Thermometer Products

Klein Tools’ ET05 digital pocket thermometer measures temperatures ranging from –40 to 482°F and –40 to 250°C with 0.1-degree resolution. Users can capture maximum, minimum and average values. It has a 3-in. stainless steel probe, a backlit LCD display and an open, protective sheath, which can be used for ambient air measurements or as a handle for extended reach. 

FLIR’s TG165 imaging IR thermometer enables users to see heat patterns, measures temperatures with the onboard spot meter, and stores images and data by seeing a true IR image. It has two built-in laser pointers that define the size of the measured area and is designed to detect high-temp situations often found on mechanical equipment. 

General Tools & Instruments’ pocket-sized 4:1 IR thermometer with noncontact voltage detector and flashlight measures surface temperatures, so it can detect overheated motors, electrical conduits and junction boxes. Temperature readings are displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius (–4° to 626°F/–20° to 330°C) on a four-digit LCD and are automatically held for 15 seconds.