feature Airflux technology, an airflow cooling system that eliminates heat sink fins needed for thermal management of LED lamps. They come in a choice of three color temperatures and beam angles. The lamps work with most commonly used dimmers. They feature an optical design to diffuse the light without the LED dots.



11 LED Luminaire > StarTek’s Vega ZML LED parking lot light with StarWings has intelligent electronics and thermal management technology to deliver lighting that is energy-efficient, safe and economical. Side StarTek LightWings are secured to the housing with a bolt-clamping mechanism that enables the side leaves to rotate. Leveling guides provide 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-degree leveling adjustment. An aluminum arm allows for easy positioning of the luminaire on pole or wall surface. The luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum.


12 Lamp Recycling Program > Waste Management’s LampTracker program provides full recycling of all lamps, ballasts, batteries and electronics in various quantities. Service users mail back small amounts or arrange a pick up of a single pallet to a truckload. Shipments are tracked and documented from pick up to processing. Lamps are demanufactured into separate components; glass, metal and mercury are recycled.



13 CFLs > Shat-R-Shield’s full line of safety-coated integrated, nonintegrated, tubular and spiral CFLs feature?a coating formula with additional silicone coverage that provides more structural support for fragile glass tubing. The introductory line of spiral CFLs feature reduced wattages, longer life and lower utility costs. They are available in three models: 14, 19 and 23W.

14 T8 Tubes > Z-light’s T8 tubes have super-bright SMD3528 small LEDs with a long-life driver and can replace traditional T8/T12 fluorescent lights. They have fully transparent PC covers and aluminum heat sink tubes. They are available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 8-ft. lengths. They have clear or frosted acrylic covers, and they come in color temperatures of warm white (3,100K), bright white (4,000K) and daylight (6,500K).


15 LED Panels > LEDLinX’s LED geometric linkable panels come in four shapes: card for higher mounting floods, wall packs, high bays and street lights; puck for recessed, surface-mount cans and high-wattage HID cans; strip for troffers, cove and undercabinet applications; and the triangular shield for parking garages, architectural and ceiling-mount 360-degree throw luminaires. The plug-and-play system allows the design of new fixtures or retrofitting existing ones. The panels are 8 to 25W and 2- to 15-in.


16 LED Garage Lighting System > Premier Lighting’s Park-Kit garage lighting system detects the presence or absence of vehicles in parking spaces with LED indicators. Screens also indicate parking status by floor. The sensors report over radio and Internet to on- or off-site computers. The dimmed mode is the standard setting, and lights brighten when motion is detected.


17 CFLs > Halco Lighting Technologies’  GU24 CFLs are dimmable and can operate with many commonly installed dimmers. They have a color rendering of 82 and are available in 13, 18 and 23W.



18 Luminaire > Rig-A-Lite’s MAR2 LED luminaire has a copper-free extruded aluminum housing for use where hazardous gases are present. It is available with an 80W LED system. It has nonmetallic, UV-resistant hinges, a watershed design, 360-degree rotation for mounting options, a shatter- and heat-resistant acrylic lens, and stainless steel cam action latches.



19 LED > Toshiba’s BR30 LED lamp offers a smooth, even beam designed for accent lighting. It is dimmable and available in 2,700K color temperature. The BR30 650 Series is a direct replacement for 65W incandescent lamps and offers outputs of up to 650 lumens.



20 LED > ETC’s Source Four LED features brilliant colors, low heat and energy-saving efficiency. It produces a sharp, clean beam of focusable light or a smooth wash and is available in three versions: Lustr+ offers a complete palette of colors, and Tungsten and Daylight produce maximum brightness at warm (3,000K) and cool white (5,600K) color temperatures.



21 LED > MSi’s iPAR line of LED lamps feature Powerband technology that can be set to three different wattages. The iPAR-38 can be set from 10 to 16W, and the iPAR-30 can be set at 8, 10 or 12W. They are designed for dry environments and come in 3.6-in. and 5-in. sizes. The CrimpFin heat-sink design increases the surface area and thermal transfer efficiency and reduces the product’s weight.


22 LED Floodlight > Schreder Lighting’s Neos high-tightness floodlight is available in two sizes: Neos 1 with 30 LEDs and Neos 2 with 80 LEDs. It is available in two versions: static monochromatic (warm white, cold white, neutral white, red, green, blue and amber) and dynamic (a mix of red, green, blue and amber or white). The floodlight is made of cast-aluminum alloy and is attached by a painted steel mounting bracket that allows precise adjustments. Neos is suited for architectural illumination.


23 LED > Royal Pacific’s candle-shaped LED torpedo lamp is 3W and 120V. It is dimmable, produces 130 lumens, has an E12 base and a color temperature of 2,700K.




24 LED Downlights > Intense Lighting Inc.’s ICRL4 and ICRL6 LED downlights feature TrueWhite Technology from Cree Inc. Designed to replace 60W incandescents, they deliver a CRI of 90 or greater. They are available in 4-in. apertures (available in 650 lumens, 11W) and 6-in. apertures (available in 700 lumens, 12W or 1,000 lumens, 15W). For maximum lumen output, an optional shallow reflector (the ICRL4S) is available. Reflectors feature a self-flanged trim and finishes of specular clear, semi diffuse or white.


25 LED > NxGen Technologies’ LED-based dimmable chandelier bulbs are designed to last more than 25,000 hours. The bulbs provide a warm white color and come with a standard screw-in candelabra base. Available in flame tip or torpedo styles, the bulbs are made with clear or frosted glass and have aluminum, anodized white or shiny brass bases.



26 LED > Zenaro’s recessed LED spot DEIMOS has a seamless frame and silver-metallic finish. The integrated light control can generate beam angles of 15 and 35 degrees. The lamp is available in 25W and 85 mm and warm (2,700K) or neutral white (3,500K). It can be mounted tool-free into wooden and recessed ceilings with thicknesses from 10 to 45 mm.


27 Fluorescents > Westinghouse Lighting’s T8 EcoMax fluorescent lamp line includes 25W and 28W, 4-ft. fluorescent lamps. The lamps are linear and U-bent. They provide a CRI of 85 and are available in 3,000, 3,500, 4,100 and 5,000K.



28 LED > Acuity Brands’ Acculamp S-Series AR 111 LED lamp have Thermal Conductive Highway technology and has an advanced reflector design to allow for efficient indirect lighting. It is intended for use in accent lighting.



29 CFL Covers > Twist’N’s reusable CFL covers turn 9W and 13W twist-style CFLs into shatterproof, decorative alternatives. The two-piece snap-on covers are made from high-temperature resins and are available in three sizes.



30 LED > Cree Inc.’s XLamp XB-D LED delivers twice the lumens-per-dollar as other LEDs with a small lighting-class footprint of 2.5-mm-by-2.5-mm. The LED is good for lighting applications where high lumen density and compact light sources are required. The LED delivers up to 139 lumens and 136 lumens per watt in cool white (6,000K) or up to 107 lumens and 105 lumens per watt in warm white (3,000K). XB-D LEDs are also compatible with most existing XP family secondary optics.


31 LED Luminaires > Cooper Crouse-Hinds’ line of Pro series industrial LED luminaires are ideal for locations requiring continuous and consistent light levels in extreme ambient temperatures. The line includes Champ Pro PVM series, Champ Pro PFM floodlight series and Vaporgard Pro P2L series. The shock- and vibration-resistant luminaires include retrofittable mounting modules.



32 Ceramic Metal Halide Lamps > EYE Lighting International’s energy-saving Cera Arc ceramic metal halide lamps produce a bright, white and energy-efficient light. The lamp family now includes 220-, 230- and 270W models. The clear BT28 bulbs are designed with an EX 39 mogul base. The 230- and 270W models can be dimmed with a Metrolight SmartHID electronic ballast.



33 Lamp > Epic Light Bulb’s Newcandescent rough-service lamp is an incandescent bulb that meets federal standards for rough use, such as in a car, subway train or construction equipment. It uses krypton gas to make it last 10 times longer than a traditional incandescent lamp.



34 LED Permanent Mount > Larson Electronics’ Magnalight PML-7LED-3C permanent mount control light offers high light output and a compact profile combined with durable permanent mounting and versatile power options. The LED light is waterproof to three meters. It produces a tightly focused spot beam with limited spread and light spillage. The 4-in. square mounting base has four corner bolt holes to secure the spotlight to the mounting surface and includes a solid polypropelyne handle for adjustability of light angles.


35 Luminaire > Appleton’s 22-lb. Areamaster LED luminaire features a one-piece die-cast aluminum housing, enclosed and gasketed with a single piece of formed silicone rubber. ?The lens is made of thermal-shock, impact-resistant glass. It is rated at 127W and has a corrected color temperature of 5,650K and CRI of 70. The LED is instant-on even in cold weather and has a corrosion-resistant architectural bronze polyester finish.