Meter Products

All-Test Pro’s handheld Motor Genie troubleshoots low-voltage AC induction motors for insulation-to-ground faults, internal winding faults, phase unbalance, bad cables or connection and contamination. It measures impedance, phase angle, current/frequency response and insulation-to-ground resistance (500V or 1,000V). It weighs 1 lb. and comes with rechargeable batteries and a charger.
Flir’s DM284 true rms digital multimeter features infrared-guided measurement technology powered by a built-in 160-by-120 Flir thermal imager. IGM enables users to scan panels, connectors and wires without requiring any direct contact. It has built-in work lights and a laser pointer, and it features an 18-function DMM, including VFD mode, true rms, LoZ and NCV.

NYFORS’ cleavemeter 3-D fiber end-face inspection interferometer analyzes a cleaved fiber, measures the fiber cleave angle and creates a full 3-D reconstruction. The accompanying software measures and graphically visualizes the depth of the blade intrusion and marks out damage such as hackle or dust. The user can set acceptable damage thresholds and further pass/fail criteria. 

Southwire Tools’ Bluetooth-enabled multimeter, in combination with Southwire’s Mapp mobile app, enables users to view, record and share readings on their smartphone. It has an IP-67 waterproof and dust-tight housing, true rms and Low Z readings, backlit controls, a built-in work light and a magnetic hanging strap. 

AEMC’s line of handheld megohmmeters measure insulation resistance up to 200 GΩ and have selectable test voltages from 10V to 1,000V. They automatically discharge at the end of the test; have manual, lock and timer test modes; and use an active voltmeter to detect live voltage prior to starting a test.
Spectroline’s EagleEye LED leak-detection head lamp weighs 8 oz. and has two ultra-high-intensity UV LEDs, a three-LED white light and a built-in fan. It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and has an inspection range of up to 12 ft. 

Hilti’s PD-C laser range meter uses an integrated camera and laser module to take photographs. The meter enables users to mark dimensions directly onto the photo. Users can document job sites, add comments and export data into a single report. This meter has 4 GB of memory, a color touchscreen that can be used with work gloves, an integrated lithium-ion battery and a 10-hour battery life.
Klein Tools’ test and measurement clamp meters come with test leads, batteries and a nylon carrying case. Models include digital clamp meters CL110, CL210 and auto-ranging True rms meter CL310. The auto-ranging Trms digital clamp meter CL600, 700 and 800 Tough Meter have similar features.
AFL’s pocket-sized FlexScan handheld OTDR provides fast, accurate fiber optic network characterization and fault location. It combines SmartAuto data acquisition with event analysis and LinkMap display. FlexScan enables users to troubleshoot faulty optical networks and completely characterize newly installed networks.

Megger’s DET24C clamp-on ground-resistance tester has flat core ends to prevent dirt buildup and a built-in filter function for electrically noisy environments. It has time- and date-stamped stored test results and ultralong battery life.