Accubid Pro VDV Database & Estimating Software delivers enhancements that include new takeoff libraries—structurally similar to the electrical database but distinctive to VDV. The software is laid out in accordance with today’s telecommunications infrastructure standards. Labor factors and material sort codes are added for customization of VDV work through the entire construction process. Booth 400—Direct info Number 300

Accu-Tech Corp., a distributor of VDV cabling systems products, stocks the industry’s most specified manufacturers at 16 stocking locations. A knowledgeable sales staff is ready to help you succeed with your VDV projects. To experience the difference that a datacom specialist can make for you, visit our booth. Booth 612—Direct info Number 301

Channel Vision’s modular structured wiring panels are designed to be the central “brain” of the home, distributing signals to every room. These panels feature UL approval, modular push-and-lock product components, electrical gang box knockout with grounding screw, sturdy 16-gauge steel construction and large cable knockouts. Available in 12-, 19-, 38- and 50-inch sizes to fit any need. Booth 404—Direct info Number 302

Communications Supply Corp. (CSC), a national supplier of networking solutions and low-voltage cabling systems, will be discussing the importance of utilizing advanced connectivity solutions to win jobs. Learn more about enhanced copper and fiber optic cabling, structured systems, cable management, and the tools and test equipment needed to complete every job you specify. Booth 407—Direct info Number 303

ConEst Software Systems will demonstrate its suite of estimating, bid management, project management and billing software solutions for electrical and datacom contractors. A database of over 30,000 data cabling products complete with industry-smart labor units ensure precise installation estimates. Web-based pricing of data cabling materials provides accurate pricing for all structured cabling projects. Booth 313—Direct info Number 304

The new Plenum Pier from Erico supports cabling and piping in air-handling spaces. Ideal for under-floor and clean room applications, it keeps services off the floor and provides independent support of raised floor pedestals. The product absorbs vibrations and shock and accommodates expansion and contraction of piping. It has been tested and meets the UL 2043 requirements for air-handling spaces. Booth 101—Direct info Number 305

The Residential/SOHO Phone Distribution Device from Etcon Corp. is an easy, economical and reliable way to distribute and label Cat. 5/Cat. 5e phone lines within the house. The DD1 accommodates four incoming lines and allows up to 48 stations or home runs (12 for each line) for use with a standard 110 punch down tool. A cover is available and may be purchased with a 110 push down tool. Dimensions: 7.25-inch x 5.5-inch x 1-inch. Booth 304—Direct info Number 306

FCI-Burndy introduces DataQik, a new data and communications cable support system. Easy to install, the DataQik is light, compact, and flexible. At the core of the system is a three-sided metal spine that comes in 8-foot lengths with connection holes for rungs and hardware. Sturdy and strong, the spines are designed to be ceiling-attached, wall-attached, ceiling-suspended, or floor-mounted beneath raised floors. Horizontal and vertical joiners may fasten to the spine for easier maneuverability around obstacles. Booth 620—Direct info Number 307

Fotec introduces the new DT300 Fiber Optic Test Kit, which offers measurement automation for dual wavelength tests and data logging in a unique fiber-cable database format. Fotec’s other new test kit, the DT570, offers test automation and data logging in versions for any type of fiber optic network testing. Booth 506—Direct info Number 308

Genesis Cable Systems introduces the CatLink Dual Zip cable, which consists of a 24/4 pair Category 5e unshielded, twisted pair cable tested to 200 MHz and a quad-shielded RG-6 coaxial cable tested to 2.4 GHz. A version is also available which uses a dual-shielded coaxial cable consisting of a foil and 60 percent braid. The designs speed cable installation and connector termination and meet the requirements for Grade 1 cabling of the TIA/EIA-570-A Residential Telecommunications Cabling Standard. Booth 303—Direct info Number 309

Visit Graybar Booth 301 for Graybar/Allen Tel solutions designed to reduce your cost of doing business. Our 50-year partnership has focused on understanding your needs. We’re using that knowledge to provide telephone, coax and voice/data solutions delivered same day from our local inventory or next day from our Zone Warehouses. Allen Tel is available exclusively at Graybar. Booth 301—Direct info Number 310

The Cable Termination Trainer from Graymark International provides excellent training experience on terminating cable to industry-standard connectors. Reasonably priced, it offers over 35 hours of instruction using UTP and Coax cable for the VDV industries. Booth 512—Direct info Number 311

Greenlee-Textron introduces its Clear Wire Pulling Lubricant designed for quick and easy electrical or datacom cable pulls. It has an average friction coefficient of .27 in PVC and .29 in EMTT per the IEEE 375-2 test procedure and remains stable over a wide range of temperatures. The polymer base lube is clear, colorless and environmentally safe. With a three-year shelf life, it can be applied by hand, brush or pump. Booth 409—Direct info Number 312

Flextray by GS Metals Corp., is the time- and money-saving alternative to traditional pathway support and cable tray systems. Flextray’s steel mesh design enables faster installation with less labor and materials. Ideal for today’s sensitive telecommunications and fiber optic cables, the open mesh design enables cable networks to be expanded quickly and easily. Booth 215—Direct info Number 313

Harger Lightning & Grounding, a manufacturer of lightning protection, grounding equipment, and exothermic welding materials for the communications and electrical industries, provides design and engineering services. Harger will be showcasing its new Grounding Bus Bars for the telecommunications industry that exceeds the requirements of the new EIA\TIA 607 Standard and BICSI. Booth 421—Direct info Number 314

Helix/Hi-Temp Cables—Draka Comteq introduces a new plenum insulation and process that provides vivid insulation coloring for improved differentiation of pairs in poorly lighted work areas. The company also offers new coaxial cable capabilities to enable higher transmission speeds for voice, data and video. A new 50-micron multimode fiber, MaxCap, which provides the backbone with 10 times the capability of the horizontal without using expensive single-mode cable and components is also offered. Booth 413—Direct info Number 315

IDEAL’s new LANTEK hand-held testers are the first cable testers fully compliant with emerging Category 7/ISO F standards and capable of certifying installations up to 750MHz (exceeding Cat. 7 draft specifications). The LANTEK 6 is the industry’s most advanced Cat. 6/ISO E hybrid copper/fiber certifier, with a frequency range up to 350MHz. IDEAL offers FIBERTEK snap-in accessories for LANTEK models to allow users to test copper and fiber to all applicable standards. Booth 600—Direct info Number 316

Lightning Preventor System 2005 from Lightning Preventor of America, combats the devastating effects of direct lightning strikes to structures with its range of protection of 328-foot (100M). Booth 113—Direct info Number 317

MCG Protection’s AC Power Line Protectors (Surge Free 4 05 XT Series) install at main service panels and prevent downtime and damage to downstream equipment from transients, lightning and surges. The unit has an Ipeak of 400kA for peak performance during catastrophic transient events. Booth 113—Direct info Number 318

McCormick Systems has revised and expanded its VDV database to encompass more than 15,000 items. McCormick electrical DB has roughly 35,000 items. The VDV database upgrade includes: More than 18,000 manufacturer-specific items (from Tyco/AMP, Belden, Erico, Carlon, Krone, Panduit, NordX and many more); hundreds of items from the NECA Manual of Labor Units; and more than 1,400 “generic” items. Booth 306—Direct info Number 319

The HDR Series Horizontal Distribution Rack from Middle Atlantic Products/DataTel contains two rack-space, equipment-mounting positions to mount patch panels, switches, hubs and routers. The top-mounting area provides easy rear access to patch panel connections and a positive stop for punch downs. The lower-mounting area mounts switches, hubs and routers and pivots for access to connections. Low-profile, “parallel-to-wall” vertical equipment mounting. Booth 200—Direct info Number 320

Optical Cable Corp’s VS-Series Video Surveillance Cables provide long-distance, interference-free video and sensory detection. The company manufactures custom cables containing optical fibers, power conductors, coaxial cable, and/or copper for camera tilt/pan/zoom control. The stable Core-Locked cable construction is ideal for vertical cable runs. Booth 406—Direct info Number 321

Ortronics announces the expansion of Clarity, an advancement in connectivity technology, to include Clarity5e, an elevated line of Category 5e connecting hardware. Clarity6, a completely Category 6 component-compliant line available, has been independently verified by ETL to meet Category 6 performance specifications. Clarity provides optimal-mated connector balance and higher signal-to-noise ratio for measurably higher installed performance levels that are verifiable with handheld testing devices. Booth 201—Direct info Number 322

Panduit announces the release of NETKEY Network Components, the new complete line of general-purpose connectivity. They include Category 6, 5e, 5 and fiber optic modules, cable management components, faceplates, surface-mount boxes, 110 Punchdown System and Surface Raceway. NETKEY products feature the innovation and quality of Panduit, ideal for use by electrical professionals in VDV applications. Booth 608—Direct info Number 323

Pass & Seymour/Legrand offers a modular home network bracket designed to manage a variety of low-voltage applications, including video, audio, phone and computer networks, all in one central location. The surface-mountable bracket is ideal for smaller homes and due to its compact size and expandability, the bracket is also ideal for remodel/retrofit applications. Booth 212—Direct info Number 324

Snake Tray announces the Cam-Loc Snake Canyon, a new method for attaching Snake Canyon cable trays to a computer access floor system. Snake Canyon, a modular cable tray system, integrates the structural elements of a computer access floor with a high-capacity cable tray into one easy-to-install, drop-in element. The new Cam-Loc Snake Canyon cable tray module is available in 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-inch depths in both full- and half-basket designs. Booth 513—Direct info Number 325

Superior Modular Products’ MSDE product line offers a structured wiring solution for all multi-dwelling units such as town homes, condos, apartments and the smaller home. With this new power feature, the MSDE becomes even more user-friendly because power is provided safely and securely for any power needs within the enclosure. Booth 209—Direct info Number 326

Suttle’s CorroShield gel-filled connectors are available for residential and enterprise applications. Other product lines include their modular jack assemblies and telephony accessories, 66- or 110-style terminal blocks, the Terminator Fiber Termination System that eliminates the need for polishing, DSL Line Conditioners and testers, and high-speed data connecting devices. Booth 501—Direct info Number 327

Thomas & Betts offers a comprehensive, easy-to-install system of metallic, nonmetallic and aluminum surface raceway to meet the full range of power and data cabling needs. Ideal for wiring new office layouts or modifying network configurations, T&B Surface Raceway accommodates upgrades and adjustments quickly. In addition, radius fittings provide the appropriate bend radius to handle the networking requirements of Category 6 UTP and fiber optic cable. Booth 412—Direct info Number 328

Test-Um introduces the Lil’ Buttie Ranger Telephone Test Set as the newest addition to its line. This lightweight, multi-featured product will significantly cut the workload for field service professionals. Offering the convenience of hands-free head set use and DSL safety, the test sets are available with different highly advanced features. Booth 505—Direct info Number 329

Vison InfoSoft offers affordable VDV Estimating, and Time and Material Billing software. The company’s EPIC Pricing, Electrical Calculation software, Plan Wheel Blueprint device and Training Services are also available. Download a demo at Booth 509—Direct info Number 330

Wilcom introduces its new metal-ruggedized and water-resistant optical power meter, Model T-339E. With a large four-digit LCD display for easy viewing, users can select modes to enable absolute power measurement in dBm, microwatts and relative power at various wavelengths. The unit can also store a reference measurement for end-to-end loss measurements on multimode and single-mode fiber. Booth 500—Direct info Number 331 EC