LED Lamp Products

Lunera’s LED plug-and-play sensor lamp uses existing infrastructure to deploy network sensors and controls. Built-in RF sensors monitor occupancy, ambient light, temperature and more. HID, linear and CFL LED models are available.

Philips’ 12W InstantFit 4-ft., 16.5W nondimmable, plug-and-play linear LED T8 lamp has a bi-pin base, produces cool white light and can last up to 50,000 hours. It contains no mercury. 

Ledvance’s Sylvania Ultra LED twisted filament lamp has a full glass body and a spiral LED filament. It has a 15,000-hour lifespan and a CRI of 80. It has a 2,700K color temperature and a 2,200K color temperature in 
the model with amber glass.
Buster + Punch’s LED Buster lamp has a center resin light pipe, which allows for a focused spotlight and a warm ambient glow. It is available in dimmable and nondimmable options and comes in a warm gold, smoked grey or bright crystal finish with a satin metallic sheen. 

Lighting Science’s LSPro Durabulb shatter- and impact-resistant LED lamp provides uniform omnidirectional illumination using 7.5W of power. It has an E26 base, a lightweight design and a 10,000-hour lifespan. 

Nanoleaf’s Gem angular LED lamp is Energy-Star certified, works in standard dimming fixtures and has a 25,000-hour (23+ years) lifespan. It has a 2,700K warm white color temperature and is available in 5- and 7W options, which produce 470 and 800 lumens, respectively. 

LEDvance’s Sylvania SubstiTube LED T5HO lamp has a life of up to 50,000 hours, contains no mercury or UV emissions and is designed to reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent. It is suitable for dry and damp locations and open and closed fixtures. It delivers 3,200 lumens using only 25W.

Keystone Technologies’ DirectDrive HiCRI LED tube lamp eliminates the need for an external driver or ballast. For new construction installations, users connect the 120–277V line voltage directly to the sockets. For retrofit installations, users bypass the existing ballast by cutting the wires and connecting the 120–277V line voltage directly to the sockets.
Earthtronics’ Earthbulb ST19 filament 5W LED lamp produces 430 lumens. It has a CRI of 81 and is available in color temperatures of 2,700K and 2,400K. It is rated for 15,000 hours and has an E26 medium-base type. The filament LED line also includes 2W and 4W lamps in bent and blunt tips as well as A19 general purpose and G25 globe-style lamps in 4.5W and 7.5W.

Tala LED’s 3W Squirrel Cage LED mimics the old incandescent aesthetic while using new thin-filament technology. It uses 120–240V and produces 240 lm. and 2,200K. It is mercury-free, fully dimmable and compatible with E22, E27 and B22 bases.