Puller Products

Greenlee Textron Inc.’s G6 Turbo puller has a 120V AC drive motor, which can pull 6,000 lbs. of maximum force and 4,000 lbs. continuously. It has dual capstans, built-in spring-loaded pins and control boards that monitor the current draw of the motor and protect it from overloading. 

Greenlee’s G-Series smart pull is a real-time cable-pulling monitoring system designed to alert contractors (with physical, visual and auditory warnings) when the pulling force exceeds 80 percent of the manufacturer’s recommended tension limit. It produces a second alert when the pulling force meets 100 percent of this limit.

Rack-A-Tiers’ Penguin puller is designed to enable contractors and electricians to pull wire without taping or crimping. It has four slots and an Allen-key screw to attach the puller to the end of a wire. It also has a tapered, bullet-shaped end, which is designed to help pull wires through narrow passages. Two models are available—Penguin Puller Sr.